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Cesaro wins the US Title, Sheamus and Punk retain and HHH taps out!



-apparently Scott Stanford is running double duty doing the television preshow plus the youtube show…

Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana vs. United States Champion Santino

-Cesaro keeping Santino grounded.

-Santino makes a comeback after the cobra gets ripped up.

-Santino has another cobra but Akasana distracts.

-Cesaro finisher and win!

Winner: Cesaro wins the title!


-HHH talks to the ref for the match… who cares.

-he wants the ref to let them fight.

-whatever man.


-lots of recaps of matches for the show here…




-they’ve just played the opening video… twice.

-oh look they finally talk focus on the 25th anniversary and show a video package for it.

-this cuts into a Brock Lesnar/HHH video.

-let’s see if I see anyone in the crowd I know personally. Haha


-Vicki intros Ziggler. She looks nude.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. Chris Jericho

-Jericho is still rocking the light jacket which got a pop.

-Y2J chant.

-Cole tells us Jericho hasn’t won a ppv match since his return.

-nice elbow by Jericho.

-nice pace to start with Jericho keeping the advantage.

-battling LETS GO ZIGGLER/Y2J chants? Nice.

-Ziggler takes over until he’s throw over the top.

-Ziggler side steps the dive from the corner.

-1st pin fall attempt made by Ziggler.

-Ziggler gets in the face of Jericho, almost making out with the dude.

-splash in the corner to keep Jericho down. This got a 2 count.

-neck breaker by Ziggler.

-small comeback by Jericho is shut down.

-dualing chant gets louder.

-Dolph counters the Wall before taking a kick to the back of his hand for a Y2J to count.

-Ziggler sleeper is fought off.

-10 count punch on the top into the hurricaneranna from the top rope by Jericho!!!! 2½!

-jumping DDT by Ziggler for his own 2½!

-running bulldog by Jericho.

-Ziggler gets his knees up during the lionsault.

-good match so far, nice spots

-Vicki interferes and Ziggler with a roll up for a 2 ½!

-it back fires!

-Walls.. fuck that, it’s the liontamer!

-Ziggler TAPS!

Winner: Jericho

-solid opener!


-I hate that they throw commercials on a ppv.


-recap of Brock beating up on HBK on Monday.

-they read an HBK tweet here.

-he might not be here.

-Striker in the back with Heyman and Lesnar.

-Heyman talks about HHH’s talk with the ref.

-Heyman says he has 2 words for HHH, tap out.

-Heyman is dope.


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

-Cole says the Spanish announce team is at ringside… poor guys.

-ton of YES chants.

-NO kicks to the legs of Kane.

-Daniel Bryan chant! nice, cant hide that one.

-boot to the head of Bryan for a 2.

-crowd chants YES every time he kicks Kane.

-drop kick from the top by Bryan…. Fucking ONE count?! Come on.

-serious of YES/NO kicks to the chest of Kane.

-Kane recovers before the last.

-clothesline from the top by Kane.

-chokeslam is slide out from and onto the outside.

-Kane recovers fast only to get slapped!

-Kane gives the ref grief about breaking the count.

-NO lock is blocked.

-Bryan to the top headbutt… NOOOO Kane grabs him by the throat!


-Kane goes for the tombstone but Daniel small packages Kane …1…2..THREEE!!!

Winner: Bryan

-Bryan runs off and Kane follows.

-good match, Bryan is so over! Best heel in the place.

-they cut to Kane looking for Bryan when Josh stops him.

-he grabs Josh and throws him into the stars.

-Kane’s oh so angry.


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

-Rey’s in a Batman outfit even has a cape. Dope!

-Puma pointed out the Batman logo in the Aztec symbol, that is cool shit right there.

-Miz get the blow up letters.

-both are sizing each other up.

-this spills to the outside where Miz sends Rey into the barricade.

-nice torture rack by Miz.

-he’s keeping Rey grounded.

-Miz keeps taunting the crowd.

-Rey cuts off Miz at the top.

-seated senton by Rey off the top.

-slingshot powerbomb by Miz! Nice!

-tornado DDT by Rey for a 2½!

-Rey hits the 619!

-Rey to the top for the missile, NO Miz sits up!!!

-SCF! NOOO Rey rolls up Miz..1…2..KICKOUT!

-Rey head sent head first into the corner, SCF!!!

Winner: Miz

-God damn, another good match! Miz stepped up his shit tonight with Mysterio!


-Eve and Teddy Long come out of AJ’s office.

-Long talks about kissing AJ’s ass…

-Punk shows up after they leave and walks into her office.

-he brings up this match not being fair to him. he thinks she’s fucking with him for saying no to her marriage proposal.

-she stares off and isn’t listening, its awkward.

-she keeps it up even after he leaves…


World Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Puma and I are thinking the matches start to go down at this point. We hope we’re wrong.

-slow pace.

-Del Rio is keeping the advantage.

-Sheamus hung in the ropes from a brogue kick attempt, dropkicked off the apron.

-Sheamus sent into the steel steps.

-double axe handle from the top by Del Rio for a 2.

-Del Rio tempts the brogue kick but walks into a double axe handle.

-Sheamus cut off on the top.

-codebreaker off the top to the arm of Sheamus!!!

-arm breaker is on!

-Sheamus powers up and slams Del Rio down!

-Sheamus chant.

-irish curse for a 2.

-brogue kick is avoided but Del Rio gets the chest pound.

-Sheamus sent head first into the exposed corner.

-kick to the back of Sheamus’ head… 1…2..NO!

-Del Rio brings in Rodriguez and Sheamus uses his shoe on Del Rio!

-Sheamus covers and pins ADR but he had his foot on the ropes.

Winner: Sheamus

-crowd kind of boos on this.

-Del Rio is pissed.

-Decent match, better than I thought it was going to go but the fluke win means this continues. Kind of bad taste win, shame on you sir. Would have been a good time for Ziggler to cash in.


-Cole talks about some twitter war with Tyson and Pierce Morgan…!?

-Recap of HHH talking to the ref.


Primetime Players vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Titus O’Neil

-Truth and Kofi finally matched their tights.. timely.

-Truth and Young start this one off fast.

-Kobe Bryant chant, oh my god! Haha

-Truth gets grounded with a kick to the head by Titus.

-hot tag is lukewarm to Kofi.

-boom boom leg drop.

-Kofi clotheslined on the outside by Titus when Young misses his.

-front faced suplex double team by the PTP.

-Kofi chant, the crowd IS awake for this one…

-now Kofi is cornered.

-abdominal stretch.

-Kofi counters(?) a urange with a tornado DDT.

-hot tag to Truth and Young.

-spinning forearm by Truth.

-Titus sent to the outside for the Kofi splash of f the top!

-Young rolls up Truth for a 2.

-mic check on Young!

Winner: Kofi & Truth

-Match was fine, more of a WWE Superstars youtube show style match. I hope they pick up pace on this tag team division.


-video clips of the WWE superstars doing all kinds of goodie-goodie shit around LA this week.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show

-solid reaction for CM Punk.

-Cena was mostly booed.

-CM Punk chant before the introductions.

-Cole points out the last time Punk main evented a ppv was Dec of LAST YEAR, fucking bowlshit.

-Show over powers early in this one.

-big chops by Show to both.

-Cena and Punk finally gang up on Show.

-Punk tries to get Show up for the GTS but couldn’t.

-Cena gets the AA on Show but lands on his head from doing it.

-Show recovers and stands on Punk.

-Punk caught from a splash from the top.

-Show goes to knockout Punk but Cena interrupts.

-Big Show spear on Cena for a 2!!!

-Show to the 2nd rope hits the swagger bomb in the corner on Cena, Punk moved.

-this is Show’s match so far.

-everyone’s on the outside.

-Punk dives to the outside by Show catches his ass in mid air with the choke!

-Show takes a hangup on the ropes by Punk and a side suplex by Cena.

-Punk clotheslined Cena before the fist drop.

-Punk with the Macho Man elbow off the top to Show but Show powers him off.

-Punk with the submission but Show fights him off.

-Cena comes back in for the STF on Show…

-Show stands out of it!

-springboard clothesline to Show by Punk.

-series of high knees in the corner by Punk to Show.

-Cena with his leg drop off the top to Show.

-double submission moves by Cena and Punk on Show!

-they ring the bell….?

Winner: ???

-GM AJ skips out…

-She gets into the ring and restarts the match.

-Show double chokeslams both and tries to pin each but they both kick out.

-AA to Show but Punk throws Cena out of the ring and PINS the Big Show! Haha!

Winner: CM Punk

-Yet another good match but for me it was all about Big Show in this one. He show and proved here. Nice sneaky ending to this one.

-Cena walks off all pissy and talking to himself.

-Punk celebrates after the match, playing up to the crowd.


-Rick Rubin, Fred Durst (who gives the camera the finger), David Arquette and Maria Menudos (wearing a Bob Backlund shirt) in the crowd tonight.


-recap of Antonio Cesaro winning the United States Title earlier.


-Kevin Rudolph comes out to do his Don’t Give Up song… dude um… yeah doesn’t look the role. He looks like some chubby roadie.

-they show touts on the screen… oh god…

-the announcers are singing along…

-doughy kid is lip syncing.

-Diva’s are out to dance around, I guess we’re getting this and not a match for them…

-kids got a horrible DJ too.


-yet the millionth recap on Lesnar vs. HHH. At least when this is over we don’t have to see these fucking recaps ever again.

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Triple H

-Lawler says Lesnar looks “unsure”… the fuck!?

-I have a bad feeling about this…

-damn the darken the arena for the ring introductions… interesting.

-Brock takes HHH quickly into the corner which shoulders.

-HHH tries to fight him off but he’s being kept in the corner.

-kimora lock placed on HHH numberous times, even a standing one!

-HHH clotheslines Brock over the top.

-HHH cornered again until he hits the hight knee.

-HHH clotheslines Brock over the top again.

-HHH is taking UFC shit in the ring… oh god.

-Lesnar is taking off the gloves… literally.

-take down by Lesnar and a punch to the head of HHH.

-we’re on the outside.

-HHH slammed on the announce table. HHH’s arm was on the back when he landed.

-ref isn’t counting HHH out.

-“you cant wrestle” chant? you for fucking real?

-slam to HHH with his arm behind his back again.

-Brock working over the injured arm in the corner.

-HHH tries to fight him off but he ends up in the kimora again.

-german suplex by Brock!

-arm stomped on by Lesnar.

-HHH hangs Brock up with the top rope he tries to fight back and hits a DDT.

-Kimora again into ANOTHER slam onto the injured arm.

-on the outside HHH is sent arm first into the steel steps.

-axe handle off the turned over Spanish announce table by Brock.

-HHH tries for another comeback but he’s shut down by an ugly clothesline!

-HHH sent to the corner which sends him to the floor.

-Brock is sent gut first into the corner of the announce table.

-Heyman asks him if he’s hurt.

-Brock spits out his mouth piece.

-they are playing up Brock’s stomach issues in the past, fuck.

-kimora in the ring again but HHH with kicks to the stomach.

-high knee to the stomach, and another. Over and over with the knees.

-spine buster by HHH.

-pedigree is fought off but so is the F5… nope HHH gets his pedigree…1…2…two! Phew!

-crotch shot by Brock, Heyman yells at the ref not to call it like HHH wanted.

-F5!!!! 1….2…. 2½….

-kimora lock again, this time Brock takes it to the ground.

-HHH gets to the ropes but the ref isn’t doing shit.

-HHH fights out again.

-another pedigree… he goes for the cover… NO kimora lock in the middle of the ring!!!!!


Winner: Brock Lesnar

-oh thank god!

-medic is checking on HHH.

-the music shuts off and we’re watching HHH trying to get up on his own, fucker is going to milk it to the last drop.

-he gets a chant while he’s trying to stand.

-medic is back in but he’s pushed away.

-YOU TAPPED OUT chant! yes!

-he stands and apologizes which gets a mixture of boos and claps.

-dude is juicing it but the crowd isn’t giving him. haha

-he slow walks to the back looking all sad faced. Hopefully this is it for him.

-dude looks like he’s crying.

-Cole asks if it’s the end for him.

-finally the show ends.


-well that was a mighty fine show. Glad they got their shit together and put together a no nonsense show that kept it straight and to the point with overall mostly really solid matches. Good shit. I’m sure we’ll go back to long crappy shows tomorrow. 😉




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