07-08-12 TNA Destination X



It’s the ONE night a year where I actually spend money on a TNA ppv…. Yeah, I know I curse their name and keep saying I wouldn’t pay for this shit but they’ve done a good build 2 years in a row for this show so I can fault them on that.


Is it bad I always expect the WWE intro even if it’s a TNA show? Haha


Its Borash and Tenay on commentating duties, thankfully no Taz.


Fourway for the last spot in the Ultimate X match….


Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow


Nice exchange by Andrews and Rubix at the beginning.


Borash points out these dudes best pace themselves since this match only needs to another.


Darsow’s chest is all broken out… hmmm.


Crowd is chanting some bullshit I cant make out.


Darsow still looks rookie-ish.


Lars fucks up a spear to the outside to Darsow.


Rubix is the crowd’s favorite, he gets a nice dive to the outside.


Kid Kash is watching because someone from THIS match has to take on Kid Kash right after??? How does this make sense again?!


Someone missed a queue here, all off now.


Rubix with a dropkick from one side of the ring to the other on Darsow!


Another uncomfortable stall in the match, god dammit!


Mason finally wins this mess with a fireman’s into a diamond cutter.


This match had its spots but 2 many miscues


Kid Kash vs. Mason Andrews


They weren’t joking about starting this right now.


Lets see which route they go with this scenario.


So far Kash has the advantage.


This is kind of killing how hot the crowd was.


Kash rolls out his middle finger on the crowd, mature.


This is going too long.


Andrews gets his legs up on the moonsault attempt to make his comeback.


Nice jumping knee by Andrews for a close 2½.


Andrews finally wins the match with a rollup out of nowhere.


Andrews chest is chopped to shit.


Hemme in the back with Jo, he’s choosing Aries to win.


They go over BFGS points and how Angle is just 10 points to him.


Tournament match, Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King


Borash talks about meeting King back in the day. Bandwagon shit.


They cut from the match to show the X Title hanging above the ring, thus missing all kinds of shit.


Kenny gets a chant.


Williams, mid-match wants to do the respect handshake, King calls for it.


USA! chant… yes I realize Williams is British, it just seemed out of place in the match.


Couple of close pinfalls by King.


Nasty bump to the outside by King, Williams comes off of the top with a flying knee.


King finally wins the match.


Hemme in the back with Daniels, his tag belt and his appletini.


Tournament match, Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron


Nice respect exchange before Rashad slaps the shit out of him.


Sonjay finally wins with a moonsault stomp, fuck that looks nuts.


They finally talk about Jesse Sorensen and his broken neck. Well this has been a while.


Hemme in the ring and has us welcome Jesse Sorensen back.


He comes out neck brace and all, this got a forward job. Sorry.


Zima Ion finally comes out when Jesse’s trying to leave.


Tournament match, Zima Ion vs. Flip Casanova.


Zima wins this one, good match here. Sorry was chatting with Puma who’s come to join us tonight.


Hemme in the back talking about Twitter… she’s got King, Dutt and Andrews in the back.


Andrews gets interrupted by Robert Roode who shits on the X Division.


Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle in a BFGS match.


Dueling chants for both.


Fast paced so far.


Good exchanges which leads to a Joe dive to the outside.


Kurt goes for the rolling germans, this looks painful only before Joe is put over a HEAVY.


So far this is the match of the night.


The clutch is on!




Angle tries to argue it out with Hebner.


AJ Styles vs. Chris Daniels, last man standing.


Heated match led my Styles thus far.


Styles gets punched Big Show style.


Daniels starts shit with some dude at ringside, damn relax dude.


Styles is now busted open while Daniels keeps starting shit at ringside.


Daniels now busted open as the fight to the staging area.


Painful looking double clothesline on the stage.


Damn back body drop to AJ.


Oh shit moonsault DDT by Styles!


Ref starts the count on Daniels when Kazarian comes down and pushes Styles off the stage.






Daniels gets counted out and Styles wins!


Solid shit right here, good couple of matches right here.


They are reading tweets on the air…


Austin Aries in the back with Hemme.


Ultimate X Match for the X Division Title


Mason Andrews vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt


Ion takes a triple drop kick!


Dutt might have injured his arm after the moonsault to King. He’s being walked to the back, fuck!


Dutt’s back all of a sudden and trying to climbing.


Andrews and King are on the ropes and trying to grab the belt but they fall!


Ion and Dutt are climbing all the way up the steel structure!


Ion sprays Dutt in the face and he grabs the belt!


Next X Division Champion Zima Ion!


Puma is a happy man.


A little anticlimactic of an ended but at least it plays up to his hairspray gimmick.


Hemme interviews Ion after the match.


He’s dedicating his win to his haters and Sorensen. Haha


God wrestling fans are annoying, yeah we get your chant of “transition”.


Main event time…


World Champion Robert Roode vs. Austin Aries


Now knowing that Roode’s robe belonged to Terry Taylor throws me out of the moment. Haha


Botches arm drag that Roode was trying to take as a drop toe hold, fuck!


Good match thus far, back and forth.


Nice top rope spot where Roode was going for the superplex but Aries lands knees to the head to break it up.


Crossface by Roode!
Austin gets to the ropes.


Aries goes for the brainbuster but Roode fights out and the ref takes the bump.


Belt shot to Aries…. 1…..2…..KICKOUT!




Austin Aries is the NEW TNA CHAMPION!


Aries gets confetti!


Man, I gotta say this was actually a pretty good show god dammit!


Go TNA, job well done.









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