Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 28, 2012]


Big Show becomes the Number One Contender.

Buffalo, NY

Big Show comes out to the ring. Show reminds us all that he’s the most destructive force in the business. Show says that only he can beat Sheamus.

Randy Orton interrupts Big Show and says that Show needs to get through him in a number one contenders match tonight.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that Booker T cheated him in his last title match with Sheamus. ADR steps into the ring and is greeted by Orton’s RKO. Randy pauses to stare at Show and retreats up the ramp.

~ Nice opening segment that set up the main event. I’m glad they involved ADR in the mix despite the RKO. Big Show works for me because he’s the most convincing prospect to take the title from Sheamus. I hope it happens.

US Title Championship
Antonio Cesaro pins Santino Marella via The Neutralizer (Cradle Air Raid Crash)

~ Entertaining match. Santino had an interesting counter to Cesaro’s Gutwrench Suplex into a pin attempt, but Cesaro kicked out and dominated the rest of the match. I always enjoy Cesaro’s European Uppercuts and I think his finisher looks brutal and fits his character perfectly. This was match was fine and I look forward to seeing how far the WWE pushes Cesaro in the future.

Beth Phoenix pins Natalya via roll up counter

  • After the match, Eve comes out and indefinitely suspends Beth Phoenix until the Kaitlyn’s attacker is found.

~ This is almost as good as it gets when it comes to the divas division. The ladies did some very solid chain wrestling at the start of the match. William Regal and Dean Malenko would have been proud. Beth’s effort to get out of the Sharpshooter was well played and dramatic. Natalya kicking out of the Glam Slam was a good surprise and the technical counter into a rollup finish was very spectacular. Best divas match this year.

Teddy Long and Booker T discuss the tag team tournament. Beth Phoenix complains to Booker about Eve suspending her. Booker reverses the decision. Eve plants the idea that Teddy was the person who suspended Beth.

Wade Barrett pins Zack Ryder via The Souvenir (Elbow Strike)

~ Okay match. The way I feel about Wade Barrett is the same way I feel about Sheamus. I respect their talents, but I just don’t get excited when they’re wrestling.

MizTV with Sheamus

Sheamus comes out and takes control of the mic. Sheamus interviews Miz and insults him and his show. Miz explains to the crowd how they have to pay to see or hear him at the movies, in Mick Foley’s book, SiriusXM satellite radio, and in the ring. Miz then hypes up Sheamus’s possible future opponents in Randy Orton or the Big Show.

Sheamus further insults Miz and says that he takes his championship so seriously and that he’s looking forward to facing Orton or the Big Show. Sheamus kisses up to the crowd but is interrupted by Vicky Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler.

Vicky starts yelling at them but Dolph says he can speak for himself. Dolph teases the idea of cashing in at Hell in the Cell. He goes on to say that Sheamus’s title reign is completely irrelevant. I agree. The all start to brawl and Sheamus manages to fend off Miz and Ziggler and throw them out of the ring.

~ Of course Sheamus comes out on top. Would did you think would happen. Yawn.

First Round Tag Tournament Match
Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow defeat The Uso’s via Cody Rhodes’s Cross Rhodes on Jey Uso.

~ Okay tag match with an uninspired finish. The Usos look like a tag team and worked very hard to get wear they are. I don’t think slapping together good singles wrestlers and having them dominate your legit tag teams is the recipe for reigniting your tag team division. They might as well break up the Usos and have them spend the rest of their careers like JTG.

Ryback pins Tensai via Running Samoan Drop

~ I love this match up. Tensai’s aura of intimidation has expired months ago, but he’s a huge step above the local workers that Ryback has been going through. Ryback’s belly to belly suplex on Tensai was impressive. Seeing Ryback get Tensai on his shoulders was even more impressive. I want to see Ryback pushed to the moon. Ryback winning a major title at Survivor Series would be a perfect payoff.

Alberto Del Rio attacks Randy Orton backstage.

~ Heh. I’m happy too see ADR is still in the thick of things.

Alberto Del Rio comes out when Orton’s music hits. ADR says that he’s taking the place of the injured Randy Orton. Orton rushes ADR and lays him out.

#1 Contenders Match:
The Big Show pins Randy Orton via 2 Chokeslams

  • Near the end of the match, Show emphatically kicked out of Orton’s RKO. Orton returned the favor and kicked out of Show’s chokeslam, only to be pinned by another.
  • After the match, Show blasted Orton with a WMD. He got on the mic and told Sheamus that he’ll be seeing him at Hell in the Cell.

~ Good match. These days, Sheamus is making Orton look like Randy Savage. Show and Orton closed the show with an exciting main event. A new match for the next pay per view was made and the all the matches were solid. All in all this was good episode of the blue brand.

Thank you so much if you’ve gotten this far. I truly apologize for skipping the last few weeks, but lately, real life doesn’t leave me much time to blog. I’m not as passionate about the WWE these days and it would take WWE debuts of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Richie Steamboat and others to keep me interested about the weekly TV shows. The Ryback storyline has been great, as well as Daniel Bryan and Kane’s odd couple routine. Unfortunately, the WWE has five hours to fill.

I’m as much of a Paul Heyman guy as the next guy, but the CM Punk-Paul Heyman collabo is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t buy into Heyman as a heel. He’s a pro wrestling icon at this point and he shouldn’t wasted as Punk’s heel running buddy. For all the young fans that are booing Heyman and Punk during Raw, there are more than enough fans cheering them on. There was a lot more to explore with Punk as a face and this storyline of Punk demanding respect is falling flat. Also, Cena’s savior to the universe shtick is tired and it’s a shame the WWE doesn’t have the balls to turn Cena heel. I hope the WWE turns a corner by the time Survivor Series comes around and gives us something new.

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One Response to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 28, 2012]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I think Del Rio should have consequences for beating up Orton before the match. He did trying to force Booker T into letting him have a rematch with Sheamus. He should be barred from ever trying to get a title match again and should be given some maditory time off without pay.

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