Sorry about the crappy recap last night, I was paying more attention to the ppv and having a good ol’ time chatting with Puma who I hadn’t seen in a second. I’ll try to be angrier tonight.  😉

Recap of last Monday and AJ throwing Punk off the second rope and into the table with Bryan. Also, the kissy kissy deal with Punk and Bryan from Smackdown.

By the way that AJ Styles doing the Styles Clash to Chris Daniels off the stage and onto a table was the shit. I was still thinking about that today, good shit and well done.

Denver gets named by Cole, Denver is big enough for Vince! YAY!

AJ’s out and talking about how the title match on Sunday is in HER hands.

She intros Punk who takes a second before his music hits. AJ was disapproving of the hesitation.  Nice little touch there.

AJ tells Punk she ain’t nuts and doesn’t need help.

Can’t make out the chant, AJ is something or another.

The mics tonight are giving off a lot of feeback.

This is going long, I have no patience in my old age.

In a “nut” shell, she’s all hot and bothered for Punk.

ummmm…. AJ just got on one knee…

She asks Punk to marry her… crowds chanting YES loudly! haha

Daniel Bryan breaks this up yelling NO before anyone can answer…

He says Punk is playing her which Punk denies.

Bryan then tells Punk to give AJ his answer then… BAM!

Oh lord now Bryan is on one knee, the fuck!?

They are killing this feud with too much of this nonsense!

He asks but Punk interrupts and asks Bryan where is the ring? He ain’t got one which is why HE is now playing AJ…


Cole is having a shitty time uncovering the podium where he reads that Punk and AJ will take on Bryan and Eve tonight…

Bryan isn’t happy and keeps yelling NO while the crowd says YES…

This isn’t over apparently…

AJ wants to be the voice of reason and that everything happens for a reason… that she’s going to walk out of the arena tonight with her “future husband”… oh boy…

Fuck a doodle doo, lets get back to dope matches between these dudes and enough of this wackiness.

That was long…

World Champion Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger gets the jobber entrance which is NO entrance.

Sheamus is playing up angry man over the shit from last week with Del Rio.

Short work of Swagger with the Brogue kick and the pin.

Did Swagger titty fuck Steph or someshit?!

Alberto Del Rio in the back and show on the titantron. He’s taking the title on Sunday or so he says.

While Del Rio is driving away, Swagger gets another brogue to the face.

Santino in the back congratulating Zack Ryder on winning that battle royal. Santino’s going to find out who the mysterious GM is tonight… will be finally get this summed up?!

The Rock just announced on Twitter he’s coming the 1,000th RAW show and is still going after the WWE Title.

After the break, Cole and Lawler basically talk about this Tweet I just mentioned and Cole questions what the Rock’s plans are in for the WWE Title. Hmmm.

Tyson Kidd & Christian vs. Tensai & Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki on commentary

No entrances just right into the match…

Short one that Tensai wins pinning Christian…

Nothing match.

After the match Tensai beats on Kidd over the shit from last week.

Oh fuck! Kidd just took a powerbomb onto the ring apron from Tensai.

Vicki gave Tensai googley eyes… where are we going here…?

Cole gets another email.. but he says he’s not reading whatever is on the computer screen…

… Lawler reads it instead… oh god, Lawler vs. Cole tonight because they keep bickering…

Rehash night…

Cole wants this changed and whoever is on the GM sound effect rang it late…

GM lets the crowd decide if this match is going to happen, this gets a YES chant. Lawler sends everyone to the website. Who gives a fuck!?

So annoyed at this show right now.

Brodus Clay w/Naomi & Cameron vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew still works here?!

Its funny to think that Drew and Sheamus were once on the same level.

Anyhow, Drew gets the splash for the quick work by Clay.

Head butt to Drew while he was coming off the top was cool.

Santino runs into Jericho in the back they argue that each of them is the mysterious GM.

Santino bounces and Show walks in…

Show wants Jericho to stay out of his way tonight, he ain’t having no JeriShow reunion.

Another RAW moment with Steph… When she tells Triple H she’s pregnant but she was lying. Triple H then destroys their wedding set… I don’t even remember this, I must have blocked it out thankfully. haha

This Sheen tweeting shit is stupid.

Oh no, ass clown mcgee is out… probably to give us the spoiler alert that he’s going to win the briefcase.

You know how the WWE occasionally changes planned endings of matches because everyone figures it out… please let this be one of those moments…

He yip yaps about what the Money in the Bank match does for people… all of which do NOT apply to John Cena. Think about it.

Like I said, he spoils the ppv by saying “HE, John Cena will win at Money in the Bank”…

John Cena & Kane vs. The Big Show & Chris Jericho

Cole points out how this is Kane’s 6th MITB match.

Man, I really have NO interest in seeing this MITB match.

Its like bizarro world, I order a TNA ppv and I’m on the fence about a WWE ppv… I miss WrestleMania season…

Typical match for these four thus far.

Commercial break is over and this match is still going on… I wish I could forward right now. Just so fucking sour on the fact THIS is going to be a MITB match, so fucking undeserving.

Another commercial break… get to it already!

WAIT!? Is Cena wearing Adidas!? We might have some real fucking problems on our hands now!

Ref calls the match and this shenanigans is breaking down.

Show then takes down Cena and Kane before bringing in a couple of ladders into the ring.

I want waffles.

Show takes down Kane with a ladder, same shit for Jericho.


Hercules comes in to take Big Show out of the ring with his own ladder.

He celebrates and the kiddies are happy.

Recap of the proposal silliness from early, so dumb.

Punk getting ready in the back when Eve wishes him luck… with AJ.

Eve wants to give Punk shit for being overshadowed by people like The Rock, Cena and now AJ… damn!

Santino accuses Khali of being the GM… Khali is so bad here… I mean always.

Truth & Kofi take on Hunico and Camacho at the preshow for the ppv.

MITB Qualifying Match… Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

No legend for Slater tonight!?

Sin Cara wins with his spinning facebuster.

Match wasn’t anything special but it was fine.

Slater is pissed and wants to beat any former champion.

…he gets Bob Backlund! Yup he comes out in tights. Dude still looks the same.

He gets a YOU STILL GOT IT although he hasn’t really done anything yet…

Slater takes Backlund down before he gets on the crossface chicken wing.

Slater taps but there is no ref.

Short and to the point.

Oh no, Michael Cole interrupts this… he wants to see what the poll on the website says… drumroll and everything… 75% of people were dumb enough to want to see this again.

They show a commercial where now RAW will have RAWactive as part of the new 3 hour shows, which is basically them hitting the social media bullshit hard… lets see if they actually do this legit…

Booker T and Josh Mathews on commentary now so we can have this stupid next match…

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Both are in street clothes…

Booker throws Cole back in

Cole pleads but gets an airplane spin instead…

That finishes this match fast… at least it was at least that, fast.

We get another email, Josh reads… he gives Cole the win because Booker got involved.

Santino is out with his sleuth hat… he claims the GM is under the ring.

GM (per Josh says) no he’s not and for Santino to bounce…

Santino goes to investigate but gets pulled under the ring… Lawler helps him… aaaaand its Hornswoggle…

He admits to all this before kicking Lawler, biting Santino in the back and kicking Cole…

So um… yeah…

I long for a TNA show… wait what the fuck did I just say!?!?

Recap of Ryder winning the battle royal to run Smackdown this week, hopefully it’s a better show that this… they’re calling it Friday Night Zack Down…

Cole and Lawler go back to normal…ish.

Mixed tag team main event.

Eve & Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Champion CM Punk & AJ

Brawl from Bryan and Punk to start.

YES kicks in the corner by Bryan.

Eve and AJ are tagged in, they brawl and Eve botches a spear.

AJ got some skill man, push this kid.

Eve goes to tag but Bryan steps off the apron setting up the AJ rollup.

Short night for all apparently.

Punk wants a high five from AJ but gets a hug instead.

Bryan gets on the mic and tells AJ he sacrificed his match for her and for her to bounce to get hitched…

Punk tries to play the cooler head calling out what Bryan is doing.

Punk says he doesn’t care if this costs him the match at the ppv but he isn’t going to marry her.

He says he cares enough for her to tell her the truth… oh boy, what drama here…

AJ gets teary eyed and slaps the shit out of Punk.

Bryan is happy about this and tells her to come home…

… she walks over and slaps his ass too.

She then smiles and chants YES with the entire crowd… fuck man, she is more over than Punk isn’t she!??!

Ok, show over now I go feed the dogs. Fuck this noise and this stupid ass show!

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