WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego: CM Punk. I know a lot think that this will be the moment to give Cena the title but I think not. My gut tells me that they might just wait until the Royal Rumble where he loses the title to The Rock… I wish I could see Punk take on Rock at WrestleMania instead but unfortunately I still see Cena vs. Rock II happening. This should be an interesting match in Boston, like a reverse from last years Money in the Bank scenario. They’ll find a way for Punk to screw Cena in his home town.

Great Puma: CM Punk. They just paired Punk with Paul Heyman and I don’t think they’d let the air out of their new tires so soon. Cena needs to lose in his hometown to give a huge rub to Punk. Punk needs to leave this pay per view the biggest and baddest heel in the business. Defeating and possibly screwing Cena in Boston will do the trick.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Sheamus. Yeah, I’m going smarky tonight and I’m very cynical towards the pro wrestling world these days. I don’t see how the WWE could put Alberto Del Rio over when they’ve been pushing Sheamus to the moon. Sheamus has been presented to us as being unbeatable and I don’t see how that will change with this pay per view. I’m afraid Dolph Zigger is going to have another failed Money in the Bank cash in attempt, because you know, Sheamus doesn’t lose.

Mascara De Fuego: Sheamus… then Dolph Ziggler. Seriously, its time to take the title off of Sheamus. This title run and contenders are ICE COLD. At least with Ziggler cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase then facing Orton in the future would give use good main event Smackdown matches.

Divas Champion Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Great Puma: Kaitlyn. Why not? They haven’t done anything with the beautiful Layla, so they might as well rush into the Kaitlyn-Eve Torres feud, which already has some history.

Mascara De Fuego: Layla wins with Eve’s out of nowhere assist. She’ll look on shocked.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R Truth vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

Mascara De Fuego: Kane & Bryan. The Tag Team Titles need Bryan and Kane more than they need the titles. These guys have done some funny shit yet shit that is compelling enough to actually be main eventing. It’s different, funny and yet done with two dudes that could do some good work. Putting the titles on them could hopefully give these god damn tag titles a little kick in the ass and maybe get this division alive again. I miss the good old days of tag team wrestling. Yeah you’ve been adding teams lately but having a couple of main event style teams to throw in the mix helps these younger dudes come up a little bit. Anyhow that’s a rant for another time. This should be a fun match.

Great Puma: Kane & Daniel Bryan. Even though they’ve done the odd couple tag team scenario before, Daniel Bryan and Kane manage to make this  work. I see Kane and DB imploding after the match but I think they’re still going to dominate the WWE’s tag team division until the new year. My main concern is seeing Kofi Kingston wasted in the midcard again without a title around his waist. The man deserves more.

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mystero

Mascara De Fuego: The Miz. This is another match that I hope would help the IC Title… but Sin Cara’s in the match. Rey, Miz and Cody should at least keep it together. If this spins off to a Cody vs. Miz feud then you can add the team of Rey & Sin Cara to this fantasy tag team division I keep dreaming about.  Hopefully its a good one.

Great Puma: Rey Mysterio. Rey has come back and quickly established himself as one of the top fan favorites in the company. Although it would be odd to have Miz lose the title so soon, I want to see Rey defend the title and have great matches month after month. I expect this match to be a darkhorse for Match of the Night.

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. (winner of the preshow Battle Royal)

Great Puma: Antonio Cesaro. It has to be and I really don’t want to see another Cesaro vs. Santino match again. In my own fantasy booking world, I would have one of the NXT upstarts (Seth Rollins, Cassius Ohno, or Dean Ambrose) win and then defeat Antonio Cesaro to make a big impact in their debut. Yeah, I just went into full #mark mode.

Mascara De Fuego:  Cesaro. What are the chances Santino wins this battle royal and he ends up taking on Cesaro for the title only for the cobra to officially turn on him… high.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Mascara De Fuego: Randy Orton. This is going to be the best match of the show. So far their matches have been good and I think this one here wont disappointing. Like I said earlier, Orton will win this one but Ziggler will go on to win the World Title thus moving this feud into the main event.

Great Puma: Dolph Ziggler. I think giving Ziggler a lot of momentum going into a possible cash in would be a smart thing to do. Making Ziggler look highly formidable prior to his cash in would be refreshing and effective in getting the audience to buy into Ziggler actually winning the World Heavyweight Title.

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2 Responses to “WWE Night of Champions 2012 Predictions”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I hope Punk loses. Maybe it will take his ego down a bit. Teaming up with Heyman only adds to Punks mistakes. The Sheamus breau kick should be allowed unless they take out the other dangerous moves. Del Rio didn’t look too happy when Sheamus won without it. Also, Del Rio needs a dose of reality. Rodrigeuz needs to be kept away from ring side during all matches. And he definitly should not have been in the ring the night he was kicked. Did anyone else notice that rodriquez had his neck brace on backwards? The velcroe belongs in the back.

  2. zankarne Says:



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