10-01-12 WWE RAW



Feels like a NO Cena kinda night…

-This better be a good fucking show, its been a BOWLshit ass day at work.


-recap of last week with Foley talking about Punk, Punk talking about Foley and both sort of talking about Hell in a Cell. This would be a better match for the ppv than whatever they are going to do…

-they also show the kick to Foley in the back and the Ryback appearance.


-WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman come out to the ring.

-Michal Cole says its Jim Ross Appreciation Night… which means they will find a way to fuck with JR…ugh.

-Punk recaps being jumped from behind by Cena with a pipe last week.

-he talks about the look Foley gave him in the back and so shit he said which is why he kicked him.

-He says Foley wouldn’t say anything derogatory to Cena, The Rock or Stone Cold.

-Punk announces that he will NOT be taking on Cena at the ppv still.

-Heyman then gets on the mic and rolls the footage of himself getting down on one knee asking AJ to marry him.

-he says AJ never said no… haha

-Heyman then reads a letter from the board of directors which states AJ cant put her hands on anyone ever again.

-Heyman wants her released as GM.

-Heyman wants to take the job… oh fuck!

-this brings out Vicki and Dolph!

-she blames AJ for shit too.

-Paul and Vicki banter, good shit from Paul.

-uh, Ziggler just told Paul and Vicki to be co-general managers of RAW… oh the personal irony with that statement right there…

-hey look, shockingly AJ comes out…

-she’s on probation.

-she shit’s on Paul.

-AJ has a coach for her GM duties…DANIEL BRYAN is out!

-someone sell AJ making a tag team match tonight…. sigh.

-thank god he has not been full demoted.

-Bryan comes out telling for the crowd to stop since he came out to apologize…

-he talks about dumping after WrestleMania and how he is a catch.

-he yells out “he is handsome” haha!

-Bryan says he’s the tag team champions… shockingly Kane comes out.

-Kane brings up how well AJ kisses… uh.

-Kane corrects Bryan that HE is the tag team champions.

-they begin to argue as does Vicki, Punk, Paul and Ziggler.

-AJ freaks out yelling stop it…

SHOCKINGLY she makes a tag team match tonight. told you.


-christ, there is a World Championship debate tonight with Big Show and Sheamus…


-OH SHIT! Sin Car and Rey are wearing half Rey mask / have Sin Cara mask… DOPE!


-Rhode Scholars have moved in the tag team tournament.

-I don’t think I’ve said anything about it yet (that I remember) but I love a tournament!


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Primo & Epico

-fast start from the get go by Epico and Sin Cara.

-we’re told by Cole that we get another tournament match on the Wednesday ION show.

-Rey and Sin Cara got a tag team maneuver now that leads into a head scissors.

-Rey and SC tease the dive to the outside before the Primetime Players music hits.

-they come out with steel chairs and sit on the stage to watch before we go to commercial break.

-back from the break its SC and Epico again… I think we got an infamous SC botch!?

-SC with a version of the red alert for a 2.

-seated senton into a tilt a whirl DDT from Rey.

-good shit so far, crowd is finally awake for this.

-both go to the top, SC to Epico on  the outside while Rey dives onto Primo for the pin.

Winners: Mysterio & Sin Cara

-the PTP’s applaud for the winners.

-I like seeing SC and Rey looking more like a team. I’m a stickler for details on this kinda shit.


Brodus Clay vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

-Cesaro gives us appreciation in 5 languages.

-Brodus keeping Cesaro grounded off the bat.

-chokes in the ropes by Cesaro leads to a headbutt by Clay.

-springboard uppercut from the ropes! (for a sec it looked botches but the Fight Hayabusa Replay indicates it was on the mark.

-big time neutralizer by the US champion for the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

-quick and to the point… bit of a bury to Clay here.


-in the back Kaitlyn is getting ready when AJ walks up with her executive coach, Christopher J. Stephenson.

-he’s here to observe her as GM.

-AJ says she notices Kaitlyn getting ready and maybe next week she’ll have a match… ouch.

-AJ wants to talk about their relationship, oh no not the big pink elephant in the room…

-AJ apologizes for the past and hopes she can be forgiven.

-AJ cant hold it in and starts to laugh… ouch x 2. She’s not sorry at all.



-WWE Main Event starts this week? This is going to be just another WWE Superstars isn’t it…


-Larry King is the Social Media Ambassador tonight… he’s still alive!?


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Zack Ryder

-by the book start to this one.

-nice dropkick off the 2nd rope by Ryder.

-broski boot gets another 2.

-powerbomb into the corner by Miz, nice.

-SCF by Miz for the pin.

Winner: Miz

-another short and to the point match tonight…


-Booker does the walk in the back.

-after the break Booker is out for this debate… I might need to forward this, just warning you.

-Both Sheamus and Big Show come out for this next bit.

-Show doesn’t have time for this but says he’s going to be Sheamus at the ppv to become the new champion.

-Sheamus got jokes before Booker reads a “tweet questions”…

-oh god..

-Show doesn’t want none of this funny business.

-dragging… and forwarding…

-Sheamus said some shit to make Show all serious and they have a stare off before Show walks out.


-Ryback is doing the walk in the back… back to the mid card with you apparently!

Ryback vs. Tensai

-oh no the rematch!

-stiff match so far.

-powerslam by Ryback.

-followed by a lariat

-oh noooooo Ryback has botches his move TWICE on live TV… fuck!

-another lariat is what Ryback uses to pin Tensai.

Winner: Ryback

-you know Vince is sending this dude right back to the mid card after that shit! Fuck!

-crowd still chant with this dude.


-Team Rhode Scholars are in the back.

-they say big words.


-Justin Roberts give a shout out to the beast cancer survivors in attendance tonight.


Diva’s Champion Eve vs. Beth Phoenix

-recap is shown before the match of Eve suspending Beth only to have Booker reverse it.

-Eve extends her hand to Beth, she shakes it and uses it to pull Eve in to pound on her.

-Beth takes the ringpost to the shoulder when Eve side steps her.

-on the outside Beth then takes the ring apron to the chest.

-Beth then sent into the barricade… she still beats the count.

-shortly after Eve gets a clean neck breaker for the pin.

Winner: Eve

-I would say they are jobbing out Phoenix but she’s been playing this role for a long time.


-AJ and her coach walk up on Wade Barrett.

-Barrett is pissy he isn’t wrestling tonight.

-he craps on her mood swings before he walks off.

– the coach looks scared.


-Footage of JBL touting from the top of mountains. Oh technology.


-I’m bored with this show tonight already…


Santino vs. Heath Slater w/Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

-job squad 2012…

-commentary got really quiet for a sec here… awkward.

-they are trying to make sense of this new trio… its like that ECW New Breed stable…

-during the match Santino tries a kip up but turns it into a comedy bit.

-cobra is out, its hit but this trio then jumps Santino for the DQ.

Winner: Santino by DQ

-Slater is giving orders here…

-these three get on the mic to tell us who they are… individually.

-awkward group…


-FYI, I pre order WWE 13… #mark


World Champion Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow w/Cody Rhodes

-Sheamus was already in the ring for this next match, like a fucking jobber…!?

-Cody’s on commentary for the match.

-crowd is silent for the beginnings of this one.

-Sandow takes a breather mid match for the commercial break.

-Cody causes the distraction on the outside for the Sandow clothesline.

-fancy elbow by Sandow to keep Sheamus grounded.

-head scissors to the grounded Sheamus.

-Sandow gets called a “throw back” by our announcers…

-rest of the match is all Sandow.

-shoulder off the top by Sheamus for a 2 count.

-Sandow gets his chest pounded on.

-Cody tries to get involved only to get sent into the ring for the double brogue kick and the pin of Sandow…

Winner: Sheamus

-good showing for Sandow in this match.


-its now Jim Ross Appreciation Night…

-Cole in the ring putting over JR before calling him out to the ring… even though he was just at commentary either. Haha

-its hard to buy Michael Cole as a goody goody, he sounds so sarcastic.

-Punk it out with Heyman to interrupt this appreciation segment.

-Punk takes Cole’s mic and kicks him out of the ring.

-he’s leading the crowd in a JR chant.

-Punk calls JR the best announcer and he appreciates the hell out of him…

-he then shit talks Oklahoma and him getting respect when we turned on him.

-Punk hugs JR and tells him he is going to help these people understand by having JR tell this crowd that Punk is the best in the world.

-JR plays the roll calling Punk a jackass the last couple of weeks.

-this gets a louder JR chant.

-Punk plays shocked by JR’s reaction when he showed him respect.

-Punk brings up Stone Cold again and how he says he cant help him right now.

-Punk isn’t dropping the Steve Austin references even bringing up how to day is 316th day of him being champion. Dope.

-he insists that JR is going to tell the crowd that he is the best in the world.

-JR isn’t having it.

-JR lists off people he’s called matches for who were the best in the world and WrestleMania’s.

-he says that group of people deserved being called best in the world.

-JR brings up Punk taking the match with Cena at the ppv so he can prove he’s the best in the world.

-this gets another JR chant.

-Punk is pissed and takes Jr’s hat off and stomps it.

-Punk shits on the Thunder losing to the Heat, cheap heat.

-Punk says JR is going to have to run now or he’s going to get his ass kicked.

-JR goes to leave but gets stopped, he gets yelled at again.

-Punk tells JR to hit the bricks, no more commentary for him tonight.

-JR then starts his walk up the ramp.


-JR comes back the ring with Ryback who circles Punk.

-they have a stare down while we get a feed me more chant. hehe

-Punk slowly walks out of the ring while still looking at Ryback.



Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kofi Kingston w/R-Truth

-recap of ADR taking Orton out on Friday.

-ADR sends RR to commentary.

-Brooklyn has its own arena now?! Dope!

-quick start to this match while RR is on commentary saying Kofi is cheaping.

-dive to the outside by Kofi for the break.

-RR is calling the match in Spanish. Haha

-Kofi has a comeback into the boom boom leg drop.

-ADR comes back, gets the arm breaker on and Kofi finally taps.

Winner: Del Rio


-AJ and her coach in the back…

-he’s giving tips.

-out of this she puts Coach Stevenson as the special ref for the main event tonight if he doesn’t get out of her arena.

-JR says out of nowhere something about “you do the reveal”… might have been a blunder.

-she bounces this dude.

-JR apologizes for this blunder…


Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vick & WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman – Special Ref… AJ!

-Punk and Ziggler don’t get intros… damn.

-hey look at the tag team titles in the main event of RAW… wonder when the last time this happened.

-Kane keeping Dolph grounded while Cole and JR go over all of AJ’s drama with most of these people here in the main event.


-Bryan getting the crowd behind Kane who’s finally gets out of Ziggler’s sleeper.

-Kane’s been with the WWE for 15 effin’ years… good lord!

-crowd cheers at the clean tag by Kane and Bryan, nice.

-Kane and Bryan are doing tag team moves.

-Punk is finally tagged in.

-Punk with high knees to Kane before he lands the side walk slam for a 2 count.

-Kane off the top rope with a clothesline.

-Bryan tags himself in and tries to come off the top when Punk dropkicks him.

-nice exchange by Bryan and Punk.

-kicks to Punk’s chest.

-Punk catches Bryan in the head with a kick for a 2 count.

-nice dropkick by Ziggler.

-Bryan is sent into the barricade by Ziggler… and again!

-Bryan finally gets the No Lock on Punk… Punk gets to the ropes (with Heyman’s help)

-AJ calls Heyman up to the apron and kicks him out of ringside.

-Vicki gets up on the apron next and gets booted too.

-Ziggler leaves with his briefcase with Vicki leaving Punk like Punk left Ziggler weeks ago.

-Kane chokeslam on Punk wins the match.

Winner: Hell No

-they are really putting over the tag team champions in the last couple of weeks.

-after the match the champions argue about who is the champions.

-they finish off the show, damn. Good shit.


-fuck, this show is just too damn long! At 2 hours this would have been a solid (non John Cena) night but at three hours, man it was looong. They got some interesting things going on here with Ryback, Punk brining up Stone Cold a lot and like I said NO Cena! 😉








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One Response to “10-01-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Good for AJ. All people who interfere with the matches should be kicked away from ringside. Punk got what was coming to him. I’d like to see him in a match with Ryback. I also believe that AJ should be allowed to defend herself. Vicki gets way out of line with her. What a bitch.

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