10-08-12 WWE RAW


Ryback is on the come up! 

-Well, to make up for not being around last week… we get John Cena opening up this show…

-dude is wear tape on the injured arm instead of the sling.

-it looks like he’s got bad tribal tattoos.

-Jim Ross, Michael Cole and JBL on commentary tonight.

-mostly boos from this dude to the point ever even he looks surprised.

-motherfucker says it felt like a year off… we could only dream…

-stupid jokes and the crowd isn’t having it… finally.

-he tries to dirty up is stupid jokes to get a rise out of this crowd.

-dude is running down what’s going on in the WWE and asks AJ out.

-shill of week as he puts over In and Out Burgers… such a cheap attempt.

-he brings up Vince and the terminator is tweeting.

-not long before he’s crying about CM Punk… again.

-this at least gets “CM Punk” chant.

-this dude says it doesn’t matter how many days Punk is champion if no one’s going to watch… what??

-I don’t know how much I want to express that I am not looking forward to another Punk vs. Cena match. seriously.

-blah blah blah, Punk isn’t a man, he’s a punk…

-the crowd cheers at the end… hopefully because its over.

-Cena goes to bounce before Ryback comes out.. say what!?

-they exchange glances and a small head nod from Cena…


-I much prefer this Punk feud with Ryback…

Ryback vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-looks like Ryback is back to the 2 on 1 matches.

-he basically steamrolling through these 2.

-they finally get him down as the Goldberg chants start.

-JBL makes up title reigns for Primo and Epico.

-LOUD feed me more chant, damn!

-crowd gets cheers before he can even signal the finisher.

-annnnndddddd…. Gets them BOTH up for the shellshock thankfully!

-Does that make up for last week though? Doesn’t seem like he’s getting flack for not getting Tensai up.

Winner: Ryback

-wow, crowd is going to be fucking interesting tonight. I think they just MADE Ryback.

-he leads a feel me more chant after the match.


Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth

-JBL sounds like he just mistakenly called Clay’s crew the Funkaholics.

-Truth stops Jimmy from jumping Clay.

-Truth says Jimmy’s going through puberty… and just wants to dance.

-the fuck is going on here….

Winner: no contest

-yup they all dance around little Jimmy… a dancing invisible boy.


-Mr. McMahon gets on the tron and sounds like he fumbles saying “WWE”… yes this can even happen to Vince McMahon who will probably fire someone because of this.

-he tells them to bounce cause its his time now…


-After the break Vince comes out strutting.

-bet JR is happy to get him in the ring and out of his ear… wah wahhhh.

-he brings what we just saw in the ring, people dancing with an invisible kid… kind of shitting on it…

-he says the WWE’s the place for shit like leprechauns, goat faced vegans and big red monsters… man, he really can’t get over the vegan thing huh?

-he says there’s room for all of it before saying you can get it all in the WWE…

-he brings up competition which is what we come to see…

-CM Punk then comes out to a loud ovation.

-Punk sporting a yellow shirt that spells out GTS and a lightning bolt on the front, like something you’d get at Urban Outfitters.

-they fucked it up with a massive “best in the world” logo on the back… less is more people!

-Vince shits on this t-shirt… uh way to get it over. Fuckin’ asshole.

-Vince feels disrespected but Punk turns this on Vince and how he’s been disrespecting HIM.

-Punk is all pissed about Vince taking shots at him by Punk not wanting to take on Cena and yet another ppv.

-Punk turns the crowd and they boo.

-he shit’s on the few left chanting his name even.

-Vince is asked if he respects Punk… he respects how long he’s been champion.

-He then brings up Punk being a “Paul Heyman guy”.

-Vince saying he isn’t a “CM Punk guy”… ouch… and probably legit…

-Punk says Vince should be.

-Punk says that he is the best that Vince has got…

-Heyman tries to calm Punk down but he isn’t having it.

-he wants Vince to kiss his ass with appreciation.

-Punk threatens to quit but this time he wont come… lets calm down here people…

-he says he is the reason we are all here and then asks Vince if he isn’t the reason then who is…?

-mixed Cena chant.

-Vince shills the crowd that we make this shit happen, blah blah blah.

-Vince is insulted Punk would compare himself to the best in the business like Andre, HBK, HHH (not so much man), Hitman then says Stone Cold which has Punk stop Vince.

-he said he isn’t anything like Stone Cold who runs away from things and make his name by beating up an old millionaire.

-Punk calls Vince a senior citizen… ouch. He’s poking now.

-Punk the slaps the SHIT out of Vince who takes a dive like he just got hit by a missile. BAH!

-Punk then says now there’s a slap in your face before dropping the mic and bouncing! Nice.

-Punk leaves laughing and Vince stands up pissed…

-he wants to fire Punk but that’s too good for him… unless he fights Vince tonight… oh shit.

-Heyman is telling Punk not to do it but Punk smiles and blows a kiss at Vince.

-YES chant.

-Heyman says this is with the wrong guy but Punk tells Heyman its going to be fine… this was well mic’ed so the made sure we heard it.

-interesting night thus far!


-after the break we get a recap of what the fuck just happened.

-JBL says Christmas has come early with this match… oh boy.

-they plug Arnold Schwarzenegger as the media ambassador and plug his book… you know the one where he talks about cheating on his wife but not just with the maid but with Brigitte Nielsen on the set of Red Sonya back in ’85… yeah THAT book.

-fucking book is called “Total Recall”…


Tag Team Tournament Match

Primetime Players vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

-I dig the tag team masks from these two.

-SC and Young star this off fast paced, how long before we get an infamous botch?!

-Rey tagged in for the seated senton on the outside then a SC dive to Titus.

-during the break Titus threw SC into the barricade hard.

-SC is kept cornered.

-tornado DDT from the 2nd rope.

-hot tag to Rey.

-Titus breaks up the pin attempt before taking a missile dropkick from the top.

-Young finally takes a 619 into the dive from the top for pin.

-they move into the finals next week.

Winner: Rey and Sin Cara

-short match, could have gotten more time.


-Punk and Heyman talk about what happened with Vince.

-if Punk beats Vince Heyman says, he’s going to make their life misterable.

-Sheamus vs. Barrett tonight… well, they are giving this one up fast…


Wade Barrett vs. World Champion Sheamus

-JBL talks about the people Vince has beaten even Bret Hart who JBL calms is still mad about “that”… ouch.

-even before the match could get going Big Show comes out.

-Show doesn’t interfere, instead he sits at ringside.

-Sheamus chant?

-Cole and JBL argue while Sheamus and Barrett keep this match mostly grounded.

-Sheamus tripped when Barrett moved out of the way of his clothesline… oops.

-decent match thus far, they are starting to brawl.

-out to a break when this spills to the outside.

-after the break Sheamus takes a stiff knee to the head before we’re on the outside again.

-Sheamus is grounded making his comeback from a chin lock.

-Wade cuts Sheamus off with a hard knee to the stomach of Sheamus.

-Barrett came out tonight hitting stiff.

-Wade takes the pound to the chest in the ropes.

-Tensai….wait what?… Tensai runs in and jumps Sheamus.

Winner: Sheamus by DQ

-Now Barrett and Wade jump on Sheamus while Big Show watches.

-Sheamus brogue kicks Tensai and throws Barrett over the top.

-Big Show is in and CATCHES the brogue kick! Bam.

-Sheamus is sent over the top leg first and this dude hits the arena flood HARD!

-Big Show then walks off like no big deal.

-Sheamus gets back in the ring but looks dizzy…


-JR and JBL argue about Vince taking this match tonight….

-JR is heading to the back to talk to Vince… oh no, this is when he gets another fucking dig on JR…


-Larry King’s got a segment on this show!?!


-Punk walks into AJ’s office.

-he jokes about beating up on Vince tonight.

-he tries to turn the tides that AJ is the one who’s going to let this happen.

-she isn’t having it but Punk says this is on AJ now.


-Cena on the Kelly & Michael show…

-they agree to auction off a 8×10 on CM Punk that Cena’s written all over like a child…

-they talk about Best Cancer month and how only girls cheer for him… kidding… it’s the kiddies too. 😉

-Cena damn near sounds like he is the mascot of the fight against breast cancer.


-recap of Antonio Cesaro giving the neutralizer on Clay.


Tyson Kidd vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-vignette is played for Cesaro during his entrance. He shit’s on American food, that’s fucked up man, chillax.

-not long before Kidd is grounded as Cesaro works over the arm.

-nice comeback exchange by Kidd.

-double foot stomp to the chest of Kidd from the ring apron.

-Kidd makes a comeback that gets a good reaction.

-close 2 with a rollup by Kidd.

-guillotine leg drop by Kidd in the ropes.

-he missed the springboard elbow drop.

-Kidd is sent to the stars for an uppercut! Fuck!

-neutralizer puts Kidd away.

Winner: Cesaro

-quick but a couple of good exchanges here. With more time this could have been real good.


-Kofi gets his own personalized commercial for WWE Main Event on ION.


WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-huge YES chants for Bryan’s entrance, this crowd is the shit tonight.

-the champions argue who the champs are.

-massive YES chants, fuck!

-Ziggler and Bryan to start.

-cocky arm drag by Ziggler.

-high knee by Bryan to stop Ziggler.

-tag to ADR, before Kane tags himself in.

-YES chants while Kane works over ADR’s arm.

-JBL shit’s on Mil Mascaras calling him egotistical etc. I do hear he ain’t nice to deal with…

-dropkick to a sitting Ziggler by Kane.

-Cole is flubbing here… might be listening to the voices in his head too much tonight.

-flying knee from the apron from Bryan to Ziggler.

-back from the break Ziggler and Kane still going at it.

-stupid camera missed the spot in the corner by Bryan.

-hurricaneranna from the top by Bryan but Ziggler rolls through for a 2 count.

-stiff kick by ADR to the face of Bryan who is now cornered.

-nice exchange of kicks by ADR and Bryan.

-hot tag is teased but Bryan is brought back into the opposing corner.

-RR and Vicki keep arguing at ringside.

-NO/YES punches exchanged by Ziggler and Bryan.

-ADR takes the corner post for the HOT tag to Kane.

-double chokeslam is avoided.

-zig zag to Kane…1..2… 2 ½!

-side slam by Kane before he goes to the top… Bryan tags himself in.

-dropkick from the top 1..2… Del Rio makes the save.

-ADR takes the dive to the outside.

-Bryan argues with Vicki and gets rolled up for a quick 2.

-Kane tags himself in for the chokeslam and pin!

Winner: Hell No

-that was a really solid tag team match!

-see how good tag team matches can be dammit!

-the champions argue after the match.

-they argue up throw the Kane pyro. Haha


-recap of the slap to Vince McMahon.


-in the back JR is talking to Vince… oh no…

-JR brings up the heart to heart last week after the show went off the air.

-Ross says as a friend he doesn’t want to see what happened to Lawler happen to McMahon… uh are they trying to blame the heart attack now on PUNK!?!!?! Come on… let’s not make an angle of some real serious shit… fuck, it wont be the first time… sigh.

-anyhow, Vince wants JR to call his match tonight like he use to call Stone Cold matches.

-Vince wants JR’s reaction right now… he gives it to him which excites Vince.

-Vince then gives JR a “it doesn’t matter what you think” before smiling it off and telling JR he’d see him later for the match.

-oh shit did JR just get away clean from a Vince burial!?! Haha


-Larry King is intros… he’s on the stage with some chick…!?

-oh its his wife… why are you here lady!? This show is stupid!!?

-Miz interrupts his own intro by King…

-they bicker before Miz proclaiming its his birthday today.

-they are stepping over each others lines.

-he wants the King’s to sing him happy birthday…

-this is painful!!!

-King replaces Miz with Kofi as his guest…

-gee I wonder how this will end…

-Kofi plays up for Sacramento.

-Miz argues with all these peoples.

-He tells King he’s hand more championships than King’s had wives and more than Kofi’s main events! Haha! Ok, that was funny.

-this wife is a bad actor… she pours water into Miz’s face.

-she actually gets a good reaction for this.

-Kofi then jumps Miz here, uh?

-Miz is sent off the stage and Kofi jumps on him…

-King talks mid jump for Kofi… ooops.

-that was not good…


Tag Team Tournament match

Santino & Zack Ryder vs. Team Rhodes Scholars  

-Justin Roberts flubbed that this was a tournament match.

-couple of quick pin attempts by Ryder on Cody.

-Ryder is later corner but Sandow & Rhodes.

-hot tag to Santino.

-cobra is out but Santino takes a disaster kick for the pin to advance.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

-short, good because I still got 30mins to go here.

-after the match Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal jump Santino.

-Slater is definitely the leader of this cast of characters.


-we cut quickly into Vince in the back when Heyman walks in.

-Paul tells Vince that he’s sorry for CM Punk’s actions tonight.

-Heyman wants to makes peace and pleads for this.

-Vince accuses Heyman of being in Punk’s ear for years.

-Heyman corrects this and tells Vince that he’s here for Vince’s sake, NOT Punk’s…

-he says to not let Punk do what Brock did to HHH… oh snap.


-oh no, Eve is doing the walk, come on people lets wrap this up tonight its getting late!


-can’t watch to CM Punk documentary! I heard it was good.


Diva’s Champion Eve vs. Kaitlyn

-Kaitlyn finally gets her title shot.

-Layla is on commentary.

-Kaitlyn comes out with a heavily taped boot…

-forward job to this, sorry… Eve uses a submission hold on Kaitlyn’s ankle.

Winner: Eve

-Layla has to come in after the match to pull her off.

-Eve then feels bad about this shit.


-Del Rio and Rodriguez in the back talking about food when Josh Mathews walks up.

-he’s asked about a some tweet Randy Orton sent.

-Orton’s going to be at Smackdown this week.

-Del Rio just runs off…


-Larry King and his wife are in the back when Daniel Bryan walks in…

-he brings up people thinking he’s got a goat face… kind of how Lettermen called Larry King an owl.

-this chick calls Bryan a troll who lives under a bridge… she couldn’t be more robotic.

-Kane walks up and the argue begins yet again.

-Bryan says it looks like someone smacked Kane in the face with a fruit rollup! BAH!

-they look back and the King’s have left.

-Kane shits on Larry King saying he thought it was Skeletor! HAHA!


-Punk in the back warming up while Heyman pumps him up with his words.

-Heyman says Punk can beat up Vince until he cant make another decision in his life.


WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman vs. Mr. McMahon

-Vince is on this way to the ring when Punk jumps his ass and beats on him at ringside!

-Punk rolls him into the ring.

-Vince stands and “spears” Punk.

-both exchange punches.

-kick to the back of Vince’s head.

-Punk gloats before sending Vince to the outside.

-Vince sent head first into the announce table.

-Punk takes Cole’s head set up which he then puts on.

-he says “what a maneuver” before sending Vince head first again.

-Vince fights out of the GTS tease and sends Punk into the corner post.

-looks like Vince has a cut under his left eye.

-Punk is sent over the announce table.

-Vince then gets the mic and says he’s going to teach Piunk about respect before “sliding” over the announce table onto Punk!? The fuck!?

-Punk is brought back into the ring.

-Vince is looking for weapons and finds a kendo stick under the ring.

-Punk gets out of the ring before he can take this.

-Punk looks like he’s going to bounce when Vince cuts off Heyman and slaps him down.

-Vince has the title now teasing Punk with it.

-this is awesome chant…

-Punk attempts to get the belt but he’s kept at bay.

-Punk then gets his own cane.

-this get CM Punk chant.

-ECW chant is stopped when they go nuts for these two fools hitting each other with the canes! OUCH!

-Vince wins this bout and Punk is pleading while the crowd is going nuts.

-Punk nut shots Vince before he could hit Punk with the cane.

-Punk now uses BOTH canes on Vince.

-Punk signals for the GTS while we get a Cena chant.


-Punk runs off when Ryback hits the ring.

-Cena hits the ringside and punches Punk and throws him back into the ring.

-STIFF clothesline by Ryback!

-crowd is nuts!

-SHELLSHOCK, NOOOO Punk slides from behind and gets the hell out of there!

-Punk grabs the belt and runs through the crowd!

-Vince gets on the mic and tells Punk that he’s either facing Ryback or Cena at the ppv and if Punk doesn’t choose he will for him! oh shit!?!


-well fuck. That was an interesting night! Man, they really could pull the trigger on Ryback right now!

-That crowd made Ryback a superstar tonight.

-over all good show with a good couple of highlights.







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One Response to “10-08-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Do you really believe Eve is sorry? She’s as sorry as a cat catching a mouse. I hope Punk has t o fight Ryback.

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