08-09-12 TNA IMPACT


Hey there’s another ppv on Sunday. Funny how both the big company’s have basically kept their “ECW tribute” ppv’s for their own.

Well shit… my fucking DVR didn’t record the first 30mins of the show because it was out of space… why was it out of space? Because with RAW being THREE hours now it messes everything up. Awesome. Sorry folks, but I’m sure these fuckers will do recaps…


-BFGS promo video. I do enjoy the idea of this series, still waiting if they can make it work similar to what the WWE does with the Money in the Bank.


-Robbie E (and T) are in the ring with their pink sweaters.

-He’s sweating Hardy with his 5 points that he has in the BFGS. Hardy comes out

-Hardy “attacks” and Terry botches before being sent to the outside.

-T stops Hardy before the Twist of Fate on E.

-T lands a powerbomb on Hardy threw a table that was in the ring already…


-AJ is back from Australia in the back.

-AJ doesn’t drink and doesn’t remember sex with Clare.

-he’s oh so angry.


-four way next Sunday.

-do we know why these dudes are wrestling? Any reason?


-Joe comes out to commentary and yells a lot about the BFGS.


-AJ comes out for this BFGS match.

-guess who’s in the audience… baby mama.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

-nice dropkick to the mush of Angle by AJ at the start.

-Taz and Tenay are trying to paint Clare in a “AJ Lee crazy” kind of way.

-series of gut wrench suplexes by Angle.

-Pele kick by AJ for a CLOSE 3 count!

-battling AJ STYLES/USA! chant…

-Olympic Slam…. Close 2 1/2 .

-flying forearm into the Style Clash for ANOTHER close 3 count.

-belly to belly off the top for ANOTHER close three!

-this ref is cutting it close.

-Angle misses the moonsault… please stop doing this move!

-another Angle slam for the pin.

Winner: Angle (7 points)

-good BFGS match here.

-Clare thanks AJ while he walks to the back.

-she’s sad faced he didn’t acknowledge her.


-A&8’s video… is this the first of these??

-they threaten another beat down.



-Anderson accuses Storm about being involved with this group… this is so last week…

-Anderson tries to sound scary to Storm, not buying it.


-TNA Champion Austin Aries in the back on the phone about some match contract stip.

-he wants this contract shit settled in their live signing tonight.


Knockout’s Champion Miss Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

-brawl at ringside to start.

-sorry stopped paying attention. Have you seen this 360 degree view from Mars!? It’s the shit! Its MARS, another fucking planet! Go see that shit fool!

-Tessmacher wins with a face buster, maybe?

Winner: Tessmacher

-after the match Madison Rayne is out, forgot to mention Earl is the ref.

-Tessmacher thinks its about her but she kisses Earl instead.

-oh boy…


-Joseph Park in the back talking about contracts and legal jumbo…


-video of Kenny King pinning Ion video.

-this cuts into a King video piece on him talking about how he’s going to be X Champion.


-Sting is out for the contract signing.

-he calls out the signees.

-Roode is all angry about the contract.

-this is apparently this is Roode’s last change as long as Aries is champion.

-Aries has stupid jokes about cheese and whining.

-Aries wants Roode to get over it and tells him they will this will be their last match no matter who wins… oh no…

-both shake Stings hand to make this the new stip.

-both end up shaking each others hands before Roode spits water in Aries’ face to finish this signing.


-Chavo Jr with Hernandez talking shit about Kash and Gunner.

-the other two do the same about them.

-they got a tag team match on Sunday.


-BFGS match is next

James Storm vs. Bully Ray

-Bully doesn’t want to be jumped by the Aces & 8’s. He mocks.

-Ray still dominating in the match after the commercial break.

-nice uranage by Ray for a 2.

-Bubba Bomb for another 2

-back splash is missed into the code breaker by Storm.

-Storm misses the super kick.

-Bubba cutter for the pin.

Winner: Ray (7 points)

-good match, shocked they game it to Ray but glad.

-Ray keeps looking for the A&8’s while yelling at Storm over it.


-A&8’s video gets shown.

-they are going to be at the ppv and come after Ray.

-Ray questions Storm until we end.


-Matches were fine, build up to the ppv was ok. Just couldn’t get into this episode. Maybe it was the late start.





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