Tara turns on Tessmacher, Daniels & Kazarian have a lot of title matches they have to give out and Hardy keeps his Bound For Glory Title match after beating Bully Ray again.

-My apologies for being MIA on TNA the last couple of weeks, my DVR has been getting full with these 3 hour RAW’s. Well, there was a ppv last weekend and I didn’t  catch up on what was up so let’s see here…


-Recap mentions A&8’s bullshit at the ppv plus, Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray advanced in the BFGS Finals with Hardy winning.


-show starts with TNA Champion Austin Aries.

-is it just me or has A&8’s kill the steam for Aries, Roode and Storm?

-he brings up the importance of the TNA Title and beating on this group of dudes.

-Aries brings up Hardy winning the Bound for Glory Series and brings him out.

-damn to I hate this Hardy face paint job. That eye painting is just awkward…

-Aries does all the talking here… until Bully Ray is out…

-Ray calls them both lucky. Aries for not having to wrestle him and Hardy beating him.

-he brings up beating Hardy for over 15 years.

-looks like Hardy and Ray about to fight but Ray heads for the outside.

-we’re getting that match later… Hardy barely said anything the entire time yet ended up in a match tonight…!?


-Before the next match Tenay and Taz wish Jerry “The King” Lawler a speedy recovery. Nice, that was classy TNA.


X Division Champion Zima Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt

-this is a rematch from the ppv. Shit why buy the ppv when all these return matches are happening tonight.

-this spills to the outside for a series of highspots that ends with the moonsault from the ropes onto Ion on the outside.

-nice hurricaneranna by Dutt. Old school Rey style.

-head scissors from the ropes by Dutt.

-dope exchange into the submission hold by Ion.

-Dutt with the moonsault stomp!…1..2… foot on the ropes!

-Dutt goes for another moonsault but is cut off at the top.

-Ion gets a rollup in the corner for the win. Dutt was under the ropes.

Winner: Ion

-Ion comes back after the match snaps Dutt’s arm.

-good shit right here. Glad it looks like this feud continues.


-Daniels and Kazarian in the back in Hogan’s office…

-Hogan walks in to these two goofing off.

-they get matches for tonight… Daniels’ can take on either Chavo or Hernandez and Kaz can take on either Angle or Styles… Frankie got the short end of this stick…

-Hogan says if they win their matches tonight they don’t have to give either one of those teams a rematch.

-BUT if either one loses their match their opponents will get another title shot.


-Styles and Angle in the back talking about who’s taking on Kazarian tonight.

-reluctantly Angle gives the shot to Styles.

-Styles walks off excited n shit and Wes Brisco walks up.

-Angle wants to watch Styles’ match with Brisco…


-Storm recap from the ppv where Robert Roode busts a beer bottle upside his head.

-Ray says their controversy because he won.

-Storm and Roode brawl that night and Hogan has both dudes arrested!? The fuck!? Don’t cops have better shit to do in Orlando than hang out at wrestling events!?

-Roode comes out…

-he got screwed by Aries and Hogan with this stip of him not getting another title shot.

-he makes it sound like he’s been gone forever…

-how he watched Storm climb the BFGS.

-he shit’s on Storm sounding all jealous.

-this of course brings out James Storm with his new crappy music.

-instant brawl.


-Bound for Glory moments with AJ retaining against Sting years ago.


TNA Tag Team Champion Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

-Styles keeping Kaz grounded, this stills to the outside before the break.

-crowd is kind of dead here after the break.

-Styles finally wakes them up with an inverted DDT.

-brainbuster on the ring apron by Styles! Fuck!

-Kaz goes for the eyes of AJ at ringside.

-Kaz takes the guardrail but sidesteps Styles.

-monkey flip by Kaz on the outside. Ref starts the count… he makes it back.

-quick series of pin attempts by Kaz.

-springboard by Styles for a comeback.

-Pele out of nowhere into the styles clash for the AJ win!

Winner: Styles

-good match as always here.


-Hogan and Brooke in the back yapping until Joseph Park comes in about the Aces & 8’s.

-he has evidence on this group… NEXT Thursday…

-Hogan wants Park to watch Brooke while he goes to the ring.

-He leaves and they have an awkward exchange.


-in the back, Ray confronts Hardy.

-Ray is all angry and wants Hardy to put up his title match tonight.

-good shit my Ray here…

-Hardy says something dumb but then agrees to put up his BFG title match up tonight.

-please give this to Ray…


-Hogan’s out now.

-he yaps a lot and says brother…

-on and on about Hardy winning the BFGS and how he’s putting up his title shot up tonight.

-he turns his attention to the Ace’s & 8’s…

-he says lock down a lot and how these dudes aren’t getting back into the IMPACT Zone.

-this group gets on the tron… main dude asks if Hogan locked them out or locked them in…

-Hogan looks on all cautious n shit.


-Hernandez and Chavo talking about the shenanigans in their last match with the champions.

-Chavo is going to take Daniels on hopefully this will be good.

TNA Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

-Daniels is wearing the title ala the Backseat Boys / MNM. He’s humping it…

-Daniels stalls to start the match.

-Chavo finally catches him, keeping Daniels grounded.

-senton off the apron by Chavo on the outside.

-Daniels takes Chavo into the barricade to take over.

-very grounded match here for these two.

-Daniels tries to use the title but gets blocked.

-3 amigos by Chavo into the frogsplash! 1..2…THREE!

Winner: Chavo

-decent match.

-I wish Chavo would have gotten his in the WWE… too bad.


-Evan Markopoulos is the next Gut Check contestant… he’s 18, Christ!

-they interview his parents, they are supportive… good for them!

-kid doesn’t sound too bad. Kinda thin but I guess so was Jeff Jarrett back in the day…


-the Storm and Roode brawl is recapped.

-Storm yells a lot about Roode.

-he’s calling Roode out at Open Fight Night next week.


-Gail Kim, Bound for Glory moment with her Knockouts Title win.


-Tara is out to congratulate Tessmacher for beating her at the ppv.

-Tessmacher comes out.

-Tara is all proud n shit about Tessmacher.

-Tara sucks her ass and wants to present her with the title belt properly…

-Tara walks around with the belt and puts it around her waist…

-this looked like a heel turn was going to go down.

-THERE it is… clothesline by Tara.

-widows peak to the champion.

-Tara stands over her former student and boo.


-recap of Ray and Hardy from the ppv.

-looks like Ray almost went goodie goodie here.


-fucking sonic commercials are always hilarious.

-so Nicolas Cage as a next movie called Stolen… it looks real bad…


-in the back Dixie Carter is brow beating her staff… Al Snow, D-Lo, Hogan, Pitchard and Brooke about the Aces & 8’s.

-they are getting paranoid on each other… oh boy.

-looks like they decided to fight these dudes.


Bound for Glory Title Match On the Line

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

-starts of fast with Hardy leading.

-hurricaneranna by Hardy.

-spills to the outside with Hardy diving onto Ray.

-they come back from a break, 2 moves later back to another break…!?

-back from the break Ray gets a close 2 count.

-splash by Ray for another 2.

-Hardy’s shaking his hands like he lost feeling.

-twist of fate is blocked and Hardy is sent into the ringpost hard shoulder first.

-Hardy comes back with a whisper in the wind.

-Bubba bomb for a 2½

-jumping DDT by Hardy for his own 2½

-Hardy’s cut off at the top.

-superplex by Ray for 2 count.

-Hardy misses the Swanton.

-another Bubba bomb and another close 2½

-a stone cold stunner, a twist of fate AND a swanton finally finishes off Ray.

Winner: Hardy

-good for the most part in this main event. Still would have liked Ray to win. It just makes sense to have a heel and face at your biggest ppv of the year instead this might make Aries inferior to Hardy. They’ll have to do some work to keep things even.

-overall, good show tonight with a few sore spots. Really starting not to give a shit on this Aces & 8’s crew. They need to pull the trigger on these dudes already and just reveal this angle.








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