Smackdown Thoughts & Review [October 8, 2012]


Ziggler and Punk argue, and then give us a lovely Smackdown main event.

Tulsa, OK

Big Show cuts a promo on Sheamus, which brings Sheamus into the ring. Sheamus acts all nonchalant acts like facing Big Show is no big deal. Sheamus offers to shake Big Show’s hand but then pulls it away like seventh grader.

~ This is your World Heavyweight Champion, folks.

Tag Team Title Tournament
The Prime Time Players defeat Kofi Kingston & R. Truth via Young’s Gutcheck on Kofi

~ Entertaining match. Kofi does a sick running dropkick around the start. I hope Kofi finally gets a good run as a singles wrestler. I’m still not buying into the Primetime Players’ douchebag routine, if they got disbanded tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss them.

Ryback pins Primo via Marching Samoan Drop

~ As much as I like to see Ryback wreck shop, it would have been nice to see Primo, who is one of the WWE’s best technical workers, get some offense in. Also, I think Ryback’s finisher should be the running clothesline. I think he could set that up in the way HBK stomps before his finisher or how Randy Orton spins and pounds on the mat prior to a RKO. This would prevent Tensai-gate from ever happening again.

They show CM Punk and Paul Heyman do their silent film dialogue routine in the back.

Layla pins Alicia Foxx via Head Kick

  • After the match, Layla cuts a promo on Eve Torres.

~ I’ve just never been a fan of Alicia Fox. She’s improved a lot but I don’t feel like her offense looks like it packs a punch. Layla tried her best to make this look competitive but it didn’t click at all. It was an okay match with a nice finish from Layla.

Punk and Heyman run into Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero. They trade insults and argue until Booker T butts in. Booker T sets Punk straight and sets up a match between the two.

~ I like this. Punk vs. Ziggler just might be a future Wrestlemania main event.

Wade Barrett pins local worker via Elbow Strike (The Souvenir)

~ I like Wade Barrett’s ring work as much as a like Sheamus’s ring work, which is not very much. I don’t know where this is going but it’s a shame that Wade Barrett is probably going to get a major championship before Kofi Kingston.

The Miz defeats Sheamus via DQ when Big Show came to the ring and knocked Miz out

~ I was expecting Sheamus to kick out of five consecutive Skull Crushing Finales but it didn’t happen. I prefer any finish that doesn’t include Sheamus Brogue Kicking his opponent.

David Otunga is in the ring and he cuts a promo about thanking Albeto Del Rio for getting rid of Randy Orton. Thanks ADR! ADR comes out to Orton’s music and acts like Randy Orton! ADR starts talking shit about Orton, which brings out Booker T. Booker makes a match between ADR & Otunga vs. Team Hell No.

~ I loved this segment. This showed a different side to ADR and it was nice to see a little more range from him. Ricardo Rodriguez was awesome as always.

Team Hell No defeat Alberto Del Rio & David Otunga via Daniel Bryan’s flying headbutt on Otunga

~ Lovely match that featured a steadily improving David Otunga. I’m not saying he’s main event ready but I do think he could put assess in seats in the near future.

Eventually, Team Hell No will make the WWE loads of money and then finally run its course. I expect Daniel Bryan to be a bigger star than ever and finally take his place among the top three WWE elite superstars. Well, at least that’s what I want to see in a year or two.

Eve Torres and Teddy Long argue about Beth Phoenix’s firing. Booker T tells Eve to scram and asks Teddy to try and get along with Eve.

~ I’m not sure where this is going but I hope Eve has a face turn in the near future since she’s getting married to a Gracie. Then again, maybe that could turn her into a super heel by bragging she’s part of the greatest grappling family on the planet.

Tensai defeats Big Show via DQ when Sheamus hits Tensai

~ See The Miz defeats Sheamus via DQ…

C.M Punk pins Dolph Ziggler via GTS

  • After the match, Punk says he does not accept John Cena’s Hell in a Cell challenge.

~ This is wrestling. Very technical wrestling match with some good moments and interesting counters.

Mascara de Fuego posed this question, “Is Ziggler vs. Punk the HBK vs. Hitman of this generation?” My answer is no, but their body of work is going to be remembered and respected in its own right. I think Punk and Ziggler have good skill sets, but they have a ways to go before they reach the level of HBK and Hitman. Character-wise, it’s no contest. The Heartbreak Kid and the Hitman are such great characters that made their feud that much better. I don’t feel Punk or Ziggler have their characters fully fleshed out.

This was a good episode of Smackdown and I suggest you skip the fat and fast forward straight to the Punk-Ziggler match.


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