09-10-12 WWE RAW


Get well soon Jerry…

SORRY for the late start my peoples, my wife and I were celebrating our one year of being married… that is insane. Anyhow, onto the show!


-We are in Montreal and right from the start we get Bret “The Hitman” Hart out to the ring.

-he’s wearing a blazer with a pink and black shirt. Odd. Haha

-this is the FIRST time he’s back in this town since the screwjob, damn has it been THAT long!?

-awesome reaction for Bret, they wont let him talk.

-the start the Ole chant!… no, El Generico is nowhere to be found. 😉

-thank you Bret chant. he’s trying to talk through them…

-he brings up the screw job but how the fans got him through it.

-Montreal is loving Bret!

-oh shit, CM Punk’s music hits to a sea of boos!


-Punk is out in pink and black.

-a Bret fan wearing a hitman shirt gets in Punk’s face. Weird they went to black when this was going long.

-Punk brings up Bret writing a book about himself.

-he asks what if he would have been there 15 years ago.

-Bret cuts him off and plays to the crowd.

-Punk still gets to his point and how he wouldn’t have needed Vince to screw anyone.

-how he would have taken the title and gone to WCW.

-Punk is pissed and shits on Lawler out of nowhere.

-Bret brings up Lawler and his history with him.

-how Lawler would show up every night not like Punk last week.

-Punk goes off on respect and how HE is the WWE Champion. How he was a longer reigning champion than the Hitman.

-they banter back and forth before Punk walks off talking shit about turning Cena into was Bret is now, all old and beat up.

-SUPER “asshole” chant by this crowd to Punk! Dope.

-if you were trying to get Punk over as a heel, this was the crowd to kick that shit right in the ass!


WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion The Miz & United States Champion Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana

-Miz and Kofi start us off.

-double team side Russian leg sweep and elbow drop by the champions.

-Kofi with the dive off Truth!

-after the break, Aksana is laying on the ring apron blowing kisses at Cesaro…

-bad double axe handle by Miz off the top… didn’t look good.

-hot tag to Kofi on Cesaro.

-boom boom drop.

-Miz breaks up the Kofi pin attempt.

-Cesaro almost beats Kofi with a roll up.

-instead, the US Champion takes the trouble in paradise for the pin.

Winners: Truth & Kofi

-match was fine.


-recap of Sheamus using the texas cloverleaf and the attempt to ban the brogue kick.

-video show of Smackdown where Booker comes out mid Sheamus match to ban the brogue kick.

-Sheamus is in the back talking to Bret.

-after the break, Cole and Lawler cut to a Sheamus deposition… they brought out the film camera for this. apparently a couple for jump cuts.

-Sheamus isn’t taking this seriously and keeps talking saying his middle name is “lip shits”… the fuck!?

-he then tells a bad, “if your lips shits, what’s your arse do?” joke! Haha

-Sheamus admits to joking which gets Otunga all pissy.

-Ricardo is sitting here in his neck brace.

-Sheamus admits to kicking RR with the brogue kick.

-Sheamus is called out on brogue kicking ref Chad Patterson.

-when Ortunga brings up Daniel Bryan, Sheamus goes into a YES chant… this might be going too long.

-they go back and forth about this brogue kick shit.

-Sheamus then kicks the shit out of the camera and goes into hava nagila…. Odd and awkward.


-poll tonight to face Punk…. Brodus, Lawler or Orton.


Eve, Kaitlyn & Diva’s Champion Layla vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Alicia Fox

-Cole finally brings up this reality show that Eve won.

-Kaitlyn and Phoenix to start.

-Eve tags herself in and makes short work of Fox.

Winners: Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn

-Layla and Kaitlyn look on shocked.


-AJ in the back watching the show when Punk walks up.

-he isn’t happy with he having a match tonight and not Cena.

-Punk brings up her break down.

-she isn’t having it and brings up the poll to name his opponent.

-Punk nearly walks into Mr. smiley face, Brodus Clay…


-this Night of Champions song still sucks big hairy balls.


-CM Punk is back out to find out who his opponent is.

-Cole gets on the mic to tell us the poll results… Orton with 75%….uh really?? Lawler had like 15%..!?

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

-296th day as champion for Punk.

-slow, cautious start.

-battling lets go Orton/CM Punk chant… Punk’s chant are louder.

-Punk finally corners Orton.

-Cole brings up Paul Heyman and how he helped get Punk into the WWE.

-Punk tries to leave the match but Orton cuts him off on the ramp.

-after the break the chants continue, Orton fights out of the abdominal stretch.

-Punk tries to do the Mr. Perfect gum spit and swat but misses… wah wahhh.

-Punk cut off on the top rope for the Orton superplex, 2 count.

-YAY/BOO exchange.

-Punk sidesteps the rolling power slam, didn’t look happy.

-Punk then fights out of the inverted DDT.

-springboard clothesline by Punk for a 2.

-Orton finally gets the inverted DDT.

-Ziggle out of nowhere for the DQ.

Winner: Orton by DQ

-Orton cuts off Ziggler then rolling power slams Punk.

-he stands over both before Ziggler and Punk jump on Orton.

-Randy chants and Lawler comes in and starts beating Punk off of Orton.

-Orton and Lawler recover and take the ring but they aren’t done…

-this spills to the outside and into a commercial break.


-after the break this has been turned into a tag team match…

WWE Champion CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Randy Orton & Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Orton & Lawler keep Ziggler corner.

-2 fist drops to Ziggler for a 2 count.

-nice drop kick by Ziggler.

-Punk looks bored in the corner.

-Ziggler taunts Orton with Lawler’s hand to make the tag.

-Ziggler isn’t going for the tag he just keeps beating up on Lawler.

-Lawler with a back suplex

-hot tag to Orton.

-rolling powerslam to Ziggler.

-Ziggler avoids the inverted DDT and sends Orton to the outside.

-Paul Heyman is out!!!

-Paul chats with Punk and Vicki is pissed.

-ECW chant.

-the ref is just standing here trying to make sense.

-I think these 2 are making dinner plans!!!! Haha

-Heyman gives Punk the title as they keep chatting.

-Orton finally hits the RKO on Ziggler of the pin.

Winner: Lawler and Orton

-Punk and Heyman just walk off like nothing was going on.



-Striker stops Punk and Paul Heyman in the back.

-he wants to know what this relationship is… Punk stares at Striker before saying he is a Paul Heyman guy.


-recap of the hug-it-out from last week.

-Kane and Bryan are now in the back… and their shrink…

-AJ walks in to tell these dudes that she invited the shrink here…

-I think the shrink just made them a tag team.. haha


-Heath Slater is in the ring, he wants a rematch with Ryder… he gets Ryback instead…

Ryback vs. Heath Slater

-this crowd is chanting Goldberg… but then… feed me more…

-typical match for Ryback.

Winner: Ryback


-AJ in the back when Titus and Young walk in.

-AJ says they aren’t the #1 contenders.

-Titus now has a whistle.

-they have to take on Kane and Bryan in a #1 contenders match.

-they aren’t happy… but I am…


#1 Contenders match

The Prime Time Players vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

-Bryan tries to stay calm when he comes out, he’s doing his breathing exorcises. Haha

-I think we’re getting a French Canadians chanting OUI! Haha

-Bryan is cornered.

-I cant make out this chant but its “….’s a loser”….

-Titus stomps on Bryan while yelling YES.

-Young and Bryan with what looks like a stiff exchange.

-something’s going on in the crowd so now everyone is distracted.

-“Jerry” chant now…!?

-Bryan misses the top rope head butt.

-so the announce table is shot in the background and Michael Cole is now alone on commentary… what happened here with Lawler?!

-YES kicks to Young for the blind tag by Kane.

-Kane off the top with a clothesline.

-chokeslam and blind tag by Bryan.

-Kane then chokeslams Bryan ONTO Young for the …. Pin!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Kane

-Kane lifts up Bryan and raises his hand. He falls afterward. Haha

-I like this team at contenders.


-so I looked it up, apparently something has happened to Jerry Lawler at ringside and was rushed off! More on this later.


-recap of Punk and Bret from earlier.

-Bret is apparently interviewing Cena tonight… uh why?


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Tyson Kidd

-RR says some shit in French before intro’ing Del Rio.

-stiff kick to ADR by Kidd on the ring apron.

-stiff running kick to the face of Kidd!

-Kidd gets on the Sharpshooter for a nice crowd pop!

-ADR makes it to the ropes.

-Kidd missed the leg drop in the apron.

-arm break is locked on and Kidd taps!

Winner: Del Rio

-distracted squash.

-Del Rio gets on the mic talking shit about Kidd to Sheamus.


-we cut to a somber Michael Cole who is telling us that something happened with Jerry Lawler earlier, how he passed out!? Cole is very emotional saying this is not part of the entertainment tonight. Lawler is getting CPR. Fuck!


-#1 Contenders match for the United States Title on the ppv preshow.


World Champion Sheamus vs. David Otunga

-there’s no commentary after the break, looks like they are just doing the show without it.

-Cole looks like he’s still in position…

-Otunga slaps Sheamus around until he gets run over.

-Sheamus chest pound in the ropes to Otunga

-back breaker into the Texas cloverleaf for the tap out victory.

Winner: Sheamus

-short work. Its weird to have no commentary and a little bit scary on what exactly is going on with Lawler right now…

-Sheamus goes to leave but comes back into the ring to set up the brogue kick… Otunga takes it in the face for a good reaction from the crowd.

-AJ is now out… she’s cut off by Booker T… both GM’s are out…

-AJ walks away when Booker starts on Sheamus… awkward…

-if brogue kick is used anymore, Sheamus will be stripped of the title…


-silent recap of Bryan and Kane becoming the #1 contenders to the WWE Tag Teams.

-Kofi and Truth Tout about what just happened to the Prime Time Players losing their shot.

-the therapist in the back when Bryan and Kane walk in. he’s trying get these guys two to work together.

-they bicker over who’s name should come first…

-the therapist wants them to be called Team Friendship… this gets big ass NOOOO.


-Michael Cole is back on, he says this is real and not part of anything.

-Lawler been taking to a local hospital but he is breathing on his own.

-Cole says out of respect there will be no more commentary tonight. fuck…


Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

-this just feels weird now… I looked up Lawler again, he might have had a heart attack or a stroke. Fuck!

-fuck, I’m sorry I’m not even paying attention here… crossroads wins the match.

Winner: Cody

-after the match Miz comes in but takes a crossroads of his own.

-Cody then takes the white IC title and holds it over his head.


-Cena walks up on a dude fixing a clock and stares at him for a sec, made no sense.


-back from break Cole reminds us this isn’t part of the show and recaps his collapse by Jerry Lawler.

-Cole says Lawler is more responsive but is in isolated ER waiting for a catscan.

-fuck Cole begs Lawler to get through this, this is so sad. L


-Bret is back out to interview Cena… dude not right now…

-Bret compares Cena’s problems with Punk with his issues with Shawn Michaels… what…?

-a lot of boos for Cena here.

-you can’t wrestle chant.

-Cena tries to turn the attention back to Bret…

-Cena says HBK earned his respect not like Punk.

-Bret calls Punk a phony…

-this brings out the champion.

-Cena calls him a phony too then threatens him.

-Punk claims Cena is the biggest phony in the WWE.

-Punk tells them both they were both surpassed but someone better than them.

-Punk then tells Bret he’s better than even Shawn…. AND Stone Cold!…. oh and The Rock.

-He says he did what Cena couldn’t do in ONE calendar year in regards to Rock.

-Cena keeps smirking during this… ugh.

-Cena kisses Montreal’s ass.

-Cena says the title has been irrelevant since Punk has had it and how he’s been passed up for main events. Cena then shits on Punk and Summer of Punk last year. How Punk lied to the fan because there was no change… except for CM Punk. How he’s done it all as himself not like Punk. Cena tells Punk he steals colors AND Macho Man’s elbow because Punk has yet to find himself.

-Cena then says in French that he speaks a little French… cheap pop.

-he says some shit that gets a reaction from them.

-Punk cuts himself saying Cena has lowered himself to these people.

-Cena calls Punk a son of a bitch before taking his mic away.

-wow um… this is the most heat this buildup has every had… at the last minute.

-Punk was going to swing at Bret but Cena stopped him.

-Cena takes off his shirt and wants to fight… instead Bret Hart clocks Punk and he rolls out of the ring.

-well shit under the circumstances and “eh” build for this match that right there put it over for sure. Cena cut a promo that finally meant something.


-Cole is back with an update. Lawler has stabilized, that’s good. he’s still waiting on the catscan… Cole pleads for our prayers before the show goes off the air.


Well shit….











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3 Responses to “09-10-12 WWE RAW”

  1. zankarne Says:

    Watching RAW is going to be uncomfortable :/

  2. Estell Newton Says:

    Get well soon Jerry. You took a lot from Punk. Sheamus should be allowed to use his kick unless the other harmfull and destructive moves are also outlawed including Vickie.

  3. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Luckily it looks like Jerry recovering which is great! Hopefully he won’t be gone too long.

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