09-17-11 WWE RAW


Ryback moves up… to a Subway sandwich commerical, the tag team champions argue and Punk’s got his foot on the ropes.

-show actually starts with the intro… still hate it.

-Michael Cole is on commentary, so far sounds like on his own.


-Paul Heyman is out with Punk’s music.

-the middle rope is pink…? I might be missing something here.

-Heyman says he got to witness history last night by CM Punk beating John Cena.

-there was a controversial ending to their match and he’s bringing out the ref that did the match, Chad Patton. He gets a name intro on the screen, nice.

-he is shown a shot from last night with both Cena and Punk’s shoulders down.

-Patton says he was right in his decision.

-Heyman says there is fan footage on youtube of the match. Funny, doesn’t the WWE usually get them -take that kind of shit down on youtube??

-haha Paul says is was taken down! Haha

-they still show this footage. The other angle both their shoulders were down.

-tie goes to the champion. Paul agrees, ref agrees yet Cena does not.

-annnnnd here is the sore loser now… in Pink…!? This must be something to do with Breast Cancer. If that’s the case, good for you WWE for getting behind a good cause again. They are good at charities, I will give them that.

-Cena says the ref did make the right decision. Cena sucks chant. Even when he agrees he still sucks. Haha

-Cena says he and Punk had a WrestleMania type match… we’ll see about that later.

-Cena’s problem is with the draw and basically eluding to that the match should have been restarted. That someone who’s been asking for respect is ok with a draw.

-Heyman says Punk was cool with it.

-NO chants.

-Cena goes off about respect this, respect that.

-he’s trying to get himself another match… tonight.

-Paul says Punk isn’t there just yet tonight but that he is the “voice of the voice of the voiceless!” Haha awesome.

-for some fucking reason Alberto Del Rio is out with Ricardo.

-Alberto is such a squinter.

-he bitches about getting himself another Title shot.

-AJ is out, finally looking more “girly” that stuffy in her business suit. She’s wearing shorts and a tie, cute.

-she’s making a super main event tonight Punk & Del Rio vs. Sheamus and Cena…

-I think she was trying to say that the winner gets their rematch but she kinda butchered that.

-good opening that got cut off by the making of a match…


-Rey and Sin Cara do the walk.


-after the break, Michael Cole is wearing a Long Live the King shirt.

-he brings up what happened last week with Jerry Lawler.

-The King’s Tout was shown, he looks in good shape thankfully.

-Lawler has gone home, good shit.

-Michael is SUPER face now, maybe a little too much.

-next week we’ll be getting an interview Lawler.

-JBL is now out for the temporary announce duties… as is JIM ROSS!!!

-fucking love the “evil” goatee on JR.

-JR was proud of the job Cole did last week and what Cole and JBL did at the ppv.


-Rey is out for the start of the next match… commentators say nothing…

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-JBL calls Rey and SC former CMLL champions! Haha

-this should hopefully be good.

-JBL keeps bringing up past titles by all these dudes in other places a lot.

-Rey and SC are starting to do tag team moves. I’m sure in the future they will be putting some crazy as combos together.

-nice hot tag to Rey, good exchange with Epico.

-Primo and Epico take head scissors into the ropes for the 619.

-SC with the swanton for the pin.

Winner: Mysterio & Sin Cara

-good match though too short.

-after the match the Prime Time Players just Rey and Sin Cara. Good, they are giving the division a little push!

-Titus and Darren get on the mic about them getting screwed out of their tag title match.

-Titus is intense here, good for him. he needs to wake up, he always looks like he’s just hanging out.

-Darren fucks this up flubbing his words, god dammit.

-its like they are going more on a serious Titus and a goofy Young.


-the new tag team champions give the former champs their rematch tonight.


-Michael Cole, JBL and JR put over their help with breast cancer.

-they cut to a Susan G. Koman video. Even the WWE has its moments of putting the bullshit away for a good cause.


-debut of MizTV tonight… oh boy…

-first guest will be Booker T.


Beth Phoenix vs. new Diva’s Champion Eve

-Layla is on commentary.

-Kaitlyn was jumped last night mysteriously last night which got Eve the match.

-Layla is blaming Eve for what happened to Kaitlyn. #conspiracies

-crow is dead for this, though they are working at this match.

-Beth takes the corner post and a roll up pin.

Winner: Eve

-JBL brings up Eve’s Gracie connections, nice.

-Eve and Layla eye fuck for a second before Eve bounces.


-still haven’t seen this Saturday Morning Slam show.


-Tyson Kidd got in the face of Antonio Cesaro and got bitched out. sigh.

-he makes good by double teaming Cesaro with Brodus Clay…

-hey look Clay’s got both this dancers here. 😉

-somebody call my mama… when I been drinking…

Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater

-Cesaro & Aksana are on commentary.. there are a shit ton of people at the announce table.

-Slater keeping Clay grounded to start.

-Cesaro’s always been a little awkward on the mic.

-Clay recovers with a bitch headbutt to Slater who was coming off the top into the splash for the pin.

Winner: Clay

-Clay just pulled a “John Cena victory” here.

-kiddies dance, everything is roses.


-a dressed up Miz is heading out for his new bit…


-there’s a commercial for a movie called Last Ounce of Courage… it looks really bad.

-speaking of bad, we’re reminded about the Night of Champions theme… oh so bad.


-Intercontinental Champion The Miz is out for MizTV.

-he brings up the odds of him winning yet he still won last night.

-there is a big WWE logo handing over the ring, upsidedown.

-he brings up other “shows” like the ones by Piper, Edge and Jericho. He claims his is better.

-Miz brings up Smackdown GM Booker T.

-Miz says this moment for Booker is better than anything Booker’s done like being a former 5time (x5) champion.

-Miz rambles before we get a Booker T chant.

-he calls out the brogue kick controversy and how he is out to get Miz.

-Miz pushes Booker by saying he’s just trying to get some last minutes attention.

-boring chant, loud.

-Booker finally takes the mic and says he’s got a new guest… Ryback!

-oh shit, are they finally moving this dude up to the next level?

-Miz get out the ring before Ryback gets in.

-Ryback is throwing furniture all over ringside!

-the crowd liked this and chanted feed me more… after some Goldberg chants.

-Miz has pissed himself here.


-Cole plays Jerry Lawler’s Tout again.

-JR, JBL and Cole acknowledge The King who’s watching at home.


-Punk and Heyman in the back when Josh interrupts.

-Heyman is so good with his subtle reactions and comments.

-Punk isn’t happy.


Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-Ziggler isn’t in Pink now with the breast cancer awareness, such a heel.

-please let this be dope, yes that’s right I said it!

-nice hiptoss by Santino.

-nice dropkick by Ziggler to ground Santino.

-Santino power walks out of the irish whip! Haha

-rolled up by Santino for a 2.

-nice arm drag by Santino.

-Ziggler neck breaker and a “lets go Ziggler” chant!

-Ziggler brings out the cobra and calls Santino a joke.

-Santino might have fucked up the Ziggler clothesline.

-Ziggler and Santino exchange punched in the middle of the ring.

-Santino comeback he goes for the cobra but Vicki has it.

-zig zag from behind!

-and another….

Winner: Ziggler

-Vicki stuffs the cobra in Santino’s mouth ala The Million Dollar Man! Oh shit!


-recap of Bryan and Kane winning the tag team titles, both yelling who is the tag team champion.


-recap of Wade Barrett on Smackdown. Not sure what the fuck he’s referring to.

-He then come out for the next match.

Wade Barrett vs. Just Gabriel

-how many pushes for Barrett before he clicks… if ever?

-Cole brings up Nexus and The Corre.

-fast start for Gabriel.

-can’t make out the chants this time, maybe you cant wrestle?

-Wade slows this down working over Gabriel on the ring post.

-crowd is fairly quiet while Barrett beats on Gabriel.

-oh shit, it’s a “we want Nexus” chant! haha!

-pump handle slam is blocked into a reverse DDT.

-spring board moonsault from ropes for a 2 count by Gabriel. It was pretty.

-knockout forarm for the pin!

Winner: Barrett

-Barrett best not be stealing Kassius Ohno’s shit!

-this wasn’t too bad actually.


-Rock vs Cena commercial.

-even Rock can’t get me to buy something focused on Cena.


-in the back Truth is putting a party hat on Jimmy.

-Jared from Subway is here with the cheap pop mentioning Connecticut.

-Kofi has to look on like he’s giving a fuck about this.

-Jimmy is giving sandwich suggestions.

-oh god.

-Damien Sandow walks up after the former champs walk up.

-he gets a nice pop before saying a lot of big words… he gets a meatball sandwich.

-Ryder is now in for an Italian BMT… oh boy.

-Ryback is now in saying feed me more… he takes a sandwich and leaves… doesn’t this negate what you just did for this dude old segments ago!?


-World Champion Sheamus in the back chatting Cena’s ear off…

-Cena isn’t paying attention. Rude.

-Cena is trying to play this serious and Sheamus has “Cena style” jokes…


-Bryan in the back continually saying he’s the tag team champions, Kane is apparently doing the same. Haha


-I want to see Looper, who doesn’t love time travel!


-footage is shown of Jerry Lawler landing in Memphis earlier.

-he took the WWE jet back!


WWE Tag Team Champion Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

-YES chant is loud, Bryan plays it up with the crowd.

-Tweets are shown over Bryan and Kane’s relationship.

-another loud YES chant before the match starts.

-he argues with who’s going to start the match.

-Bryan and Kofi start this one off fast, working the ropes.

-Bryan offers the tag to Kane but then says NO.

-Bryan chops Kane’s chest for the tag.

-Kane slows Kofi down before both Bryan and Kane are sent to the outside on top of each other.

-they argue at ringside before the break.

-back from the break Kane is hugging Truth… no wait, that’s a bear hug.

-Kofi tags and fights Kane into a high cross body and a kick to the face of Kane. Ouch.

-boom boom drop.

-Kane stops the TIP.

-Kofi to the tope but Kane with a right! Fuck.

-Kane goes for the chokeslam but Bryan tags himself in.

-Kane and Bryan push each other before Truth makes the hot tag.

-frontward suplex by Truth for a 2.

-Truth slams Kofi onto Bryan for a 2.

-Bryan is cornered.

-double side Russian legsweep to Bryan for another 2 count.

-sounds like a live mic just dropped in the background.

-Kane in with a hot tag.

-Kane goes for the chokeslam again but Bryan tries to tag in again.

-this time Kane catches him and goes to chokseslam him, Kane gets hung up in the ropes and takes the mic check from Truth! 1…..2…..NO Bryan makes the save!

-Kofi and Bryan to the outside.

-chokeslam finally but Kane but Bryan tags in and get the NO Lock for the tap out!

Winners: Kane and Bryan

-after the match Bryan holds up both titles proclaiming he is the tag team champions. haha

-he gets up in Kane’s face before HE takes the titles and proclaims himself the tag team champions.

-Bryan says no, the crowd says yes and Kane says HE’s the champion.

-sounds like the crowd wants another hug it out.

-JBL doesn’t want to watch this. haha

-they hug again! Haha crowd cheers… ok break it up with this long hug.

-Bryan finally takes a belt and they both yell at each other.

-yes, I am thoroughly entertained by this. haha!


-they show footage from last year for Be A Star… hey look its Big Show, where the fuck is this dude when the roster is so thin!? Maybe put him in a program with Sheamus or some shit.


-Orton does the walk in the back… he’s got Tensai tonight… yay…


Randy Orton vs. Tensai w/Sakamoto

-back and forth exchange to start this one off.

-shoulder block takes Orton down for the Tensai advantage.

-yeah, here come the Albert chants.

-power slam by Tensai for a 2½

-JBL brings up Tensai being an IWGP Champion. Nice.

-Albert chants during the shoulder clutch.

-poweslam out of nowhere by Orton to recover.

-series of shots to the mid section of Tensai into the inverted DDT by Orton.

-Orton sets up for the RKO, Tensai blocks only the first one. Not the second.

Winner: Orton

-JBL is putting over Orton like he owes him money.


-2 hours and 23 minutes in and this is a long night.

-Heyman and Punk in the back when Otunga and Del Rio walk up.

-Otunga and Heyman do the talking for their respective clients. They aren’t getting along.

-lots of whispering here.

-Punk finally speaks up and says he’s looking forward to teaming with Del Rio tonight. ADR says it will be an honor…. Tense.


-Damien Sandow is out and properly asks for his music to be cut off.

-he says summer is over so its time to go back to school and he’s preparing us.

-Sandow tells JR that Slopperknocker isn’t a real word. Haha

-he’s giving us new words for the school year, all big words.

-this dude is good here asking for silence while he goes through this.

-Zack Ryder interrupts.

-he’s got words too, shut… up and now…

Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

-getting tired here… been a long weekend.

-sorry I gotta give this one a forward job this week. I’m fading.

-this is a long one even when being forwarded…

-Sandow finally gets the neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Sandow

-Sandow with the cartwheel in the ring….


-more footage of Lawler going home.

-it’s official, we’re getting an interview with Lawler next week.


WWE Champion CM Punk w/Paul Heyman & Alberto Del Rio vs. World Champion Sheamus & John Cena

-Punk stands in the middle of the ring just holding the title up waiting for a reaction.

-this gets dueling Cena chants instead.

-forwarding to the end… sorry.

-AA by Cena to Punk, 1..2…FOOT on the ropes… 3!

Winners: Cena & Sheamus

-Heyman and Punk point to Punk’s legs being on the rope.

-ref isn’t having it…

-even with the footage the ref isn’t changing his mind.

-ref tries to leave but Punk gets in his face.

-Heyman tries to hold him back.

-this is how this ends…


-ok going to bed, long RAW…







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One Response to “09-17-11 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I think the match with Punk and Cena should have continued. A draw is not a win but a tie. I did like the idea of the tag team match though. Del Rio is a big baby and had no reason to complain. He lost fair and square. It has been obvious from the start that Rodriguez wasn’t really injured. Especially since he wore the neck brace backwards till tonight.

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