No Way Out Live Blog 2012


We’re here live blogging WWE’s No Way Out pay per view! Refresh every few minutes to get match by match updates!

They show a video package that recaps the Cena-Laurinaitis-Big Show feud.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

World Champion Sheamus retains the title versus Dolph Ziggler via Brogue Kick

  • Ziggler gets a kiss from Vicky at the start. They focus a long time on Ziggler before the bell. Perhaps it’s a sign of a title change?
  • Back and forth battle.
  • Ziggler hits a sick jumping DDT. Lovely.
  • Ziggler controlling match with wear down holds.
  • Sheamus battles back with Irish Ax Handles
  • Ziggler manages to slap on the sleeper but Sheamus manages to counter out of it.
  • Ziggler hits a Zig Zag/Famouser but Sheamus kicks out at 2!
  • Ziggler hits an OFF THE TOP Acid Drop for a close 2! Crowd is eating this up.
  • Sheamus catches Ziggler in mid-air and hits him with the Irish Curse Backbreaker.
  • Sheamus blasts Ziggler with his clubs to the chest.
  • Sheamus drops Ziggler with White Noise, then hits the Brogue Kick and it’s over.

~ Great opener. Both men brought their A-game. Strong finish to an exciting match.

John Laurinaitis apologizes to Vince McMahon in the back. He suggests that Vince rest and take it easy tonight.Vince gives him a ‘go fuck yourself’ stare and goes into a room. Josh Mathews interviews Laurinaitis but Laurinaitis puts him down and says he has a show to run.

Tuxedo Match
Santino Marella defeats Ricardo Rodriguez via Foot Cobra Strike

  • Santino comes out in a bright blue tuxedo.
  • Ricardo Rodrguez slowly comes out on stage and does some half-assed karate forms.
  • Ricardo grabs Santino’s coat pocket and rips out a strip of fabric to start the match.
  • Santino rips Ricardo’s tux and rips off the sleeve.
  • Santino plays el matador with Ricardo’s coat and Ricardo bumps to the outside.
  • Crowd gets disrespectful and starts a BORING chant. Dicks.
  • Ricardo gets the upper hand and pulls off Santino’s pants.
  • Ricardo manages to pull off Santino’s socks and there’s a COBRA sock on his right foot.
  • Santino hits Ricardo with a Cobra foot strike and pulls off Ricardo’s pants for the win.

~ Fun match that didn’t seem to connect with the crowd. I liked it. It did what it was suppose to do being placed between to competitive title matches.

Striker interviews CM Punk. Striker asks Punk about AJ. Punk says this match isn’t about AJ but about two very formidable opponents. AJ interrupts and wishes him good luck and gives him a kiss. Punk says thanks but luck I for losers. Striker puts the mic to her face but she stares him off.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Christian © vs Cody Rhodes

  • Back and forth action at the start.
  • Christian gets the upper hand for a moment but Cody counters a suicide dive at the ropes.
  • Cody trips Christian who falls face first on the hard ring apron.
  • Cody takes control on the outside but Christian pulls off a DDT to the floor out of nowhere.
  • Cody showboats at the top turnbuckle and Christian hits a ‘rana off the top for two.
  • Alabama Slam by Cody for a close two.
  • Cody kicks out of a Kill Switch!!!
  • Christian ducks under TWO Beautiful Disaster Kicks, Cody counters a Kill Switch, but Christian ends the match with a spear. Amazing counters near the end!

~ Good match with an amazing ending. Both men put on their wrestling boots here and put forth a great sequence of near falls and counters.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match
Primetime Players (Young & O’Neil) defeat Primo & Epico, Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd, and  The Usos

  • Booker T says that the Primetime Players tights are “fruit booty-ish.” Is the WWE going to punish Booker for that? I hope not.
  • All the teams get some offense in at the start.
  • The action breaks down to the outside. Tyson Kidd hits a ‘rana on Primo off the top rope onto the crowd of wrestlers.
  • Darren Young pushes the legal man into the ring, hits an inverted back cracker for the win.
  • After the match Abraham Washington raises the hands of the Primetime Players for the turn.

They show an Alberto Del Rio-centric Money in the Bank promo.

Triple H comes out in a suit. He challenges Brock Lesnar to a match at Summerslam. Triple H says he wants to fight him.

AJ speaks with Daniel Bryan in the back. AJ tells him that she still hasn’t gotten over him and wishes him good luck.

WWE Divas Championship
Layla © vs Beth Phoenix

  • Layla controls at the start and even teases Beth with her own bedazzled tiara.
  • Beth puts Layla up in a Gorilla Press but Layla counters the slam with a DDT.
  • Layla hits the Neck Breaker and it’s over.

AJ wishes Kane good luck in the back. Kane pulls her in and makes out with her to huge YES chants.

Sin Cara pins Hunico via Tilt-a-Whirl DDT

  • Hunico gets the upper hand at the start.
  • Sin Cara counters an arm lock but gets pummeled by knees when he tries to dive through the ropes.
  • Hunico hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two.
  • Hunico counters a headscissors with a D-Lo Brown powerbomb for two.
  • Sin Cara hits his tilt-a-whirl DDT out of nowhere for the win.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
CM Punk © retains his title against Daniel Bryan and Kane

  • Punk and Daniel break Kane down with leg kicks to the front and back. Ouch.
  • Bryan hits a suicide dive to Kane on the outside.
  • Punk with a plancha off the top on both men.
  • Bryan murders Kane’s face and blasts him out of the ring with a baseball slide.
  • Crowd is hot. Punk kills Bryan’s chest with Flair Chops.
  • Bryan gets a kick to the chest rally on both men. Crowd gave him YES chants for all kicks.
  • Punk counters a headkick with a rollup for two.
  • Punk hits his Macho Elbow Drop on Bryan for a two count.
  • Daniel gets Punk in a Yes Lock but Punk leans back to counter out of the hold.
  • Punk hits the GTS but Kane pulls Bryan out of the ring to break the pinfall.
  • Punk KICKS OUT of Kane’s Chokeslam!
  • Punk pushes Kane into AJ, which knocks her off the ring apron.
  • Go To Sleep on Kane and Punk retains.

RYBACK squashes two Local Workers

  • Crowd is going in full asshole mode tonight. Here come the Goldberg chants.
  • Ryback does a splash off the top second rope.
  • Ryback hits his Double Decker Running Samoan Drop for the win.

Steel Cage Match
If Show Loses, Johnny Ace Is Fired, If Cena Loses, He’s Fired
John Cena defeats The Big Show by escaping the cage

  • Show dominates most of this match.
  • Laurinaitis slams Vince into the cage door onto Cena’s face.
  • Cena kicks out of Big Show’s Chokeslam.
  • Big Show is about to walk out of the cage but Brodus Clay comes by with a steel chair in hand.
  • Show retreats back into the cage and Ryder, Santino and Kofi come out and keep Big Show in the cage.
  • Cena drops outside of the cage for the win.

After the match Vince gets on the mic and FIRES John Laurinaitis. Cena follows that up with an AA to Laurinaitis through the announcers table.

That concludes the pay per view. Thank you for visiting!

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