09-24-12 WWE RAW



I only ask ONE thing… don’t jump the fucking barricade!!!

-We are starting cold and in the ring with WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman

-Heyman is doing all the talking thus far while Punk sits in a steel chair.

-he says this show is on hold until justice is served… with that shenanigans of Punk’s foot being on the ropes. of course they got footage to prove their case.

-Heyman is gold as always.

-he calls out last week’s ref, Brad Maddox to come out and quit the WWE.

-dude reluctantly comes out… looks like Bischoff’s kid. Haha

-Maddox said he made a mistake in his first WWE main event and apologizes.

-Paul asks for him to resign and he goes to answer when CM Punk finally stands up to brow beat this kid.

-this dude says he came to the WWE when RAW went to 3 hours, Heyman and Punk shit on that.

-Heyman pulls out a sleep mask with the WWE and NFL logo on it… rib?

-Heyman makes it a point to keep the mask facing TV.

-Punk smack talks AJ and of course this brings her up. Skipping, shorts, converse and all.

-AJ has Maddox bounce and has dumb jokes.

-she isn’t having any of this before Punk gets in her face.

-he takes credit for AJ having the GM job and why we are all here.

-Punk shows footage of why AJ has it out for him… it’s the video where she asks Punk to marry her.

-after this, Punk gloats about his proof.

-he blames the ref on AJ.

-he brings up text messages from AJ and all the other shit she would do to prove her love.

-Punk then alludes that he and AJ fucked… oops. He says he is the reason theirs any skip in his step. Oh shit!

-Heyman curbs Punk and Punk is getting a chant here! Haha

-Paul gets on one knee in front of AJ and proposes to her!!! what the!? he says they would be a power couple even more powerful that HHH and Step. Haha

-this shit is racy tonight yo!

-Heyman gets the goofball smile slapped off his face to end this.

-I’m sold on Punk and Heyman, easy.


-we’re getting a Jerry Lawler interview later. Cole puts his over huge.


-Maddox and that other young ref kid in the back when AJ walks up.

-he apologizes to her about last week.

-she goes off all crazy n shit on Maddox.

-she almost cries here… all her comments alluding to Punk here.


-Vicki is out to intro Dolph Ziggler. Excuse me.

-this match is happening because of a twitter feud with Kofi… fuck….

Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Kofi Kingston w/R-Truth & Little Jimmy…

-Jimmy and Truth sit at ringside only to have Vicki make fun of Jimmy.

-all four argue before Vicki takes a cup of soda truth came down with.

-Vicki loses her shit.

-ref bounces Vicki, Truth and Jimmy from ringside.

-we finally get the bell to start this match.

-Kofi has the advantage from the get go, Kofi sends Ziggler to the outside before diving onto him.

-I love these Sonic commercials. #tastebros

-after the break Ziggler hits Kofi with what Jim Ross called an explorer suplex… damn I missed this dude.

-oh no Criss Angel is the twitter ambassador tonight, stupid and 6 years too late…

-Kofi come back leads into the boom boom drop.

-quick exchanges getting out of each others moves.

-couple of close 2’s by Kofi.

good shit here.

-SOS gets a 2½ count. Crowd that it was over there.

-dude this match is nuts, Kofi jumps off the top and catches Ziggler who was going for a fucking drop kick!

-nice exchange on the ropes for another 2 for Kofi.

-Ross calls this the main event, you aint lying.

-Dolph finally wins after the zig zag.

Winner: Ziggler

-god dammit, Ziggler made people care about Kofi here. Really good match here!


-JR tells us John Cena had elbow surgery, worse than they expected.

-buuuuut he’s here to talk about his condition later.


-recap of Kane and Bryan shenanigans from Smackdown, that was their show completely last week.

-another anger management segment, Bryan and the doc are in a diner.

-Kane is working at this diner?

-Bryan orders steamed veggies and a tag team partner that doesn’t suck.

-the doc says Bryan needs to picture “Gerald” which is who Kane is playing here…

-Kane makes food jokes that makes people in the restaurant look concerned.

-Gerald walks off.

-oh no…. poll time… its for the tag team name for Kane and Bryan… its going to be Team Friendship, isn’t it…

-the options are later.


-I’m ignoring the Criss Angle shit tonight… although Jim Ross calls him a “musician” not a “magician”. Ha! He sucks either way JR, it doesn’t matter what he is.


Prime Time Player vs. Santino & Zack Ryder

-fast pace start for Young and Ryder.

-Santino gets a luke warm tag.

-nice suplex by Santino.

-cobra is out but Titus clips it and hits a uranage to Santino for the pin.

Winner: PTP


-Cole and JR keep pointing out that the refs are extra careful tonight.


-another mention that we’re hearing from Lawler tonight. its gotta chap JR’s hide that Cole keeps calling lawler “his” partner.


-there is a special guest here tonight… we find out who it is next.

-after the break… its Mick Foley!

-he’s looking very homeless.

-nice Foley chant.

-he brings up what inspires him and how a year ago he was inspired by CM Punk.

-Foley then goes on about what’s going on with Punk now and how he isn’t that dude from a year ago.

-this of course brings Punk back out.

-Punk shoulders Foley on the way into the ring.

-Punk wants respect and that the fact of the matter is Foley is here to push another kids book.

-Foley brings up texting Punk when he won the title last year and how Punk replied back that it meant a lot coming from Foley.

-Foley isn’t crazy about this version of Punk and his alliance to Heyman.

-before Punk retorts he yells at the crowd, nice.

-Foley talks about being a Heyman at once point but he had to walk away and make his own way.

-Mick says at the end of the day Heyman is going to do what’s best for Heyman.

-Foley then questions why Punk needs mouth piece. He then asks if Punk is just going to be another “kool-aid” drinker.. oh shit.

-Punk yawns at Foley before he brings up Hell in a Cell.

-He understands what the HIAC match can do and he got his respect in that match. he then brings up other legends who’ve had that match.

-Foley wants Punk to take of Cena in a HIAC.

-Punk says he isn’t like Foley or Bret Hart, having nothing in common with either.

-Punk says he wont lower himself by putting his hands on Foley because he’s beneath him.

-Punk then claims the fans turned on him.

-he’s already beat John Cena.

-Foley goes off about dates and how no one cares about how long people have held titles just the moments that define their careers. Shit just got serious for Foley.

-Foley tells Punk that he has to tell Cena yes or no to his face tonight about a HIAC match.

-Foley sells this shit hard before saying have a nice day and walking off.

-Punk looks down pensive.

-gooooood shit here. Foley helped sell that shit out of that.


-Ryback and Miz is happening tonight?!… uh… next apparently. Well that was fast…

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Ryback

-there are quite a bit of Feed Me More signs in the crowd.

-Miz is floored with a right hand and thrown cross the ring.

-Miz gets picked up and slide behind him for what looks like a reverse DDT… only to have Ryback power OUT of this and hit a running powerslam!

-Miz getting manhandled here before he heads to the outside.

-Ryback is sent back first into the barricade but he no sells it and throws Miz back in the ring.

-series of kicks to the head of Ryback and a DDT but he muscles out of Miz’s pin attempt.

-fucking fan runs into the fucking ring. god dammit, stay in your fucking seats assholes!

-Ryback with the stiff clothesline that was going to get the crowd to pop before this dickhole came in the ring, fuck this annoys the shit out of me…

-Ryback then gets Miz up for the shellshock for the pin.

Winner: Ryback

-squash. They might as well put the IC Title on him in their next match, fuck it.


-more anger management.

-Kane and Bryan are having breakfast. They need to work out their issues.

-ok this shit got awkward when they basically recreate the When Harry Met Sally bit… Kane pounds on the table and Bryan yells YES…

-they cut to Mae Young at the diner! Haha she asks for whatever they had! Oh Mae, so silly.


-they plug us naming the Bryan/Kane team.


-AJ in the back with the refs… gang bang?

-she says the WWE wont ever have instant replay. How everyone makes mistakes (cough, cough Brad Maddox) but she wants them to have a good time tonight…

-Del Rio, Otunga and Rodriguez walk in.

-she goofs on Del Rio getting another title match before putting them in a six man tag versus Sheamus, Rey and Sin Cara.

-Otunga & Del Rio are concerned cause Rodriguez isn’t a wrestler but double R is ready for this calling them the 3 amigos. Haha


Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

-Kidd out with kicks to Wade to ground him for a 2 count.

-Barrett comes back to ground Kidd.

-Kidd sent to the outside then is sent back first to the apron.

-another pin attempt by Kidd is fought off with a nice sidewalk slam.

-Barrett hits the souvenir elbow for the pin.

Winner: Barrett


-more bad music for Barrett.


-Cole is in the ring for the Lawler interview live via satellite.

-first he recaps what happened 2 weeks ago and how it was a heart attack what Jerry had.

-apparently Lawler is doing really well.

-Lawler gets a nice reaction from the crowd.

-he’s got a throne at home apparently. Haha

-Cole tells Lawler he looks great.

-Jerry’s a little raspy from the breathing tubes.

-Lawler remembers the first segment of the show that night but that’s about it.

-he doesn’t remember the tag team match he had… damn.

-when Lawler woke up after the heart attack he thought he was still on vacation with her girlfriend 2 weeks prior, damn.

-The King is very appreciative for the fans well wishes.

-Cole asks when Lawler will be back.

-Lawler jokingly blames Cole for his heart attack after sitting with him every Monday for 3 hours.

-The King is leaving his return up to his doctors.

-good segment, good crowd reaction and Jerry chants to finish off the segment.

-and right after that we get Otunga’s music… well shit.


David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez vs. World Champion Sheamus, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

-double RR intros himself before Del Rio. Haha

-match starts during the break…

-Otunga gets saved by his partners before taking a shoulder block from the apron.

-double Rey/Sin Cara dives to RR and ADR.

-RR taking arm drags from Sin Cara. Nice.

-SC is kept in the opposing corner.

-Sin Cara chant while he’s in an ADR headlock… probably the first time that’s ever happened…

-RR wants to tag which he gets.

-RR goes for the mask but gets kicked in the head.

-hot tag to Rey.

-nice exchange by Rey and Del Rio ending with a 2 count after the top rope flash kick.

-Primetime Players are watching in the back.

-next hot tag is to Sheamus and Otunga…

-RR gets tagged in from the running Otunga…

-Ricardo tries to run but gets caught up in the ropes to get his chest pounded on by Sheamus

-619 to RR.

-springboard swanton by SC for the pin

Winner: Sin Cara, Sheamus & Rey

-good match I dug the springboard swonton.

-Cole is putting over tag teams.

-after the match Otunga takes a brogue kick.


-more anger management.

-they are now role playing in the diner.

-they put spaghetti in front of Bryan and Kane gets a salad.

-one bite is what Dr. Shelby is asking for…

-Kane eats the lettice and Bryan takes a bite of meatball.

-Kane burps in the doctors face…

-Bryan throws up in the doctors lap making it look like he’s giving him head…


-Cole runs down the poll for the tag team name…. Team Teamwork, Team Hell No or Team Friendship are our choices…


-they are definitely getting a lot of time on RAW too.

-WWE is making it seem like THIS is the main event shit now. Haha! Nice.

-after the break the tag team champions come out.

-heavy YES chants for Bryan.

-Cole runs down the options…. The winner being… Team Hell No….!? uh what!?…

-after the announcement the tag champions are jumped by Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

-tag teams galore here on RAW tonight…

-Cody says his teams name is Team Road Scalars… what? haha

-so they are basically going with the angle that all these dudes are getting together to be tag teams because its just a matter of time before the champions implode so someone can take the titles!?!? That’s an odd way to push tag team wrestling…. Make the belts more important than the implosion.


Layla & Alicia Fox vs. Diva’s Champion Eve & Beth Phoenix

-for those of you who haven’t heard, Beth is bounding soon. She’s outta here!

-long story short Eve gets the win with the neck breaker pushing Beth out of the way.

-after the match Kaitlyn shows up with a crutch on the stage.

Winner: Eve & Phoenix.

-she’s got footage from Night of Champions, she was attacked by a blond…

-Eve is upset that Beth Phoenix would do this to her… or so she is making it seem.

-Beth takes a neck breaker for doing this for Kaitlyn…!?


-2:40 in… starting to fade…


Brodus Clay vs. Tensai

-no Sakamoto.

-Tensai ain’t listening to the ref with the excessive head butts.

-Clay comes back with his own headbutt and t bone suplex.

-all of a sudden Big Show’s music hits… ah crap.

-Show knocks out Tensai… then Clay….

Winner: no contest

-Show then walks off like no big deal.


-John Cena is out next with an arm sling…

-he ain’t running to the ring, that’s for fucking sure.

-Cena thanks the support over the campaign to fight breast cancer.

-he tells the “others” to never doubt the power of the WWE Universe.

-he then apologizes to the refs. He then apologizes FOR CM Punk…?

-Cena’s got a play on words about Punk’s win at the ppv.

-Cena’s got kiddie bad words… stupid.

-he then wants to guarantee that he will walk into Hell in a Cell… to fight… good luck dude…

-CM Punk finally cuts this dude off, he walks out with Heyman who’s holding the title over Punk’s head.

-Punk stares down some red head at ringside.

-he tricks a little girl thinking he was going to give her 5. Haha

-Punk says Cena should have been a politician. Haha

-Punk lists off how many times he’s beaten Cena.

-how he is the 10th longest reigning champion.

-Punk says its not fair that Cena gets all the title shots. Touché.

-Punk’s getting some good heat here.

-Punk tells Cena to run because he’s the stupidest person for coming out here with only one arm.

-He’s going to turn around and Cena better be gone before he turns back around…

-Punk turns and counts while Cena holds a lead pipe…

-Cena hits Punk in the stomach with a pipe… pussy.

-Punk rolls to the outside and starts to stagger up the stage.

-Cena gives the pipe to a fan in the crowd… weird.


-Punk is in the back walking off when he passes Foley.

-Punk passes him before coming back and putting the boots to him. he goes down fast.

-Punk stops again but when he turns around…. ITS RYBACK!

-oh shit?! Well I guess Ryback might be passing up the IC Title!!!


-fuck man, I must say this show felt different. Like they were trying new shit and yet finding ways to bring back the tag team division! Good shit tonight although it was still a long night! I know this was only ONE night but I think they are finally onto something.


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6 Responses to “09-24-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I don’t believe that Punk was honest about his relationship with AJ. Heymans proposal was a joke and Punk laughing inthe background is proof hs is out to ruin her. Heyman is a sadistic jerk. I have seen other wrestlers with their feet on the ropes during a count and nothing was done. Too bad Ryback didn’t get to Pnk. Glad to see Big Show back. Also glad to hear Jerry might be back soon. Hope your arm gets well John Cena. We miss youo too.

    • Great Puma Says:

      The Ryback-Punk ending was one of the most exciting endings to RAW I’ve seen in a while. Let’s hope they have Ryback meet Punk in the ring soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ryan Collins Says:

    Fighter Hayabusa should challenge for the Title.
    Back Brain Kick the shit out of Punk.

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