Horrible acting ruined everything.

Talked over recap about James Storm coming back and Austin Aries possibly dropping the X Division Title to go main event. Why can’t he just hold the title and if he wins the World Title he can give the X Title up!? SO stupid.


Its One Fight Night… annnnnnnnd the Bound for Glory Series.


Old man Hogan painfully walks to the ring. Apparently Sting got jumped last week by masked dudes, which he brings up… Hogan brings up Aries then has him come out, he gets a chant… He recaps the proposal by Hogan to drop the title to get at Roode or stay X Champ. He puts over the X Title and what its done for TNA’s history. Aries wants for this option to give up the Title goes every year for Destination X going forward. Hogan agrees. Good stipulation to either keep the belt or give it up for a World Title opportunity for this ppv from now on. Roode comes out and is all pissed off about stuff and getd challenged for OFN. They then go into a typical TNA brawl which gets pulled apart.


Fucking Mr. Anderson then comes out in the middle of what was pretty good shit so far. Ugh. He winning the BFGS… god I hope not. To think I use to be a fan of this dude… progress your character home boy.


After the break, he’s still in the ring and calls out Chris Daniels… Daniel’s comes to the ring with an appletini… haha match starts and its fairly fasted paced… but Anderson wins with the mic check fairly easy, the fuck!? You could have put this goof ball over without pinning Daniels who’s in one of the bigger angles in the company! Stupid.


BFGS matches are now officially 10 minutes long…


AJ and Dixie in the back and they are going to do the right tonight… this better not be about a fucking birthday party or bar mitzvah for some spoiled rich kid.


Knockouts in the back with Brooke Hogan in her office… she wants to know why these ladies want to be champion… Christ. In a backhanded way ODB shits on the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. They all bicker… so annoying. Oh god, she’s eliminating girls until she tells them all who she picks to have a Title match. god dammit.


Robbie E and T are in the ring all of a sudden. He challenges any dude from the BFGS… oh look The Pope is still with the company. Angle accepts the challenge and makes this kid tap to the ankle lock. He gets 10pts for this.


Taeler Hendrix, a knockout is up for the Gut Check. Poor kids got cancer. Hopefully she’s dope.


Magnus is out, he calls out… we get a commercial break… Damn that movie Savages might be dope. Anyhow we’re back and Magnus shits on AJ and this Dixie shit before calling him out. Daniels and Kaz come out for the distraction. Big michinoku driver by Magnus for the 7pt win.


Gut Check match up is up… Taeler Hendrix takes on… Tara. Poor little girl gets ultimately gets beat. Are any of these gut check people ever going to get over. Tara does the respect thing after the match.


The movie Ted looks funny.


Joseph Park runs into Bully Ray in the back. He gets threatened and then pees himself.


Joe is out next, he’s sporting his gladiator shorts again. He apparently has a red neck accent now?! Joe challenges James Storm. They go for a bit before Joe gets superkicked for the Storm win and 7pts. Joe gives Storm the respect beer, he stuck his wiener in it.


AJ/Dixie drama video recap into more chatty shit by the 2 in the back.


Diva shit again in the back in Brook’s office. ODB is booted.


Bully Ray is out and wants to make an easy 10pts by challenging The Pope who apparently is in the BFGS even though he hasn’t been around in a shit ton of time. Abyss is in the crowd which ends up costing Ray the match. Pope 7pts.


Stupid country video with Velvet Sky.


Tessmacher defends against… Brooke chooses Mickie James. Tessmacher wins with a rollup out of nowhere. Mickie is shocked and pissed. Period.


Hardy and RVD are the main event… I could give a shit, forward job. Hardy wins with a nasty Twist of Fate. 7pts for Hardy.


Jame Storm runs the BFGS with 27pts.


AJ & Angle vs. Kazarian and Daniels in a tag title rematch next week is the main event.


AJ and Dixie are up last… they get a TNA chant…? They waste a lot of time trying to get to the point. Some chick comes down to ring and comes into the ring… she’s involved… she says Dixie and AJ aren’t cheating and she’s an addict… the fuck is this bowlshit right now?? She’s a horrible actor. This makes no sense… Daniels and Kaz try to looked shocked in the back that this bitch is telling the truth. Daniels and Kaz come down to get beat up by Styles.


That. Made. No. Sense.


Damn man is was an overall good show up until whatever the fuck that ending was! God dammit TNA!








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