Smackdown Thoughts & Review [August 31, 2012]


Damien Sandow starts a possible feud with Sheamus, and Kane struggles with his anger management issues.

Green Bay, WI

Sheamus comes out to the ring. He kisses Triple H’s ass and then insults Alberto Del Rio.

Our martyr, Damien Sandow, enters the stage. Sandow says that Sheamus needs help. He says Sheamus is as ignorant as he is enormous. Sandow and Sheamus banter back and forth. Sheamus challenges him but Sandow says that Sheamus is not worthy and starts to leave.

Booker T comes out. He makes Damien Sandow face Sheamus later on tonight.

~ It’s sad that most of the WWE crowd doesn’t realize that there is a lot of truth to Sandow’s words. This was a solid opening segment. I’m glad they gave a lot of exposure to Sandow at the start of the show.

Rey Mysterio pins Cody Rhodes via pin counter

  • After the match Cody attacked Rey, which brought out Sin Cara. Sin Care set Cody up to be hit with a 619. Then Sin Cara placed a Sin Cara mask on a dazed Cody.

~ This didn’t add anything new to their catalogue of matches but it was certainly entertaining and great by Smackdown standards. Worth a watch.

Eve Torres joins the announcing team.

Kaitlyn pins Natalya via modified small package

~ Good match with an okay finish. It was a pleasure to see Natalya twist Kaitlyn in an Abdominal Stretch. The extra stretching of Kaitlyn’s right leg was a nice touch. Natalya’s discus clothesline was also pretty cool to see. I’m happy for Kaitlyn right now, but I would still rather see Natalya holding the Diva’s title.

Matt Striker interviews Booker T and shows him footage of AJ slapping Vicky on the last episode of Raw. Booker says that the pressure might be getting to AJ and that she has over stepped her boundaries. Booker also says that AJ is off her rocker. Vicky butts in and threatens to take action for AJ’s assault. Vicky says that the Board of Directors are going to take action.

Sheamus defeats Damien Sandow via countout when Sandow retreated and ran to the back

~ Good match. I thought they were going to bury Sandow but he ended up controlling most of the match. I’m also glad that Sandow did a regular neck breaker and not his finisher. Sheamus kicked out and I would hate for Sandow’s Criss Cross Neckbreaker to look weak so soon.

Damien Sandow was excellent here. His heel moves were spot on and the way he manipulated the ref to gain advantage was brilliant. With so much potential, my only concern is whether Damien Sandow is on his way to the upper tier or to becoming the next Kofi Kingston.

The Prime Time Players defeated Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd via Young’s Inverted Back Cracker on Gabriel

~ Holy shit! I loved the soccer kick double team from Gabriel and Kidd. Good match but I’m a little disappointed with Gabriel and Kidd losing. I’m a mark for them and I hope the WWE has good things in store for them.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio in the ring. ADR sells his upcoming match with Sheamus at Night of Champion. ADR gets annoyed by Josh’s questions and threatens to mess him up. Kane comes out and Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez scatter away. Kane says that his anger management therapist told him to apologize to Josh and to thank him for playing a role in his recovery.

Teddy Long comes out and makes an impromptu match between ADR and Kane.

Alberto Del Rio submits Kane via Back Stabber (with the help of Ricardo Rodriguez’s distraction)

  • After the match Kane grabs Josh Mathews and Chokeslams him in the ring. Where’s Harold when you really need him?

~ Wow. Another good match. I’m impressed with the WWE’s consistency in pushing ADR. I’m looking forward to ADR defeating Sheamus for the title at Night of Champions although I doubt it will happen. Sheamus’s uneventful run with the World Title needs to end soon.

Randy Orton pins Dolph Ziggler via RKO

~ DAMN. Great match with a dope finish but damn damn damn! Orton didn’t need this and I think it would have been super interesting to see Orton lose in the main event for two weeks in a row. Why not? Orton is super over and he doesn’t need a major title for the rest of his career.

Also, I’m so effin tired of Orton doing his half-assed Garvin stomp. The dude didn’t even bother to stomp the thigh. However, I though the way they both went up to the top turnbuckle for the superplex was pretty interesting.

Overall, this was a very wrestling-heavy Smackdown, which is a good thing. None of the matches are skip-worthy and they kept the cheesy backstage segments to a minimum. Also Kudos to the writers for referencing the Kane-Daniel Bryan anger management segments from Raw. This adds a lot more depth and even humor to Kane’s character. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.

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