Smackdown Thoughts & Review [September 7, 2012]


When the Texas Cloverleaf became the Irish Cloverleaf.

Moline, IL

They start off with a video package featuring Sheamus Brogue Kicking Ricardo Rodriguez.

They cut to Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and a neck brace-clad Ricardo Rodriguez walking out of General Manager, Booker T’s office.

Del Rio, Otunga, and Ricardo make it to the ring. ADR says the Brogue Kick should be banned, and that it’s a criminal act. He adds that Sheamus kicked Ricardo, his only friend.

David Otunga takes over the mic and says that the Brogue Kick is too brutal. He shows a highlight reel of devastating Brogue Kicks over the past year

Booker T comes out and says that all of this should have been confidential. Booker says that since Otunga and company want to bring the case to the people, he’s just going to let the ‘people’ decide. Booker surveys the crowd and decides that the Brogue Kick will stay legal.

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio defeat Cody Rhodes & The Miz via Rey’s 619 into a Splash on the Miz

~ Entertaining match. Miz has improved so much since his first year in the WWE. It was a pleasure to see Miz and Rey work together so effortlessly. Although I would rather see Rey in singles competition, I did enjoy Rey and Sin Cara’s double team kicks to Miz’s chest. I’m so tired of seeing Cody being wasted in the midcard. I’m not sure what and who he has to do but Cody has proven that he’s ready for the upper echelon.

Hornswoggle kicks Daniel Bryan’s shin backstage.

They cut to David Otunga pleading his case to Booker T. Booker says he’ll think about banning the Brogue Kick. Otunga says he needs to show Booker further evidence.

Zack Ryder defeats Daniel Bryan via DQ when Daniel Bryan submitted Ryder but didn’t let of a second No Lock after he won the match.

  • Near the end of the match, Bryan asks Zack to hug it out, only to pull him down into the No Lock for the pre-finish.

~ I can’t wait to see these two wrestle again to a clean finish. There were some really nice moments and they seem to have great chemistry. Too bad Zack is used with no consistency and no direction.

Damien Sandow comes out and talks about he needs proper time to train and strategize for an opponent. Sandow disses the crowd, Twitter, and Tout.

Randy Orton defeats Damien Sandow via countout when Sandow retreated before Orton could deliver more punishment

  • After the match Dolph Ziggler picks a fight with Randy Orton. Orton gains the upper hand, and Ziggler escapes to the back while Orton catches a returning Sandow with an RKO.

~ Very good match. The story of Sandow retreating at every turn was well told. Sandow is an excellent tactician and has shown that he can definitely hold his own with the best of the WWE roster. This match just made me want to see more.

Otunga shows Booker T an x-ray of spines altered by a Brogue Kick. Otunga says he’s going to take further action. Booker tells him that he’s facing Sheamus later on tonight.

The Primetime Players defeat Primo & Epico, and The Uzo’s via Darren Young stealing a pin after Jay’s Frog Splash on Primo

~ This was a really fun match. There were a lot of nice spots and a sick finish. Everybody played their part to make the match but the Usos took things to another level. If there’s any tag team that deserves a run with the title, it’s the Usos.

Dolph Ziggler tells Teddy Long that he needs to face Randy Orton again at Night of Champions. Teddy says that Ziggler isn’t a champion but he’ll advise Booker T to make the match for the pay per view.

Wade Barrett pins Yoshi Tatsu via elbow to the head

  • After the match, Barrett grabs the mic and says he either wants to be put into the title picture or be used as a headhunter.

~ Okay match. I’ve never really bought into Wade Barrett and his change in persona hasn’t altered my opinion of him. I’m a Yoshi mark and watching him put Wade over just annoyed me. Wade now has a striking based offense that looked very very slow.

Sheamus submits David Otunga via Texas Cloverleaf

  • Near the end of the match, Booker walks out and tells Sheamus that the Brogue Kick is banned.

~ Crap. We’re back to Super Sheamus in the main event again. I don’t like that they’ve given Sheamus another move for his offense while most of the mid card roster seems to be stuck with their 3 signature moves. I don’t like the fact that the WWE has invested so much time in Sheamus without nurturing arguably more talented wrestlers on their roster.

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