09-03-12 WWE RAW


Maybe I am enjoying myself too much on this fine Labor Day holiday or this was kind of a weird episode for me….

-Happy Labor Day peoples.

-recap of the shenanigans between Punk and Lawler from last week.

-have you guys seen the 21 Jump Street movie? That shit was actually funny.

-Michael Cole with the cold start of RAW… he came to the ring like every Monday but after that Lawler doesn’t come out as he and Punk were brawling in the back?! Refs finally separate the two but Lawler is out.


-Justin Roberts intros World Champion Sheamus, I’m ready for a title change for this belt.

-He’s talking about Alberto Del Rio when WWE Champion CM Punk interrupts.

-Punk plays up a bit to Chicago. Meaning he hasn’t turned on them yet… I really wish they would leave Punk face in his own city like I was saying last week.

-CM Punk chant before he could say anything.

-he doesn’t want Sheamus talking to his people here in Chicago.

-Punk says Lawler attacked the King of Chicago first.

-Punk so far is playing up to his city.

-he brings up Lawler saying Punk turned on the people but Chicago cheers in disagreement.

-Punk says Cena agrees with Lawler which is causing disrespect.

-Sheamus cuts off Punk which gets boos.

-Sheamus brings up the Rock in a weird way… lame story short he tells Punk to come down.

-Punk calls Sheamus the SECOND best in the world and tells him to shut up. Oh shit. Haha

-they bicker a bit more before General Manage AJ is out.

-she makes ADR vs. Cena and Punk vs. Sheamus.

-she skips around the ring after this announcement…


-Randy Orton makes the walk… he gets another match with Ziggler next.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Randy Orton

-nice drop kick by Ziggler.

-nice fast exchange before Orton lands his own dropkick.

-Randy chant.

-Orton keeping the advantage thus far.

-slingshot suplex by Orton. I don’t know what it is about that move but its always been a favorite of mine. Tully Blanchard’s was always the best. I kind of don’t mind Orton doing it which is good.

-anyhow, this spills to the outside with Orton throwing Ziggler into the barricade multiple times.

-after the break, this is back in the ring with Orton doing the 10 punch spot in the corner.

-nice swinging neck breaker by Ziggler.

-back to the outside where Ziggler is returning the barricade spots on Orton.

-head lock by Ziggler for the rest spot.

-nice bridge by Ziggler while keeping the head lock on.

-Orton cuts off Ziggler on the top rope into the superplex! 1…2… ½.

-RKO chant.

-rolling powerslam by Orton.

-Ziggler fights out of the inverted DDT but takes the back breaker.

-Jumping DDT by Ziggler for a 2½, that was out of nowhere!

-inverted DDT but Orton

-RKO is avoided into a roll through by Orton that gets switched over by Ziggler who’s got a handful of tights for the stolen victory.

Winner: Ziggler

-that was a nice match right there, these two have good chemistry. Orton could definitely help Ziggler move up further.


-Before they can even finish this, Intercontinental Champion The Miz comes out for commentary since Lawler isn’t around… could this have waiting for Ziggler and Orton to properly end??


-we get another anger management meeting, but Bryan and Kane are present.

-Harold doesn’t want to sit next to Bryan.

-Bryan shows off his anger collage. Its full of YES! and NO!’s. he tells us what his means. Haha

-Kane’s collage is blank… he explains it by throwing his paper in a trash can which he then sets on fire.

-Bryan just looks over at Kane and calls him “teacher pet”! haha

-next subject is family… oh boy.

-goofy shit but shit is entertaining.


-Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio do the walk in the back… when are they officially making this a team… you know its coming…

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Tensai w/Sakamoto & Cody Rhodes

-Cole says this is the first time that Sin Cara and Rey tagged? Didn’t they before?

-they want to bring up old shit with Tensai and Sin Cara. It was SO 3 weeks ago…

-starts fast with Rhodes and Sin Cara.

-right after that we cut to a break, fast one here. After the break Sin Cara is kept cornered.

-Albert chants.

-Rey is finally tagged in takes a bit but he finally hits the 619 on Tensai.

-Cody with a 2 count after a front face suplex.

-619 by Rey to the Sin Cara tag… swanton by Sin Cara!!

Winners: Rey and Sin Cara

-match was fine. They could really juice these 2 in a tag team. Sin Cara will find a way to botch the swanton.


-back at anger management, everyone we’re doing the circle of trust bit…

-the doctor has Bryan and Kane do an example… Kane and Bryan look on in confusion.

-Bryan says he trusts Kane and falls back… Kane actually catches him. well he kind of falls into him.

-Bryan and Kane now need to catch Harold… they don’t.

-these two admit they were going to catch him.

-they’ve made their first breakthrough! Haha


Champion vs. Champion

World Champion Sheamus vs. WWE Champion CM Punk

-Punk chant before Punk gets back on the mic.

-he says Chicago respects him and how they know that this type of a match is a WrestleMania match. He says they know Punk doesn’t need to be at the top of the 8pm hour.

-he says a lot of people in Chicago took the day off so he is doing the same thing.

-this gets some boos.

-Punk who was still in his jeans just walks off.

-Sheamus now tries to turn the crowd as he says that he has disrespected these fans. They don’t have it.

-AJ tries to stop Punk from leaving but he’s taking a personal day! Haha

-Striker comes up to ask about this… she asks who he is… this of course doesn’t make sense since Striker hosted NXT where AJ got her start…. ?!

-She tells him to keep Sheamus in the ring as she is going to find him an opponent… is this going to turn into some Jon Jones shit?!

World Champion Sheamus vs….

-Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are out but they head of commentary.

-Jack Swagger comes out next….!? Yup, AJ got… Jack Swagger….

-after the break this match is going on… crowd is dead.

-Swagger almost botches a gut wrench but recovers on the Swagger bomb.

-Sheamus with the texas clover leaf…. Swagger taps!

Winner: Sheamus

-nothing match… took the steam out of the show.

-after the match Del Rio and Sheamus brawl.

-Rodriguez gets involved but takes the turnbuckle in the mouth.

-Sheamus sets up for the brogue kick… Rodriguez takes it instead…

-We’re still getting Del Rio vs. Cena later… sigh.


-fuck do I love these Sonic commercials, hilariously random.


Eve vs. Kaitlyn

-Kaitlyn’s winning  the battle royal gets a Dredd sponsored WWE Rewind…
-Layla’s at commentary.

-Miz shit’s on Kaitlyn’s win and Layla.

-Kaitlyn almost kills Eve with a botchy hiptoss.

-Layla and Miz bickering is distracting and annoying… this isn’t going to go anywhere so why bother… fuck… Cole finally cuts these two off…

-Eve takes advantage of an injured Kaitlyn for the swinging neck breaker…

Winner: Eve

-Eve plays the “good sport” by helping Kaitlyn up.

-Eve then extends her hand at Layla… Eve and Miz argue more before they actually shake hands.


-Jack Swagger in the back when AJ stops him. He’s taking time off saying he’s better than this.

-AJ talks about people leaving her like Punk, Brock, etc.

-Swagger don’t give a fuck and bounces.


-fuck I didn’t know Julio Caser Chavez’s kid is now boxing. #gettingold


-another anger management session.

-they’ve completed and the doctor is proud of Kane and Bryan.

-Bryan says he’s all better and tells Kane he can have a rematch from SummerSlam.

-Kane thanks him and tells him he hopes he doesn’t evisorate him…

-this starts to break down when Harold is told to butt out. haha

-the doctor loses his shit before these two could beat each other up.

-AJ sets up a poll for Bryan and Kane…. They wrestle, the tag up or they hug it out are the choices… oh.


-Striker is asking ADR about RR when Otunga comes out to say… no comment.


-Cole talks about some shit that happened on the Rock’s movie set.


Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback

-did we not already get this match?

-oh hey look Ryback’s got an official shirt now… and OF COURSE it says “feed me more” on the back… god dammit WWE…

-strong Goldberg chant.

-this gets the silent treatment after that chant.

-typical Ryback match.

-they shit on him then chant “feed me more” like if he’s CM Punk all of a sudden…!? I don’t get it…

Winner: Ryback

-like I said a second ago… typical Ryback match. time to start moving up the card here…

-best thing they could have done for Ryback is get this chant to happen.


-ok so the official Night of Champions song is by Kevin Rudolf, Birdman, Lil Wayne and….. LIMP BIZKIT! LOL!!! I 2012 Limp Bizkit, really!??! Hilarious.

-this is the first time this song is being heard… haha, oh god…


-Striker finds AJ and asks her about the show falling apart…

-she sends him off to tell Cena and ADR that there match is falls count anywhere.


-Bryan is out and only shit is this YES chant loud! Love Chicago!

-Bryan comes out trying to stay calm. Haha! He just keeps shaking his head and politely saying no.

-Cole goes on a rant about what’s happened with Josh Mathews and how Booker T has fined Kane over it…

-Cole gets on the house mic to talk about the options of the poll…

-hug it out wins by 55%. Haha

-this hug has a ref involved too like a match! haha

-Bryan chants NO, crowd chants YES.

-hug it out chant! LOL!

-they are working this hug like a test of strength! Haha

-Miz brings up the ref out for this.

-Cole calls these two “wrestlers”, Miz makes the save calling them “superstars”….

-Kane and Bryan are juicing this.

-Bryan chest bumps Kane which gets boos.

-Miz says there are “rules” to hugging it out which consist of wrapping your arms and pressing… the fuck is going on here tonight?!?!

-Kane returns the chest bump.

-Bryan then hugs Kane while Kane just stands there like a dork.

-Miz now tells us we need the same from Kane, this is just… so… strange right now..

-hug him back chant!

-Kane hugs him back while Bryan holds his arms out.

-this apparently isn’t enough…?!

-this officially feels like this has been on for an hour now…

-the hug finally happens… they are holding onto it.

-Bryan extends his hand and they shake.

-this starts to break down shortly with them pushing each other.

-this finally breaks down….

-this spills to the outside… Worst. Hug. Ever…

-a chair is introduced but not use for the chokeslam.

-Kane wraps the chair on Bryan’s head and was going to the top when the refs come out.

-Bryan then uses the chair to take Kane down and bounce…. This is the main event of Night of Champions… I mean should be…


Santino vs. United States Champion Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana

-this goes right into Santino’s move set and cobra…

-cobra backfires again…

-head lock on Santino while he tries to reach over to the cobra that’s laying in the ring…

-Santino gets to the cobra but takes the neutralizer anyhow.

Winner: Cesaro

-Can we now get Cesaro better opponents and let’s just finally break up the cobra and Santino… or are they going to anger management next…


Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

-why are we getting this right now!? The night is feeling long enough already. An hour or so this would have been fine…

-they have done a good job killing Chicago tonight.

-Miz and Cole are weird on commentary… its like Miz is just calling this on the fly…

-Ryder wins with the rough rider.

Winner: Ryder

-Vicki cuts off Ryder’s victory…


-Vicki says she wants AJ out.

-She asks for a chair set up in the middle of the ring… Vicki’s got a sit-in.

-this even gets a commercial break.

-yes she’s still there after the break… she reminds us why she is doing this.

-this shit just got real… Vicki is now talking to the empty chair ala Clint Eastwood…. She’s #eastwooding on TV. LOL!

-AJ finally comes out all pissy.

-the board of directors have told AJ to keep her hands off people and apologize to Vicki.

-she says she’s sorry before Vicki pokes at her.

-Vicki is gold right here. She’s all up in AJ’s face.

-slap her chant.

-AJ apologizes again but Vicki wants it like she means it.

-these segments have been dragging ALL night.

-AJ gives it one more time before Vicki slaps her!

-Vicki taunts AJ about not being able to touch her.

-AJ takes yet another slap.

-Vicki leaves laughing and skipping, oh shit. Fucking Vicki.

-AJ tries not to go loony… but then takes the steel chair to the ring while screaming…awkward.

-AJ needs a Mankind mask with this shit.


-and yet we STILL have Cena vs. Del Rio match… god damn this is long.


Falls Count Anywhere match

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-do I really have to sit through a Cena match at this time of night…

-RR isn’t here after the brogue kick he took.

-not paying attention to this match but there are dueling Cena chants. You know how much I love those…

-Cole brings up a year ago in this town at Money in the Bank when Punk left the WWE with the WWE Title… I miss that version of CM Punk…

-nice flash kick to the back of Cena’s head off the announce table.

-forgot to mention this has spilled to the outside.

-Cena high-fived some dude dressed as Randy Macho Man Savage at ringside.

-suplex through the table by Del Rio for a 2 count.

-during the match ADR gets on the mic to yell at Cena being beneath him, as is Chicago.

-Del Rio tries the arm breaker but Cena turns it into the STF…

-Alberto hits Cena in the head to break this move.

-ADR takes a dive to the outside favoring the knee.

-suplex onto the street ramp by Del Rio.

-Cena makes a comeback and eye fucks Del Rio’s car.

-Del Rio stops this fool from fucking up the car.

-oh great… this spills to the back stage area. I LOVE when this happens for a show’s finish…

-this is all over the place.

-AA onto boxes.

-Punk shows up out of nowhere and kick Cena in the back of the head.

-Punk puts Del Rio over Cena’s body for the pin.

Winner: Del Rio

-Punk beats up on Cena and give him the GTS off a car.

-Punk just says respect before walking off…

-Cena lays there while Punk poses with the time.

-OH SHIT the car is pulling away and PAUL HEYMAN is driving it!!!! what the!?


-this was a bizarro world edition of RAW man… between Miz’s commentary being a little “off the cuff” then his bickering with Layla, into AJ losing her shit, to Punk thankfully not shitting on Chicago and finally Paul Heyman making a guest appearance!!?









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One Response to “09-03-12 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Del Rio’s win should be overturned. He didn’t pin Cena. Punk did. Also, when Del Rio and his “friend” Rodriquez are NOT connected to the fight at hand, neither one of them should be allowed in the ring. Del Rio is a cry baby who insists on getting his way. Puni lost my respect when he started playing dirty.

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