Smackdown Thoughts & Review [August 17, 2012]


Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio make sweet wrestling in the main event.

They start the show off with a video package highlighting the Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus feud.

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring followed by Roberto Rodriguez. ADR demands his World Title match immediately and whines about Sheamus. Booker T comes in the ring and says that ADR is a pain and that ADR paid some goons to help him beat down Sheamus last week.

They argue a little bit and then Chris Jericho enters the conversation. Y2J tells ADR to “SHUT THE HELL UP” and tells him off. Jericho tells ADR that his breath smells like dog poop in Spanish. Jericho says that he’s winning the World Heavyweight Champion after he beats Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. ADR talks some shit before Booker T makes a first time ever match between Chris Jericho and ADR for tonight’s main event.

~ I like Alberto Del Rio a lot but I think he should pull back on the throttle a little bit when he’s interacting with other wrestlers. I think he overacts and over reacts to whatever his opponents say to him. I know I’m nit picking but ADR comes off like a dramatic novella villain than a rich prick heel. Also, Ricardo’s facial expressions are priceless here as always.

Cody Rhodes walks down prior to his match and shows a cartoon face of Sin Cara on the Tron.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeat IC champion The Miz & Cody Rhode via Rey’s 619 & Splash combo on Cody

  • Prior to the finish, Cody tries to take off Sin Cara’s mask while hanging on the ropes, which sets up the 619 finish.
  • After the match, Miz’s attack on Rey Rey failed and he ate another 619.

~ Good match for the first hour. Rey shined as always, Cody and Miz did their thing, and Sin Cara didn’t botch, which is a good thing.

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks defeat two local workers via Powerslam-Neckbreaker Double Team

  • Throughout the match Hawkins and Reks kept doing goofy Magic Mike gyrations.

~ Their tights looked like black briefs. Weird. Hawkins is a hell of worker but his best offense in this match was an over elaborate body slam. Not sure what this was supposed to do, but if this was an opportunity for Hawkins and Reks to showcase themselves, they failed miserably. They made the Primetime Players look like the Brain Busters.

William Regal approaches Eve and tells her ‘good luck.’ He stares off into the distance and reminisces when he used to have power as a RAW GM. Then some random lady tells him to take out the trash.

Winner to be Booker T’s assistant Diva’s Match

Eve defeated Kaitlyn via Rolling Neckbreaker

~ This was a lot better than it was supposed to be. They had some near falls that added excitement and pushed the pace of the match. Kudos to Eve and Kaitlyn for making Kaitlyn’s Flying Shoulder Block look better than John Cena’s. Heh.

Eve speaks with Booker T backstage. Eve mentions that she has a lot of ideas to bring to the table, Booker shuts her down and says that he’s concerned about how Teddy Long and Eve are going to get along. Eve says that the past is in the past and that she’s ready to get to work.

Randy Orton pins Daniel Bryan via RKO on Daniel Bryan, who was distracted by Kane

~ Good match. Daniel Bryan did some serious work on Orton’s left leg. It almost made me wish Bryan had a signiature submission hold that attacked the legs since the NO! Lock doesn’t target them. I hope they wrestle each other more in the future and I think they have the potential to match the quality of those Christian vs. Orton matches from last year.

Antonio Cesaro pins Zack Ryder via Cradle Styles Clash

  • After the match Cesaro pushed Santino, who was a guest commentator, over the announcers table.

~ Okay squash match. I’ll never know what they’re going to do with Zack Ryder.

Prior to the main event Dolph Ziggler beats the shit out of Chris Jericho backstage. Booker T forces Ziggler to scram and tends to Chris.

Alberto Del Rio pins Chris Jericho via low Enziguiri Kick to the Head

  • After the match ADR locks the Cross Arm Breaker on Jericho. Out comes Sheamus, with his left arm bandaged up, for the save. ADR manages to fight back by kicking Sheamus’s injured arm. ADR escapes into the crowd and out comes Booker T. Sheamus asks Booker T to put his match with ADR back on Summerslam. Booker and Sheamus stall for a little bit and Booker finally agrees to give Sheamus the match.

~ This was a very solid main event. I loved Jericho’s Arm Buster counter into the Walls of Jericho. That shit was smooth as butter. It was a pleasure to watch two veterans show the WWE audience how it’s done.

This was a decent go home Smackdown episode. We got some good wrestling that pushed the major feuds along. This show got me excited for the Jericho vs. Ziggler match at Summerslam, and I expect it to steal the show.

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