Smackdown Thoughts & Review [August 10, 2012]


Rey Rey still got it. Miz sighting. Sheamus doesn’t kick out of anybody’s finisher and Christian and Antonio Cesaro put on a brief wrestling clinic.

Houston, TX

Smackdown General Manager, Booker T, comes out to the ring sporting a fly, James Bond-worthy tuxedo. Booker does a Spinarooni and panders to his hometown crowd in Houston. He says that Sheamus crossed the line by stealing Alberto Del Rio’s car. Booker asks Sheamus to apologize to Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus comes out and starts whining about Alberto Del Rio hurt his feelings and that’s why he stole ADR’s car. Sheamus apologizes to Booker, the WWE fans, and to Alberto Del Rio for the car jacking.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and starts insulting Sheamus. ADR threatens to file a report with the San Antonio Police Department. Booker T tells him to chill, and then Sheamus suggests that they have a World Title Match tonight. ADR says he’s down to do it tonight. We can dig it, sucka.

Cody comes down to the ramp and insults Sin Cara.

Sin Cara pins Cody Rhodes via roll up when Cody tried to take off Sin Cara’s mask

~ Okay match since Sin Cara didn’t botch any moves. There were a few sick counters by Cody and Sin Cara got his usual springboard-heavy offense in.

Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring. He says he’s more than a catch phrase and that he deserves to be in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam. Kane comes out and the house lights go red. Power suit AJ comes out. She compliments them then says that they can’t be attacking each other every week. She talks to both of them about how they’ve treated her and then asks them to shake each other’s hands. What? She tries to boss Daniel around he and Kane end up fighting. Daniel flees into the audience and Kane flames on and leaves to AJ’s delight.

~ So tired of the AJ love drama. I hope Summerslam is the end of it all and AJ isn’t involved with Daniel Bryan or Punk.

I think Daniel Bryan should just go Macho Man crazy. He’s already halfway there and I think that’s his best chance of being a top tier “superstar” in the WWE.

Hawkins and Ryder ask Booker T to hook them up with some opportunities. Booker says that they stunk it up with Ryback on Raw. Booker says he’s looking for A-Plus talent. They do some unfunny side conversation and Booker tells them to scram.

Jinder Mahal beats two local workers via Camal Clutch on one of them.

  • After the match Jinder puts both of them in a DOUBLE Camel Clutch! Dope!
  • Ryback comes out and Jinder heads up the ramp. Ryback took the two men and destroyed them with a Double Decker Running Samoan Drop.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel

Vickie Guerrero comes out to speak on Ziggler’s behalf. He insults her and then they have an “Excuse Me” battle. She threatens to walk off his show and he just clowns her. Chris Jericho hurls more insults to her and Dolph Ziggler. He says that Y2J is back, baybay! He rocks his “again” catch phrase and dodges a Ziggler briefcase attack from behind. Vickie distracts him and Dolph hits him with a Zig Zag. Dolph hits Jericho with the briefcase and stands tall with Vickie over a knocked out Jericho.

~ Good segment. This feud keeps me interested and entertained.

Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, and Lil Jimmy join the broadcast table.

The Primetime Players w/Abraham Washington defeat Primo and Epico via DQ when Kofi and Truth chased Washington into the ring

  • After the match, Primo and Epico argue with Kofi and Truth about the DQ.

~ It’s almost as if the WWE isn’t sure on which tag team to give the ball to. Right now I don’t care for any of them. Give me a tag team that looks remotely like the tag teams in the 80’s. Make me care.

Christian pins Antonio Cesaro via Spear

  • After the match Cesaro attacks Christian and rams his back into the black ring barrier.

~ Match of the night and I wish it went longer. Glad I got to see a Claudio/Cesaro European Uppercut or two. I’ve never seen Cesaro’s Fallaway Slam into a Bridge. Very dope!

I’m excited for this feud. You can’t really go wrong when both parties involved can wrestle. By the way, Aksana is thick.

Eve Torres asks Booker T if there are any positions available. Kaitlyn walks in with Teddy Long and she compliments Booker T. She asks Booker T needs an assistant in front of Eve. Booker T gives Kaitlyn the job in front of a livid Eve Torres. Booker sets up a match between Kaitlyn vs. Eve next week. I’m so there.

Non-Title Match

Rey Mysterio defeats Matt Dillon The Miz via forward roll from the wheelbarrow position

~ Good match. This is what you can expect from a solid worker in Miz and a legend like Rey. I think it may be time to try Miz as a face. I think he’s accomplished all he could as a heel and I think it’s time to see him on the other side of the fence.

World Champion Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio wrestle to a no-contest

  • Before the match starts, ADR has some rent-a-cops attack Sheamus. Sheamus fights them off but ADR and his army eventually get the upperhand. The men hold Sheamus while ADR taunts him and slaps him around. ADR then blasts Sheamus’s face with his running Enziguiri. ADR tries to break Sheamus’s arm with the Cross Arm Breaker and the show ends with Alberto Del Rio standing tall.

~ What a great ending. Yeah, I know I’m not a fan of Sheamus but it’s been a while since Smackdown closed with Sheamus looking defeated and vulnerable. That makes for good television my friends.

If you recorded this, skip to the Christian vs. Cesaro match and check out the last hour starting with Jericho’s Highlight Reel. This was one of the best Smackdowns in weeks.

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