Happy belated 4TH of July everyone!

Show starts with recap dude going over shit like Joseph Park/Bully Ray/Abyss saga and the AJ/Dixie shenanigans.

Storm vs. Hardy in a BFGS match. Maybe I’ll watch it.

Bully Ray is out to plug his Twitter account… he just tweeted live… OOO!…

Park comes down to get Ray’s answer about their match… he does. No one is shocked.

They argue about legal terms until Park gets red faced.

Bully Ray outsmarts the lawyer and gets a restraining order against Abyss… they punches him from behind for good measure.

Hogan and Aries chat about double letters in their names… Hogan wants the X Belt tonight. I don’t like TNA’s “small talk” bits.

Jason Hervey in the back with Dixie, Snow, D-lo and Pritchard. He wants to know if she’s talked to Clair. It’s a big no.

Crimson vs. Devon for the TV Title. Oh no…

TNA’s music is soooo generic. I couldn’t pick out Devon’s song if there was a gun to my head.

Devon pins this fool to retain thankfully.

Madison Rayne is out while Devon is still celebrating… oh no don’t do an AJ angle…

Oh god… she kisses Earl Hebnar… this will go nowhere and mean nothing.

Crutchy McGee Chris Sabin shows up to talk about his “future”.

His family tried to talk him into retiring… or maybe it was to go to the WWE. I forget.

His doctor tried to talk him into retiring… or maybe it was to go to Ring of Honor. I forget.

Bobby Roode breaks up this pity party only to call him pathetic just like the X Division…

He Roode shits on Sorensen too.

We get dueling chants of AUSTIN ARIES/BOBBY ROODE.

Roode trips Sabin’s bad leg and kicks it until Aries makes the good guy save.

TNA is now doing coins… you know like those commemorative ones you get late night on TV. BAH!

X Title Tournament.

Dakota Darsow vs. Flip Casanova…. Horrible name Flip…

Darsow has a lot of bad places tattoos.

Taz and Tenay confirm Darow is Repo man’s kid and apparently has been on IMPACT before.

Flip is very flippy.

Darsow is getting shown up with all of Flip’s flips.

Flip wins with a super flip leg drop from the top.

Darsow’s dads legacy does nothing for him and apparently his nose that gets busted up.

Tessmacher and Tara in the back they got a tag match and talk to each other like they fucking…!? BOO?

Recap of last weeks Gut Check.

I didn’t realize Pritchard questioned her in being “tough enough”…

Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Tara & Tessmacher.

Not paying attention.

Tessmacher and Tara win with a widows peak into a bad lariat clothesline from the champion to Rayne.

James Storm package on how he changed his mind about coming back.

AJ… Styles is out. He’s playing up not being the baby-daddy.

This brings up Kaz, Daniels and his appletini.

Kazarian is being a little harsh talking about knocking up junkie whores, geez relax sir.

AJ yells about Daniels being a jealous prick.

He challenges him to a Last Man Standing match at the ppv… days before the event…

Hogan with Hervey in the back talking about the ppv main event.

Some dude in a bandana drops off a letter to Hogan that has playing cards on it and it says “see you next week”…

Hogan lets this dude get away before making people go after him. stupid.

Hardy video package on the BFGS. I do enjoy this series.

X Title Tournament match…

ROH Tag Team Champion Kenny King is on IMPACT!!! He’s taking on Lars Only… I think he’s one of those rockNESS dudes.

Nice exchange on the ring apron to the outside by these dudes.

Tenay tries to put over Kenny King as a “real life Magic Mike”… ANX shoutout!

Lars fucks up some sort of Russian legsweep. Tazz said it sucked.

Kenny backflips off the 2nd rope, hits a flash kick on Lars who was on the top rope before hitting him with a modified F5! KING IS DOPE!

King moves on and gets to talk to Christy after the match. Good promo.

Aries training video. He goes over brainbusters and beer bottles.

Good promo.

Aires and Kenny King hug and chat in the back.

Hervey questions Aries about relinquishing the belt tonight, their making this a “thing”.

Storm and Joe are at the top of the BFGS.

Storm vs. Hardy BFGS main event is up.

Dueling chants LETS GO HARDY/LETS GO COWBOY… refreshing not to hear Cena’s name in a chant for once.

Hardy ducks the superkick into a Twist of Fate for the win.

Good main event match here.

Hardy picks up the points by Storm is still on top of the series.

Bound for Glory moment with Kurt Angle debuting. He’s taking on Joe at the ppv for series points.

Ultimate X Match for the vacant X Title at the ppv? Did we know this??

Bound for Glory is officially announced as being from Phoenix, Arizona.

Kurt Angle talking about… Mr. Anderson all serious n’ shit.

Anderson talking about winning the series all serious n’ shit. He was watchable when he’s mellow!

Hogan’s out for the final segment of the show.

Hogan wants Aries to come out, he gets Roode instead.

He and Hogan keep interrupting each other, annoying.

Aries comes out lets Roode gloat one last time cause he’s winning the title at the ppv.

Aries stops the crowd from their chanting ways, nice!

They bicker before Aries side steps Roode’s belt shot to land his own belt shot.

Aries then stands tall with both the World and X Titles.

Good ending visual and an overall good show here.

They kept the bowlshit to the minimum and stuck to their strengths at the moment… the BFGS, the X Tournament and the World Title match at the ppv.

Wasn’t this the last TNA ppv I ordered?… hmmm. Tempting… did I just say that!?

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