08-20-12 WWE RAW



Brock is the NEW King of Kings but then quits… Jericho loses his WWE contract… and Punk just wants respect.

-No recap start, we are starting with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman!

-Brock is smiley.

-Cole recaps still shots of Brock’s match with HHH.

-Heyman is doing the talking thankfully.

-he talks last night’s match while shitting on Cole and Lawler’s commentary skills.

-how Brock made HHH quit and how he quit on everything including the fans and his family.

-Heyman is getting his pay back on Steph’s little promo shit a few weeks back. HHH the quitter.

-Paul wants the ref to come out oh right, it was Scott Armstrong. He finally comes out.

-Heyman tries to rush his walk as he is taking too damn long.

-Brock has 2 words for Scott… good job. Nice.

-Heyman calls Brock the “new” King of Kings… oh smack!

-apparently we’re just Brock’s peoples or presents if you will.

-Brock is waving hi… or goodbye to HHH.

-good shit by Heyman here, he makes Brock sound like the big deal he should be right now.


-Punk touts…

-he wants to pick his next opponent for the title.


-Truth and Kofi come out shilling the wrestling buddies… yeah the tag team champions are pushing merch…

-Kofi almost says AW’s name before being cut off by Truth in an video from last night.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes & The Primetime Players

-sounds like they are going to make tonight all about if this is it for Triple H… ugh.

-the goodies keep the advantage into the first commercial break, teasing high flying moves.

-after the break Cody is trying to start a “Cody” chant while keeping Truth grounded and cornered.

-Cole is biting my shit calling Young & Titus, “the PTP’s”… fucker.

-tough clothesline by Titus, it was nasty.

-hot tags to Cara and Cody.

-this breaks down.

-Kofi and Truth dive onto the PTP’s on the outside.

-Cody goes for the mask, instead he gets rolled up for the pin.

Winners: Kofi, Truth & Sin Cara

-match was fine.


-AJ makes Miz tag with Bryan and Kane with Ryder tonight…

-Striker is with AJ when David Otunga shows up out of nowhere.

-he’s hustling his resume to her.

-Otunga says he would shield her from people calling her crazy…

-…she gets a bit wacky and makes a match for Otunga. He walks away.

-she says Punk can name is next opponent as long as AJ approves.


-Khloe Kardasian is tweeting about RAW… oh the fuck cares!!!??


Ryback vs. Mike Spinner and Andy… uh, what was his last name?? Come on Justin Roberts don’t just say that shit all fast like it doesn’t matter… it’s the only time this kid will be on RAW.

-I hate the “feed me more” line added to pickeye’s music.

-3 powerbombs by Ryback.

-reverse suplex to bring one of these dudes back in the ring.

-Jinder Mahal comes in to cause the DQ.

Winner: Ryback by DQ

-Mahal puts Ryback in the camel clutch but he powers out.

-Mahal runs off and Ryback hits the fall away samoan drop to both dudes at the same time.

-Jinder watches on.

-crowd chants with Ryback.


-Ziggler finds Jericho in the back.

-he wants another shot at Y2J.

-they bicker before AJ skips in.

-she gives them the match, stips… Y2J wins he gets the MITB briefcase if Ziggler wins Jericho’s contract is terminated.

-well that’s all folks…


-Del Rio with Rodriguez in the back, he is oh so M-A-D.

-after the break, RR intros ADR to the ring.

-no car, just pissy.

-he plays footage from last night.

-AJ cant do shit about the World Title but puts Del Rio in a match against…. Randy Orton.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

-I love these Sonic commercials, those 2 dudes are funny.

-after the break Orton is still waving to people.

-Sheamus is now out AND this is how they will involve Orton in the title picture.

-He’s on commentary.

-I might be wrong with this but this isn’t the first time Del Rio gets his Title match turned into a triple threat, right??

-Cole tells us the ref admits making a mistake last night.

-Sheamus gets all defensive about winning how he did.

-Sheamus has peasant jokes about his car back home. Stupid.

-Del Rio mocks Orton who he’s kept grounded for the most part.

-Orton comeback, sorry not paying much attention to this one.

-swinging neck breaker by Orton to break up the arm breaker set up for a 2.

-DDT in the ropes by Orton.

-Sheamus calls the refs attention to Orton’s foot on the ropes.

-that causes the distraction into the RKO.

Winner: Orton

-Cole calls Sheamus a tattletale.


-Punk is interviewed after the match last night.

-he has to get all defensive

-Punk says, “love it or hate it, you have to respect it.” dope new lines the vein of Ric Flair!


-HBK is here via satellite tonight.


-recap of Cesaro and Aksana giving us a language lesson.

-Aksana Tout from last night in the ring was shown.


-another recap of the festivities around LA this past week.

– this is looong.


Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

-the need to shorten up Clay’s entrance.

-recap of what Sandow did to Clay’s leg a couple of weeks ago.

-they cut back to Clay who’s now all serious faced.

-Sandow gets a promo split screen. He’s sending Clay back to the dinosaur age and you’re welcome.

-fight in the corner.

-Sandow tries to keep going after the injured knee.

-Clay keeps him grounded.

-belly to belly by Clay.

-Clay hulks up and fights off Sandow for the splash in the corner.

-flying head butt by Clay.

-Sandow side steps Clay in the corner then rolls him up with a hand full of tights.

Winner: Sandow


-cart wheel in the ring by Sandow.

-sore loser hits a t-bone suplex and a splash on Sandow after the fact.

-Clay, his ladies and the kiddies dance…


-recap of HBK’s beating by Lesnar last week.

-Cole cuts to HBK live from home.

-Shawn says nothing can prepare yourself when it’s the end of your career.

-he knows what HHH was going through last night.

-HBK puts over HHH almost to the point of tears.

-he blames himself for HHH being distracted by him coming back.

-how HHH has nothing to be ashamed of and how he is one of the greats.

-the crowd claps for HBK while he thanks HHH from all of us.

-wow that was kind of nice, too bad it was for Triple H.


David Otunga vs…. The Big Show…?

-Otunga needs the goatee back.

-uh… are you turning Show already???

-Show stays on top of Otunga.

-it’s a glorified jobber match.

-right hook and the pin.

Winner: Show

-he just beat him up, looked very dominate.

-too bad they wont put a WWE Title on him.

-footage of Show’s interview after the show last night. he isn’t happy.


-Paul Heyman sent out a Tout that they haven’t talked about, its Brock he says he’s done what he has needed to in the WWE and he’s quitting and not coming back… uh what?


Kane & Zack Ryder vs. Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Daniel Bryan

-man there are parts of the country that Ryder is HOT and there are others where he is not…

-Bryan is getting the loudest reaction tonight. he rips up a sign at ringside. Old school.

-Cole recaps all of these dudes histories with their partners tonights.

-I enjoy the YES/NO yelling with a random fan by Bryan.

-match starts but Bryan blind tags Miz. Haha

-We want Ryder chant.

-Ryder tagged in, dropkick from the 2nd rope to Miz.

-Shortly after Ryder is cornered.

-crowd is heavy on Bryan.

-nice neck breaker by Miz.

-serious of kicks in the corner to Ryder by Bryan.

-Zack sidesteps and Bryan accidentally hits Miz.

-Bryan goes to tag Miz when Kane is in but Miz steps off the apron.

-Bryan runs off and Kane is pissed.

-so pissed he chokeslams his own partner and starts losing his shit.

Winner: no contest

-Kane picks up the time keeper who gets tossed.

-tombstone to Ryder by Kane…

-Kane needs to relax. Shame on you sir.


-interview with Cena last night.

-he says its one of those nights…

-Cena doesn’t want to chat.


-Striker has the WWE Champion CM Punk.

-he thanks AJ for letting him choose his own opponent.

-he says his next opponent is Cena… as long he can deal with one thing.

-Punk wants to demand respect out of Cena…


Fuck, a Diva’s #1 contender Battle Royal…

-Layla’s at ringside for this mess.

-bad from the start.

-crowd killing bad.

-this is too long.

-Cole’s trying to put this over, you know its bad when even HE is trying.

-Eve gets clotheslined over the top by Kaitlyn… I think this was a botch! Like it was supposed to be Eve.

Winner: Kaitlyn

-Eve has blood under her eye.


-Recap of Heyman and Brock from earlier but no mention of him quitting yet.

-oh wait, here comes the Tout… Brock quits because there is nothing else for him to do.

-this makes no sense after claiming he was the king of it all.

-they’ll use this to bring Taker back to challenge him.

-Too bad they really could put the title on Brock.


-Barrett video package.

-I dig these but I can’t stand the way he says barrage. haha


-AJ tweets about Bryan’s anger management… she wants to help him…


-Vicki in the back bitching about AJ.

-She wants Ziggler to win for her.

-he says this is the biggest match of his career.

-she loses it until she calms his ass down and says they WILL win.


WWE Contract vs. MITB Contract

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki

-Y2J chant.

-nice exchange before Jericho tries a couple of quick pin attempts.

-quick roll up by Jericho when Ziggler ran back into the ring.

-Ziggler makes a comeback working on Jericho’s ribs.

-after the break Ziggler is still on top with the headlock rest hold.

-Jericho makes a comeback and lands a double axe handle off the top.

-stiff chops by Jericho in the corner.

-he does the punches on the top into the hurricanerann spot from last night for a 2 count.

-Ziggler with the jumping DDT like last night for a 2.

-Jericho teases the Walls a couple of times only to get rolled up for a 2.

-bulldog by Jericho.

-Ziggler gets the knees up during the lionsault and hits the zigzag for the pin.

Winner: Ziggler

-Ziggler celebrates like he just won the title.

-Jericho stays in the ring looking sad and shocked.

-Dolph is juicing it.

-Jericho stands and takes the briefcase…

-Jericho then sore losers this and hits Ziggler with the briefcase.

-codebreaker to Ziggler.

-I would have much preferred the respect handshake.

-Jericho shakes hands on his way out.

-lots of people “leaving” tonight.


-look a WWE movie with no wrestlers.

-seems interesting.


-Punk does the walk in the back.


-I miss WrestleMania 28. That was a good fucking trip.


-CM Punk is out to finish the show.

-275th day of Punk’s reign according to Cole.

-Punk heads to the announce desk and addresses Lawler and his comments from a few weeks ago.

-he wants Lawler to admit what he said was a lie.

-Lawler means no harm with his comments.

-Punk wants an apology, before he can get it… assclown comes out.

-so over this dude…

-Punk heads into the ring with this dude not looking pleased.

-he’s not happy Cena couldn’t wait until he was done and accuses him of stealing the spot light.

-he brings up taking the back seat to Cena, HHH, Dwayne Johnson and respect…

-Punk says people in the airports call him champ but how Cena gets the main events spot.

-Cena sucks chant.

-Punk says he did that cause he respected Cena, letting him have the main event but no more.

-he beat Cena for the title 9 months ago and beat him again last night.

-Punk says Cena is the #1 contender because he’s going to beat him again.

-Cena chant now.

-Punk’s condition is… the shot is his as long as he can admit that Punk is the best in the world.

-Cena says no matter what his bullshit is built on respect…

-Cena shills the crowd Mick Foley style.

-he says win lose or draw a city like Fresno wont give up on their team like Cena’s kiddies wont give up on him… ugh.

-Cena isn’t calling Punk the best of the world… cause he is…

-he brings up the Rock and how he thought he could beat him…

-Cena brings up his 380 day reign.

-Cena gets real and says all people remember Punk was when he blew a kiss to Vince and walked out not his long title reign.

-Cena says he aint saying shit to Punk so he can pick whoever the fuck.

-he says this could define Punk IF he defeats Cena in Boston at the next ppv.

-Cena spins this shit putting Punk in a corner…

-fools spins it saying if Punk doesn’t pick him he has no respect for the WWE Title and walks off…

-Punk turns his back to this bullshit and goes back to Lawler and his apology.

-Lawler is called into the ring.

-Punk gives Lawler another chance to apologize.

-Lawler apologizes and tries to walk off.

-Punk stops him and tells him to say HE is the best in the world.

-part of the crowd boos this.

-Punk is insistent here but Lawler isn’t going to say it.

-Lawler excuses himself but then takes a boot to the back of his head.

-Punk then gazes at his title before putting it on his should.

-Punk then stares at Lawler laying on the mat.

-during his stare, they show a Cena vs. Rock special graphic… well there’s the fuck you to Punk…

-hmmm I liked most of this segment but ultimately I think we all know its going to be Punk vs. Cena next month.


-looong show but at least it didn’t drag like last week.










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