The Big Show vs. Randy Orton

-our announcement is Michael Cole and The Miz… guess the Miz is sticking…

-both are in the ring to start the show again.

-they break down both guys in the main event, Big Show and Randy Orton before cutting to hype footage for Show.

-Show gets interviewed by Josh in the back.

-he’s showing him his right fist while threatening Josh with it.

-Orton gets the same treatment, video package and interview…

-this seems like it will be the theme for this show which is fine but it does drag a little bit. Look we’ve put up with 3 hours on Monday and 2 more on Smackdown, get to the point with this shit. Get to main event style matches! haha


Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

-fast start for this one.

-Orton is cornered for the Big Show chops but Orton fights out before it.

-right hands to Orton’s ribs.

-Orton grounded by Show, lands an elbow.

-big shoulder block by Show.

-chops to Orton on the outside.

-Show sent into the ringpost.

-after the break Big Show is again beating on Orton.

-Randy chant.

-he tries a comeback but gets locked in a bear hug instead.

-Orton finally gets a break when he throws Show over the top rope for the next break.

-after the break they are fighting on the floor… I’m sure this has gone on longer than a 10 count.

-Orton delivers knees to Show in the ring before trying a pin attempt. Big Show launches him off.

-Show then puts a claw on Orton’s side.

-side slam by Show for a 2

-Show goes back to the claw to the side.

-series of clotheslines by Show before he takes a dropkick for another Orton 2. Orton is pressed off again.

-Show gets caught in the ropes which sets up for Orton’s inverted DDT from the 3rd rope!

-Show kicks out.

-Orton then finally signals for the RKO.

-RKO to Big Show but he slides out of the ring.

-back in the ring Show makes a come back working over Orton’s ribs.

-camel clutch by Show, Orton’s getting red…

-Orton comes out but gets chokeslamed and pinned!

Winner: Big Show

-Show looked strong here, good move on their part to make him look good over Orton.

-match was ok for what it was.


-After the match Matt Striker stops him on the stage for more questions.

-he says he’s knocking out Sheamus for the title at the ppv in 3 weeks.


-Sheamus in the back with Josh talking about Big Show.

-less jokey Sheamus here which is good, that irish version of Cena shit needed to go.


Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty

-I cannot remember the last time I say Hennig on TV!?

-Miz argues about his feud with Kofi.

-nice belly to back by Hennig.

-Kofi makes a comeback which leads into the boom drop.

-Hennig avoids the trouble in paradise but gets rolled up in the SOS for the pin.

Winner: Kofi

-squash although Hennig did get to show off a move or two.

-Miz goes into the ring after the match to ask Kofi about his match.

-Kofi says his match was fun… Miz is astounded at Kofi saying his match was “fun”…

-Miz tells Kofi will never be at his level… he might be right here folks… sigh.

-Kofi tries to make himself sound like he’s got a bad side… right.

-Kofi wants an IC title match while poking at Miz.

-he wants this match next week by the way…

-Miz agrees and Kofi says it sounds like fun.

-Miz goes for the sucker punch but takes the TIP instead.

-I like they are using this show to build matches for the next week.


-not a bad show, like I said I love the one hour format!

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