10-03-12 WWE Main Event


The debut of yet another WWE show!

-Michael Cole and The Miz open the show in the ring welcoming us.

-we get champion vs. champion tonight.

-they go over both guy recent history.

-we get a video package on CM Punk, this might be from his DVD. Dope shit about wanting to make the WWE some place indie guys can go.

-solid video.

-after that we cut to Punk’s locker room.

-Matt Striker asks about this match tonight.

-he’s going to show by beating Sheamus how he deserves respect.

-we’re back in the ring… again…

-they cut to Sheamus in the back with Josh Mathews.

-he’s going to show Punk respect with the brogue kick…

-Sheamus gets his own video package.

-this picks up around WrestleMania, nothing about before that really…

-I dig the retrospectives for each guy if this will be done every week for the “main event”.

-they will need to tweak it to make it smoother.


Champion vs. Champion

World Champion Sheamus vs. WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman

-collar and elbow is broken up in the ropes.

-cautious start.

-chain wrestling into the head lock by Sheamus.

-Miz keeps putting himself over during commentating.

-sounds like a “lets go Sheamus / CM Punk” dueling chants.

-Punk finally breaks out and hits a scissors kick.

-Sheamus is cornered briefly before being pushed off the top rope onto the floor before the break.

-after the break Punk doing the stomp to the chest in the ropes that Sheamus does.

-Sheamus recovers and corners Punk.

-Punk pulls the trucks sending Sheamus head first into the turnbuckle.

-kicks and knees to keep Sheamus grounded.

-Punk now works the shoulder of Sheamus.

-Sheamus tries to kick Punk off only to get dropkicked in the face.

-neck break by Punk for a 2.

-head lock but Sheamus fights out.

-Sheamus come back into a running powerslam for a 2.

-Sheamus goes to pound Punk’s chest in the ropes but Punk gets a kick to his head for another 2 count into the commercial break.

-mmm $4 pancakes at Denny’s!

-after the break, Punk goes for the dive only to take a forearm to the head then a springboard shoulder block for a 2.

-Punk sees Sheamus going for the brogue kick but hits the corner to hide.

-Punk takes the cover off the ringpost.

-Punk takes the pounding to the chest into the irish curse for a 2½.

-Texas cloverleaf is blocked.

-High knee and clothesline by Punk.

-He heads to the top for the Macho Man elbow which he hits for his own 2½.

-GTS is signaled and attempted but Sheamus blocks and gets the Texas cloverleaf on!!!

-Punk finally gets to the ropes.

-Punk notices the exposed turnbuckle.

-Punk is caught in the back breaker to his knee.

-Sheamus takes a drop toe hold into the exposed corner for the Punk roll up (and the hold of the tights) for the pin.

Winner: Punk

-typical WWE match, good but typical.

-after the match Striker asks Sheamus about the loss…

-Sheamus says there is a reason Punk isn’t getting respect and tonight was no difference.

-Sheamus isn’t making excuses for his loss but then threatens Punk.

-after the break, we go to Josh in the back with Heyman and Punk.

-Heyman says Punk has soundly beat the World Champion so what’s it going to take for him to get respect.

-Josh brings up the Hell in the Cell match that Punk wont take.

-Heyman puts Punk over heavily as the best in the world.

-Cole says this show will be about the biggest main events… we’ll see about that.

-next week we get Orton vs. Big Show.

-Striker then interviews Big Show in the back.

-he’s knocking out Orton next week with is big ass fist.

Tag Team Tournament

Santino & Zack Ryder vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd

-Kidd and Gabriel have matching bright neon yellow shirts… not good.

-Gabriel and Santino shake hands before going into an exchange.

-nice exchange by Ryder and Kidd here, fast.

-double team moves by Kidd/Gabriel, nice!

-Cole said wrestling when describing Stu Hart… oops.

-nice double teams by Kidd and Gabriel.

-broski boot then dive to the outside!

-cobra by Santino for the pin.

Winner: Santino & Ryder

-Gabriel and Kidd looked like an old school tag team here, I miss those days.

-That wasn’t a bad show, nice and short. God if all WWE shows were like this, it would flow.

-I don’t mind this format as long as they maintain the “main event” feel for it and not use it as another WWE Superstars style show. We’ll see…

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