Smackdown Thoughts & Review [June 22, 2012]


Sheamus is being courted to appear as the Earth-killing meteorite in Armageddon 2.

Baltimore, MD

Teddy Long comes out and tells the crowd that John Laurinaitis is fired to a huge pop. Long says that tonight’s General Manager is Mick Foley.

Big Show comes out and says that he can whip John Cena’s ass anytime in a fair fight. Show says that he’s going to participate in the Money in the Bank match and that when he becomes WWE Champion he’s going to be champ for as long as he wants. He isn’t doing it for anybody but himself.

Brodus Clay comes out with no celebration or dancing. He orders his Funkadactyls to go to a safe area. Clay enters the ring, reverses an Irish Whip and knocks Big Show down. Clay gets the upperhand until David Otunga interferes. Big Show beats Clay down and ends the brawl with a WMD punch to the jaw. Big Show jaws at the crowd and heads to the back. Otunga gets in the ring and says somebody better call Clay’s mama. Otunga talks serious shit and says he’s going to show everybody how it’s done. Clay’s music hits and Otunga does a sick version of the Carlton mixed with the Funkasaurus. Clay just got served.

The RYBACK obliterates 2 Poets via double decker Running Samoan Drop

~ Still dominant and still entertaining. There’s nothing seeing one man being powerbombed onto another.

Yoshi Tatsu is speaking to Mick Foley. Vicky Guerrero interrupts and says some racist shit to Yoshi. Vicky says she’s running Smackdown next week and she needs an assistant. Mick suggests The Great Khali and he comes in dancing to his music. Vicky freaks out and runs away.

~ Okay WWE creative. I can come up with a hundred ways to be a rude heel without being racist.

Non-Title Match
Alberto Del Rio submits Christian via Cross Arm Breaker

  • After the match Cody mauls Christian and works over his arm and shoulder.

~ Lovely match, although I think it could have been saved and built for a later pay per view. I’ve always felt that intriguing matches between to two great wrestlers should be handled with great detail. Why waste a match in the midcard on Smackdown? I don’t recall seeing ADR using a superkick before but he did here and it looked great. I hope they wrestle each other again. This match was pretty excellent.

I love Christian’s periodic table of elements themed shirt. It’s not as dope as Frankie Edgar’s shirt but it’s dope by WWEShop standards. Wait a second. Never mind, I just saw the back and it exclaims “VITAL ELEMENT!” Goddamn it WWE.

Kane defeats Daniel Bryan via Chokeslam

  • AJ was the timekeeper and rang the bell at the wrong time to disrupt Bryan’s guillotine hold on Kane’s neck. Kane hit the chokeslam when the match resumed.

~ If you haven’t watched this episode yet do yourself a favor and watch this match first. The ending sequence was something to behold. Bryan and Kane went from counter to counter and flowed from one sub attempt to another.

Also, I’m beginning to think that Daniel Bryan’s running dropkick is one of the best attacks on WWE television. I mark out for it every time I see it. This was another pay per view worthy match tonight and it delivered all the goods.

Mick Foley comes out and gets a cheap Baltimore pop. Heath Slater comes out and says that Mick Foley should do something about Roddy Piper, Cyndi Lauper, and Wendi Richter embarrassing him on RAW. Foley blows him off and says Heath should worry about his next opponent, Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder defeats Heath Slater

~ Good squash match. It was nice to see Ryder get a great pop. Perhaps the WWE still has a chance to make use of Ryder’s popularity.

Zack Ryder and Foley are hamming it up backstage. Damien Sandow drops by and insults them.

The Prime Time Players w/ Abraham Washington defeat The Usos via O’Neil’s Sky High

~ Whaaa? I don’t have to hear the Prime Time Players speak anymore? I’m down with that. Also I don’t mind Abraham Washington being their mouth piece. I also think they should rock Miami Heat colors for the full sports star douchebag effect.

This was a solid tag team match and the Usos have improved so much. I know this was a showcase of the Prime Time Players but I think the Usos shined more despite the loss.

They show a commercial for WWE’s No Hold’s Barred DVD release.

~ Wow. They’re marketing this as the “Glitter” of wrestling movies. If only it was a musical.

Primo & Epico brawl with the Prime Time Players backstage and the refs break it up.

Santino comes out and does a SIGN CAM segment. Only in wrestling. A woman holding up “I heart Santino” is welcomed to the ring. She’s super excited and wearing a COBRA sleeve. She says COBRA into the microphone and plants a big one on Santino’s lips. He passes out and the segment is over.

Sheamus pins Dolph Ziggler via Brogue Kick

~ Good main event and Ziggler continues to show that he’s one of the top wrestlers on the WWE roster. Ziggler’s famouser off the steps to Sheamus on the outside was sick.

How much does it take to pin Sheamus and why does it always just take one Brogue Kick to put somebody away? I don’t mind the Sheamus push but I wish they’d allow him to be vulnerable. I’m just nitpicking. I would just like to see some of the WWE’s golden boys get beat every now and then.

Despite the super Sheamus finish I liked this episode a lot. I can’t say enough about the first hour and I think Smackdown has an incredible roster of talent that sets up a lot of interesting matches and storylines for the next year.

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