Back after a break… well… a break giving to me by Viacom and DirecTV.


-Oh no… even before the official intro we get a brawl between Kenny King and Austin Aries fighting with Robert Roode and Zima Ion. Have I not seen Aries as champion since the ppv??

-double axe handle from the top rope to the floor by Aries onto Roode.

World Champion Austin Aries & Kenny King vs. Robert Roode & X Division Champion Zima Ion

-ref just starts the match after the brawl.

-double airplane spin by Aries and King, looked better than what it resulted in.

-tag team moves with Aries and King, nice.

-its funny King and Aries are keeping Ion cornered like a face.

-nice flip to the outside by Ion onto King.

-King looked predictable. You could tell he was preparing himself to be thrown to the floor from the second rope. Not good man, you’re a wrestler take that shit like the rest of the roster would!

-hot tag was covered yet looked messy.

-Dive to the outside by Aries.

-Tenay and Tazz puts over the Aces & Eights so I guess that’s still materializing. Sorry, I didn’t ready what happened the last couple of weeks. A lot more fun this way. haha

-King pins Ion.

Winner: King and Aries


-Good match but it had its blemishes.


-A&8 apparently has been jumping everyone now and James Storm is being accused as their leader.

-Sting wants to call someone out for answers…

-So wait, Sting is back and he sounds like he’s in charge again? I have missed a lot. Haha


-Sting is out after the break and he calls out Storm who comes out to an even crappier version of his song. The fuck?!

-Sting asks about why he doesn’t get beat up by these mysterious dudes.

-this gets into a finger pointing contest…

-Storm blames Kurt Angle and of course this brings him out.

-you guys see that Kurt Angle video on Funny or Die with RVD? Shit’s humorous.

-Angle turns this back on Storm…

-Angle tells this group to come out during his match tonight.

-Sting’s going to be there too.

-this dragged a little bit. You could hear a pin drop at times.


-Clair Lynch is officially a bad guy and accusing AJ of shit.

-bitch got pictures.

-she’s a terrible actress.


-Daniels and Kazarian in the back talking mad shit on AJ.

– Drinks in hand.

-these two got jokes.


-Bully Ray is out and shit talks James Storm. Seems like the theme in the night.

-he is going to be out for Angle vs. Storm too.

BFGS Match

Bully Ray vs. Robbie E w/Robbie T

-T jumps Ray before the match.

-lets go Robbie chant?

-diamond cutter does in E.

Winner: Bully Ray


-Quick and to the point for the most part.

-Earl Hebner has gifts for Madison Rayne…

-Gail Kim confronts her about some shit.


4 Way #1 Contenders match

Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

-Tessmacher is on commentary… yay…

-and Madison Rayne is the only one left from the Beautiful People… lone wolf

-Is Brooke Hogan still “in charge”…!?

-this gets some time.

Shenanigans with Gail and Rayne over Hebnar’s distraction during her pin attempt.

-Tara rolls uo Rayne for the pin… nope, Hebner is saying it was Rayne who won…!?

Winner: Rayne

-this was pretty obvious that Hebner screwed Tara


-so this is angle with Rayne is sticking…


-Roode in the back, he’s going to be at ringside tonight too for the main event.

-Aries walks in about Roode leaves, he’s out too tonight.


-Sting with Brooke Hogan talking about Hogan.

-so yeah A&8’s beat on Hogan and he’s laid up.

-Sting’s going to get to the bottom of this and is watching over Brooke… pervert.

-ok I get it, lets wrap this up.

-production assistant drops off an envelope. It’s the A&8’s logo…. Oooo.


-Hey look its Chavo! He’s getting ready for his match.


-Eric Young & ODB in the back with the Knockout’s tag team titles.

-ODB tells EY that Brooke isn’t vibing that they haven’t defended the tag titles and that EY is a dude.

-Young runs off with one of the titles, so they don’t get it…

-Young’s got a TV show debuting Sunday?


-Kid Kash and Gunner jumped Chavo last week… why? Hernandez made the save…

Chavo Guerrero w/Hernandez vs. Kid Kash w/Gunner

-Chavo’s grandmother is in the stands.

-Chavo’s got some really annoying generic music.

-Guerrero with a nice arm drag.

-mostly a ground and pound thus far.

-Chavo brings up his knees on Kash’s moonsault attempt.

-come back spot by Chavo, slingshot from the outside apron.

-3 amigos by Chavo.

-frog splash by Chavo for the win.

Winner: Guerrero


-this was ok I guess. Chavo seems to take a moment between each move. It was a little distracting.


-Dixie is in the back being asked about AJ’s sexcapades.

-Kaz and Daniels shown with baby gifts.


-Angle in the  back with some dude I don’t recognize.

-apparently his dad is a wrestling.

-oh, its Wes Brisco.

-Devon and Bischoff’s kid come in, they have Kurt’s back.

-kid then tells Angle he’s hitting the strip club… uh ok.


-Kaz and Daniels in the ring with their gifts.

-AJ isn’t there he’s tweeting from down under…. in Australia.

-they invited Clare, she comes out.

-they are throwing her a baby shower…

-she’s all smiley about it.

-she gets diapers, AJ action figures and other merch swag.

-Daniel’s is funny tonight.

-the baby also boy a hoodie just like daddy’s. haha!

-she gets a hoeski chant.

-she yells at the camera… (badly) for AJ to do the right thing…

-Klare is so bad.


-yes, I spelled her name 3 different ways so far…


-Joseph Park in the back talking about his law firm.

-he’s repping a few TNA guys.

-both use the worse “kayfab” more than they should.

-he offers Sting representation.

-yeah, I guess Sting is GM… again.


-Joe is still the BFGS leader.


BFGS Match

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

-chain wrestling to start, both reversing each others moves.

-Sting comes out during the early goings.

-things heat up with both exchanging moments in the corner.

-back from break… to go back TO break…

-I like those fountain cups that Burger King has for the Olympics.

-I actually want to see Total Recall.

-dudes are all finally at ringside, at least the ones who said they would.

-Angle Slam by Storm for a 2½.

-codebreaker is blocked by Angle who then gets the ankle lock.

-Storm spends the rest of the night in the angle lock…

-he finally breaks out to hit the superkick for the pin.

Winner: Storm (7 points)


-Good main event match.


-after the match everyone is looking around to make sure the A&8’s don’t come out.

-Angle and Storm shake hands after the match.

-Storm then calls out this group.

-its weird to see Storm, Angle, Bully Ray, Devon, Sting and Roode putting over this group who isn’t coming out.

-Roode tells Storm he didn’t need this group tonight and accuses Storm of being in charge.

-Ray and Storm brawl before all this breaking down and the show ends…


-No mysterious group, just a brawl.


-I guess tonight was fine. Nothing really called my attention too much.








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