SummerSlam Predictions & Thoughts



The 25th anniversary of SummerSlam

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena

Mascara De Fuego: Punk retains. I enjoy the fact that Punk has had a long title run and I hope it continues until the Royal Rumble. It gives his character more ammo that although he has been the longest champion in a while he still isn’t the focal point like he should be. I don’t think I can stomach another title run for Cena any time soon. Yeah, I know its been a while but it hasn’t been long enough. Cena doesn’t need to be the 435-time WWE Champion, that’s stupid. If you really want to change the title on this ppv give it to the Big Show, keep playing up that he is the monster he says he is and have him knock people the fuck out as champion. He did seem lack-luster next to Daniel Bryan in that tag team match on Monday though… I don’t know man, its bad enough I am not looking to this ppv at all, even worse when its in our backyard and we ain’t going.

Great Puma: Big Show wins by pinning Cena. I’m okay with not going unless Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins make some big debut for no reason. Punk or Big Show needs to win this to keep things fresh in the WWE. What good does it do if the polarizing number one guy in the company gets the belt? Is it good to have a bottom heavy WWE, where all we get is a carousel of the four top guys in the company taking turns in the main event slot every pay per view? If Cena wins, I hope he loses the title before the Royal Rumble. I really don’t want to see The Rock vs. John Cena again. I would like to see the Big Show get his due. He’s been a monster for the past six months and he deserves to hold the WWE title out of respect for at least a little while. I like the story of CM Punk beating The Rock when Cena couldn’t. Perhaps the Rock can defeat Show at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship, and then put CM Punk over at Wrestlemania and lose the WWE Championship in the process. That’s one way to give the rub and enhance Punk’s star power.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Alberto Del Rio. WWE loves to give short title reigns to spectacular heels that deserve so much more. ADR wins this and then immediately loses it to a cashing in Dolph Ziggler. Sheamus probably gets to save face by Brogue Kicking both of them when it’s all over. I’d like to see Chris Jericho then feud with Ziggler (when not touring with Fozzy) and gain the World Heavyweight Championship one more time.

Mascara De Fuego: Sheamus. Spoiler alert this match WILL happen at the ppv. Why have Booker cancel it then put it back on the show? Doesn’t matter, it didn’t work. This World Title needs a refresh and I hope that comes soon with Ziggler cashing in. I don’t think this feud is working for either guy which means they need to move on to something else. Maybe a champion Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Del Rio vs…. Randy Orton maybe? I don’t know but this Sheamus title run is boring me and its time to move on.

Triple H w/Shawn Michaels vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heymen

Great Puma: Brock Lesnar. I’m going full mark on this one. I don’t want to see Triple H win this match. He doesn’t need it no matter how much he wants to paint himself as a bad ass. A Triple H win here will do absolutely nothing to improve the long term pay off for signing Brock Lesnar. The big picture is getting the ultimate payday and showdown between Brock versus Undertaker or the Rock at Wrestlemania. Great interest equals an incredible amount of pay per view buys. Nobody is going to care to see Brock get his ass whupped if he’s already jobbed to Triple H and John Cena in his first 6 months back with the company. I think the most optimum outcome is Brock pinning Triple H and injuring him in the process.

Mascara De Fuego: HHH. Brock has to be the highest paid jobber in the history of the WWE… how this feud or build has made ANY sense is beyond me. I don’t give a flying fuck about baby references or the pettiness of it. These two fuckers should be painted as two guys that just want to fuck each other up. Yet all we have been given is the McMahon clan getting in Brock and Heyman jabs, possibly for payback on some shit that doesn’t even matter from YEARS ago. The WWE loves to MAKE MONEY so why not try to make some off someone you paid so much?? Ok fine, you had him beat the shit out of John Cena before he lost, fine. But HHH? A dude who needs to start spending more time in the back than under the lights!? Come on, this guy doesn’t need any more rubs! Get over it dude in the history of the company you’re never going to be a Cena, Austin, Rock, Hogan, etc etc. You were always a better supporting player. That’s RIGHT, I said it! Did he have to beat CM Punk when Punk was white hot?? Fuck no he didn’t. I hope I am wrong but I don’t see how (with this build that) Brock Lesnar is going to come out the winner. It’s a shame because after this loss, what the fuck do you do with the guy if you are indeed trying to build him up to a high profile match at WrestleMania?? Maybe plans have changed and they are just rushing through his dates to get rid of him. It’s a fucking shame, fuck you WWE.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki Guerrero

Mascara De Fuego: Ziggler. I wish they could have had more time to build to this match as the last couple of weeks have definitely given this match more of a reason. Ziggler, the up and comer and Jericho, the guy trying to prove he still has it. I am hoping this one here steals the show for sure.

Great Puma: Chris Jericho. I think a loss would earn Ziggler a bigger shock if and when he cashes in his briefcase after the Sheamus-Del Rio match later on in the pay per view. It would leave an open ending to Ziggler’s feud with Jericho, and the idea of Jericho gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship is too good to pass up. This should be match of night.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Great Puma: Kane wins this. I’m a Bryan mark and I think he’s going to go above and beyond to get this match over. I think his chemistry with Kane has been off the charts and I expect them to do a lot of interesting things in the match. Daniel Bryan will lose nothing with a loss here. Daniel Bryan is the best heel in the company right now and he’s still going to get major heat whether he loses or not.

Mascara De Fuego: Bryan. This match is cold to me (but not as bad as HHH vs. Brock) but I figure they definitely wanted to get Bryan on this card some how since he is the hottest heel in the company. Plus at least this should be a decent match, just don’t really see any rhyme or reason behind it unless you involve Charlie Sheen some how during the match. You figured they could have advertised it though. Bryan needs to be back on the title hunt.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players

Mascara De Fuego: Primetime win the belts. My prediction only stands because Kofi and Truth aren’t a real tag team per say and the PTP’s are. I guess these dudes could use a break after losing their manager to all this shit talking AW was doing. Not a fan of Titus but I think Young could possibly grow into something. Maybe they can beef up the IC & US title divisions with Truth and Kofi?

Great Puma: Kofi and R-Truth retain here. I prefer Kofi and R-Truth in singles competition, but I really can’t stand the Prime Time Minstrels Players. I wish Primo and Epico were involved and I think they, along with the Usos, resemble a solid tag team. I would accept a PTP win only if Kofi and R-Truth are going to be pushed well in singles competition.

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz © vs. Rey Mysterio

Great Puma: Rey Mysterio. I’m only picking Rey to make things interesting. Either Rey or Miz can bring importance back the IC title. A lot of classic matches surrounded the IC Title and I think Rey or Miz can give us quality matches in the future. This match and the Ziggler-Jericho match are going to be sleeper candidates for Match of the Night.

Mascara De Fuego: Miz retains. I think the WWE is being cautious with Rey after strike #2. They might start using him to get people over and not put too much into him. Similar to how Christian (or Brock Lesnar) is… a jobber to the stars. Ugh. I know Miz isn’t up and coming but if they want to push this IC Title run of his, Rey would be a good guy to help him get over. Sucks though, especially when Randy Orton will be a main eventer in no time yet he’s on strike #2 as well.

Pre-Show Match

WWE United States Champion Santino vs. Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana

Mascara De Fuego: Cesaro wins the title. Here is the issue… Santino is your champion yet he’s been the jobber to Cesaro and Del Rio in the past several weeks. If you aren’t going to protect Santino as the champion then you have to take this title off of him. No one is taking this title seriously (nor have they in a while) because you’re not utilizing it as best as you can. I think this would be a good change plus is plays into the “foreigner with the American title” bit.

Great Puma: Cesaro dominates here. I’m not sure if this is a non-title match or not but I hope Santino loses here. The United States Title would be a great showcase for Antonio Cesaro and can be a stepping-stone for greater things to come. As entertaining as Santino is, I think he’s overstayed his welcome with the United States title. Cesaro would certainly bring back prestige to that title.

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