Smackdown Thoughts & Review [June 29, 2012]


Tyson Kidd won! Tyson Kidd won! Tyson Kidd won! YES! YES! YES!

Evansville, IN

Non-Title Match

Layla defeats AJ via rollup when Daniel Bryan came out and distracted AJ

~ Solid match. It’s a pleasure to watch two athletic women that know how to wrestle. It also helps that they’re extremely easy on the eyes. Know what I’m sayin’? There was more than a few interesting rollups from Layla and AJ busted out some interesting offense. I look forward to seeing these two continue their feud.

Daniel Bryan gets on the mic and demands that Vicky Guerrero come out. Bryan and AJ have dueling YES chants until Vicky actually comes out to main event level-heat.

Bryan says that they’re going to work together hand in hand when he becomes the WWE champion and she becomes the General Manager. He wants Vicky to ban AJ from ringside from his championship match at Money in the Bank.

Vicky references a poll and states that the fans voted for AJ to be the special referee at the pay per view match. AJ laughs in both of their faces. Daniel Bryan walks out of the ring in anger and starts a NO chant. Vicky then kisses the WWE Board of Directors’ collective asses.

~ I just want to see a great match between Punk and Bryan. I’m all for her involvement if AJ adds to the match in a positive way. But if she ends up detracting from it then I’ll be very disappointed.

Money in the Bank qualifying match

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder with a rollup

~ Really entertaining match. Ryder got a lot offense in but it wasn’t enough. He seems to have the crowd support but I don’t think that matters to the WWE powers that be. Sandow was gold as usual and I look forward to seeing him perform on his first pay per view.

Bryan knocks on the Diva’s dressing room looking for AJ. Kaitlyn tells Daniel Bryan to fuck off. That didn’t happen but that was the gist.

Money in the Bank qualifying match

Tyson Kidd defeated Jack Swagger

~ This was match of the night so far. I think we all know that this pay per view just might be Tyson Kidd’s coming out party into the upper mid-card scene. Shelton Benjamin got a little more recognition after he shined in his Money in the Bank match and I expect Tyson Kidd to do the same at the pay per view.

Dolph Ziggler tries to convince Vicky Guerrero to ban Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio’s finishers. Vicky says that will make her look bad and gets frustrated with his selfishness.

~ I think a face turn might be in store for Vicky. Not sure how most fans will react but I’ve been a fan for a very long time. She was really sympathetic character in this segment.

Money in the Bank qualifying tag team match

Santino Marella & Christian defeated Cody Rhodes & David Otunga via Christian’s Spear on Otunga

~ It’s official, David Otunga has one of the best entrances in wrestling. He does an impromptu pose down as soon as he gets in the ring. Brilliant stuff. I can’t say enough how much he has improved since his rookie year.

Good match but I think all four men could do better and it’s a shame this combination will probably never happen again.

Matt Striker interviews Sheamus. Sheamus panders to the crowd and even drops a Lindsay Lohan reference.

Daniel Bryan catches up to AJ in the back. He apologizes to AJ and is says he’s seriously concerned for AJ’s well being. He refers her to his doctor for help. She responds with YES chants and skips away.

The RYBACK annihilates the Rapping Dukes via double decker Running Samoan Drop

~ It was what it was and it was awesome. #RybackMark

Teddy Long speaks to Aksana and Antonio Cesaro¬† He says that they’re going to team up against Layla and the Great Khali next week.

Money in the Bank qualifying match

Tensai (w/Sakamoto) pins Justin Gabriel via running senton

~ This was a very good small highflyer vs. big man match. Gabriel impressed but he couldn’t get past Tensai’s power moves. I think Tensai is very skilled but for some reason he isn’t really connecting with the audience. I think he’ll get a moment or two in at the pay per view but I think they’re going to put Tensai in the background for the most part.

World Heavyweight Championship match

Sheamus defends his title against Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler via Brogue Kick on Ziggler

~ Good match but they should have just made it a handicap match since Sheamus never loses anyway. ADR hit a sick mafia kick to Sheamus on the outside. Ziggler was Ziggler and he always seems to do a few amazing sequences in every match he’s involved in. Another highlight was Ricardo Rodriguez’s reactions to the match. He’s over the top hilarious whenever he gets some screen time.

Another good episode of Smackdown with another predictable ending. I think they should just have non-title main events most of the time unless they have a few weeks to build a title defense. Seeing Sheamus successfully defend his World Title against everybody gets boring very quickly. I hope Sheamus buys all the Smackdown midcard heels drinks after every taping because they consistently make him look spectacular week after week.

Overall, I’m stoked that Tyson Kidd got a win and that Damien Sandow is making his pay per view debut in an important match. This was another good episode where the first hour was better than the last hour.

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