Smackdown Thoughts & Review [July 20, 2012]


Rey Rey is back! Go Chargers!

San Diego, CA

Rey Mysterio comes out to a massive pop. Rey Rey starts talking about coming back but he’s interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. ADR starts talking shit but is also interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says he’s here for ADR since he cockblocked his Money in the Bank briefcase opportunity. ADR insults Vicky, things get heated, and then Rey tells them to put up or shut up. Ziggler suggests that he and ADR go at Rey Mysterio right now. Sheamus enters the ring and tells Rey that he’s so glad to see him. Sheamus name drops the Coronado Bridge for a cheap pop. ADR retreats, Sheamus clobbers Ziggler and then Ziggler barely escapes a 619 attempt.

~ Great segment. Glad they inserted Rey into the main event scene right off the bat. Awesome.

Prime Time Players & Hunico, Camacho defeated Kofi Kingston, and R-Truth & Primo and Epico via Darren Young’s Inverted Back Cracker on a diving Primo.

  • After the match Big Show enters the ring and destroys everybody, including knocking out R-Truth and Primo.
  • Show gets on the mic amongst the plunder and says, “and… what.”

~ This was getting really good from start to finish. I definitely want more. Hunico was met with some really nice arm drags from Epico at the start. At one point Primo looked like a lucha all star when he got a nice offensive sequence.

It’s sad that 5 of the WWE’s better workers are stuck in this match. If the tag team division was booked with respect I would say that was a good thing. By the way, I’m digging Hunico’s red Chucks.

Big Show’s knockouts are getting more realistic by the week. His knockout of Primo looked brutal.

Damien Sandow pins Zack Ryder via Straitjacket Neckbreaker

~ Really solid squash match. Sandow is like the lovechild of Lanny Poffo and Mr. Perfect with the pace and intensity of Chris Benoit. Brilliant.

Christian’s Peep Show with AJ and Daniel Bryan

Christian asks them about the wedding planning. AJ and Daniel both say that it’s going okay. They show a romantic comedy worthy montage of them doing a tasting menu and other wedding planning shit. Christian says that was special and then asks them both if they’re really doing the right thing and if this is true love. They both reply with the YES chant. Christian asks the San Diego crowd if AJ and Daniel should really get married and other semi-insulting questions and the majority of the crowd yells no. Christian then asks if AJ really knows what she’s doing and she slaps the shit out him. Christian tells Daniel that he’s facing Kane right now.

Kane defeats Daniel Bryan via DQ when AJ interferes

~ This was a perfect example of a small man vs. big man match done right.

Road Warrior Animal pins Heath Slater with a powerslam followed by a jumping elbow drop

~ I love this loser to the legends gimmick. I think they could keep this going until Wrestlemania at least.

Ricardo Rodriguez and Vicky Guerrero have a funny backstage encounter. Ricardo says that came here on a canoe and Vicky just responds by screaming into his face.

Rey Mysterio & Sheamus defeat Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interferes

  • After the match Alberto Del Rio locks Sheamus’s arm in a Cross Arm Breaker for half a minute or so. Ziggler teases cashing in his briefcase but Rey knocks him into the ropes and hits a 619. Sheamus ends the show with a Brogue Kick.

~ Fuck yeah! Rey was rocking Chargers-influenced gear in this one. Good match until the finish. Glad Rey got to shine a little in the main event.

I really hope they give Ziggler the World Title at Summerslam. The Smackdown main event scene would be interesting again.

Good show that set up the 1000th episode of Raw nicely. I can’t wait till Monday.

P.S. For all you Charger fans…

Rey Mysterio in San Diego Chargers theme & colorway (Photo courtesy of

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