AJ finally says YES, Jericho turns face, Mysterio returns and John Cena cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase… sort of.

Shit, I was JUST in Vegas (ok, ok, not Burma). I should have stayed a later.


-Punk is out to start the show and play the ham. He gets a chant.

-He says he loves Las Vegas… and reminds us it was just last year when he was in Vegas dropping his “pipe bomb” and how he’s beaten a ton of people.

-He brings up the 1,000th episode and how he could have never been on the 1st RAW. He says he is proud to be the champion on this big ol’ episode next week.

-Big Show is out to interrupt all mad about stuff.

-He doesn’t care about Punk’s history and brings up old shit like losing the MITB match.

-He gets a “Big Show sucks” chant that he doesn’t appreciate. How he would have cashed in on Punk right now… IF he would have won.

-Punk says Show destroys shit before he… loses all the time.

-Show doesn’t think the fans respect Punk and says if Punk left tomorrow that the fans wouldn’t care less.

-How they are just spokes on the wheel.

-Punk isn’t having this and isn’t fazed.

-Show threatens to beat the shit out of Punk tonight and leave him lying for John Cena to cash in, oh snap! Show drops the mice and he’s OUT!

-Punk looks on concerned.

-Oh god…


-Cole and Lawler put over the 1st RAW and how you can watch it on youtube right now….uh. Don’t you want them to continue watching now and maybe watch that match AFTER the show….???

-The Rock is going to be here next week… heeeheee.

-The Tag Champions are defending the titles next…

-We get a poll on which title should be defended next week… I-C, US or Diva’s… oh I cant wait to see who the people vote for… sigh.


WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs. Prime Time Players w/AW

-Cole reminds us that this is the LAST 2hr RAW… yeah I am guessing that isn’t true.

-Not sole of the PTP’s but at least they are trying to look like a tag team.

-NOOO AW is on commentary we can all actually hear again… annoying. This is going to stick huh? Hope not. Maybe this would work if he was ON commentary at ringside from his wireless set with just the announcers not to the entire world.

-Kofi & Truth keep the advantage into the first commercial break.

-after the break the tides have turned and Kofi is trying to make the hot tag but he’s being kept in the PTP side of town.

-AW is picking Young’s fro at ringside…??

-Kofi chant gets him to finally tag in to Truth.

-almost fucked up DDT on Truth to Titus.

-Kofi hits the TIP and Truth the Mic check on Titus for the win behind the refs back because AW was distracting him.

-AW is pissed…

Winners: Truth & Kofi


-Not much to the match, rather short but it was probably smart not to put the titles on the PTP’s just yet.


-AJ in the back when Bryan walks in. He apologizes to her about everything that’s gone on with them. He was getting to a point when Eve walks in. She’s mad about last week. There’s another mixed tag match tonight but this time Bryan and AJ are teaming up. Hmmm.


-really NOT ready for 3hrs of RAW starting next week… DX is starting the show.


-WWE plugs the Tout app. They are going to be airing these clips on RAW next week… going to be a lot of super dorks… Cole pushes Cena’s first Tout… great.


Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-Well this isn’t going to go well for Ryder now is it…

-Del Rio starts fast and aggressive on Ryder.

-WOO WOO WOO chant.

-ADR works over Ryder’s arm.

-this is a long squash match.

-armbreaker and Del Rio wins easily.

Winner: Del Rio




-Rey comes into the ring but Del Rio keeps him grounded. Rey comes back with a flying tilt a whirl into the 619! Del Rio rolls out of the ring and gets out of dodge.

-Good reaction for Rey in Vegas but you could have waited for San Diego tomorrow night…


-1,000th RAW Moment with Heath Slater… he recaps his moments and getting beat up by legends…? He’s trying to put over his own defeats…? Weird.

-they put over their next legend that’s here tonight.

-After the break, Slater asks which legend he’s getting next…


Heath Slater vs. Rikishi

-good reaction and chants for Rikishi.

-he’s looking more like Yokozuna…

-not too long before Slater gets a face full of ass and a bonzi drop in the corner for the pin.

Winner: Rikishi


-Short and to the point to get people excited about another legend. The lights go out and the Uso’s come out and dance with their pops. Shit, maybe this will get the kids over.


-Summerslam commercial. They make it look big time like they should.


Mixed Tag Match

Eve & The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan & AJ

-we’re going back to the student/teacher match, although the tide turned on these two guys. Finally Bryan where he should be

-tons of YES chants in Vegas, this is an awesome reaction!

-AJ apparently is the most influential woman on Twitter… or so says Michael Cole.

-kicks to Miz in the corner, YES chants galore!

-Miz recovers but AJ tags in.

-Eve dominating AJ.

-AJ recovers and hits the shining wizard and goes for the pin but Miz had the ref distracted.

-AJ dropkicks Miz off the ropes, nice!

-She makes eyes with Miz while he’s on the floor.

-AJ almost gets rolled up but behind the refs back Bryan turns the rollup over for the AJ win.

Winner: AJ & Bryan


-Another short one, they could have gotten a little more out of Miz vs. Bryan here. I wonder if we’ll actually get longer matches with 3 hours… probably not…


-Before Bryan can say much the crowd is chanting YES.

-Bryan finally tells AJ that he loves her… they have actually held that off for a long time.

-the crowd chants NO to this.

-he says the old thing he wants is this… he gets down on one knee…

-Bryan has a ring and asks AJ if she will marry him.

-no chants.

-Bryan puts the ring on her finger, its a huge rock.

-AJ looks like she’s going to crowd and the crowd is solidy saying no… when…

-AJ says YES!

-these two crazy kids then make out in the ring.

-they then lead the crowd into a YES chant. haha how fast this crowd is turned.


-Undertaker commercial for his undefeated streak DVD. 4 disk set? Damn.


-1,000th RAW moment… The Rock stealing Stone Cold’s Smoking Skull belt… I hate that we have to see these fucking blurs over the WWF symbol for the rest of our lives. Such bullshit.


-Michael Cole says the wedding for Bryan and AJ is…NEXT week… well that was fast.


Jack Swagger vs. Ryback

-Cole brings up Swagger’s losing steak.

-Lawler says something about the cameraman but doesn’t elaborate…?!

-Swagger cuts Ryback off and hits the gut wrench powerbomb.

-Swagger bomb in the corner.

-Swagger with the ankle lock but Ryback fights him off.

-quickly Swagger comes back with a shoulder block grounding Ryback again.

-Ryback recovers with a stiff clothesline.

-4 powerbombs by Ryback!

-Swagger rolls out before the crowd and Ryback chant “feed me more” NICE.

Winner: no contest.


-Short and sweet. That “feed me more” chant is getting over for him


-Cole and Lawler recap a Tout video by Cena and his huge announcement… I hate this dude.


-Vicki is out to intro the Smackdown MITB Winner, Dolph Ziggler.

-Ziggler reminds us of the history of the briefcase and how he will be World Champion.

-He says he will be better than Bret Hart, Stone Cold and The Rock.

-Chris Jericho interrupts this… ?

-Cole and Lawler put over Jericho, sounds like the turn continues.

-Y2J chant.

-Ziggler cuts him off before he can start and how this is HIS moment.

-Dolph then clowns on Jericho, this gets Jericho serious.

-Ziggler shits on Jericho’s comeback and all he’s said and how none of it is true like him being the best in the world.

-how all he does is lose, opportunity after opportunity.

-Ziggler calls Jericho just hype.

-this is good shit here!

-Jericho is accused of losing his touch… ouch.

-Jericho finally shuts Ziggler up with a codebreaker!

-Y2J chant is louder this time!

-Jericho leaves as Vicki checks on Ziggler.


-I thought this was good shit here and these dudes can put on some amazing matches to rival Punk vs. Bryan!


-Cole recaps fan Touts… fans go over their favorite RAW moments. They come off like big dorks here.


-preview of next week with DX, Brock, HHH and The Rock.


-The Intercontinental Title wins the poll… thankfully.

-Christian will have Bryan & AJ on the peep show on Friday.


Brodus Clay w/Naomi & Cameron vs. JTG

-new gear (again) for JTG.

-typical Clay squash.

-JTG recovers and takes the legs out from under Clay.

-Clay recovers for the headbutt and the splash for the win.

Winner: Clay


-Nothing but a prelude to the dancing with the kids..


-1,000th clip with Vince coming out with his shaved head. He look its Bobby Lashey…


-this USA commercial for the 3 hour RAW is funny to me. Sorry.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. The Big Show

-Cole and Lawler keep teasing that Cena will cash in tonight…

-I’m going with Cena coming out to stand over a beaten Punk to challenge him at SummerSlam instead of winning the title tonight…

-Punk tries to hit and run on Show.

-Not long before Show stops that shit.

-big ol’ chops to Punk.

-there’s some loud dude at ringside crapping on Punk but Big Show tells his fat ass to shut up. Haha.

-short comeback by Punk with a series of kicks in the corner to Show’s legs.

-CM Punk chant.

-sleeper by Punk.

-Show turns it into a sideslam to break this up.

-Show using the ropes numerous times to try to get Show off his feet. Instead he takes a back body drop.

-Show goes for the right but Punk avoids.

-3 kicks to the back of the head by Punk into the knee in the corner, three of them!

-Show takes the corner post for the Macho Man elbow!


-springboard clothesline NO chokeslam by Show…1…2…FOOT ON THE ROPES!

-Show corners Punk before pushing the ref for the DQ!

Winner: Punk by DQ

-Show continues beating on Punk but before he can knock him out Cena is out.

-Show bounces leaving Cena in the ring with Punk.


That was a good main event match, before the DQ finish.


-Cena gets on the mic and tells us about his huge announcement… but Show stops him from finishing the sentence. Show accuses Cena of cashing in right now.

-Show says Cena would be a fool not to cash in right now.

-Show keeps pushing Cena to do this right now.

-Cena challenges Punk next week for the RAW 1,000th episode.

Cena goes to tell us about his huge announcement but then hits Show with the case to knock him out.

-Punk stands tall holding the title while Cena holds up the briefcase.


Well, it looks like the end is here for CM Punk’s long title run. Too god damn bad…


At least next week will be a big deal that will just make people sad that RAW will never be as consistently good than it can be next week.








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5 Responses to “07-16-12 RAW SUPERSHOW”

  1. ambar_hitman Says:

    I am really hyped for who the returning legend will be for 1000th RAW.

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    who would you like to see come out on the show?

  3. ambar_hitman Says:

    I would like HBK, Austin, Rock, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Batista and Goldberg to come. HHH will join in as usual.

  4. zankarne Says:

    I want a stonking great feed me more shirt

  5. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Zankarne, is it just me or does the “feed me more” chant remind you of Little Shop of Horrors? 😉

    Ambar_hitman, I’m guessing MAYBE Undertaker will come out and quash Slater on the show.

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