Smackdown Thoughts & Review [June 15, 2012]


Behold the Elbow of Disdain.

Manchester, N.H.

They show a video covering the Big Show-Cena feud.

AJ comes to the ring with a strong mixed reaction. Before AJ explains why she kissed Kane, Vicky Guerrero interrupts her to the crowd’s dismay.

Vicky says that the only newsworthy item is Dolph being the number one contender. Dolph comes out and says that he’s better than wrestling meaningless tag team matches with Jack Swagger. He goes on to insult AJ (I think he called her a Hot Topic employee and more. Burn!).

AJ says that his insults were wack and she calls Vicky his grandma. Vicky slaps the shit out of AJ and threatens to throw he out. AJ gets this demented look on her face and Punk’s music hits. Huge pop.

CM Punk enters the ring and says that Dolph chokes time after time. Punk also calls Vicky the voice of the pointless.

Dolph interjects and says he’s the voice of the next World Heavyweight…

Daniel Bryan comes out with his prick grin. He mocks CM Punk and calls him a hero for ‘saving’ AJ. Bryan says that Punk is pussy whipped and is wrapped around AJ’s little finger (I added the pussy whipped part). Daniel Bryan also says he’s going to be the next champ. Before Bryan can finish his catchphrase…

Sheamus comes out to another big pop (there are some boos from the crowd). Sheamus throws his weak ass insults towards Daniel Bryan and Dolph. Sheamus suggests a tag team match between him and Punk versus Ziggler and Bryan. AJ tries to attack Vicky but Punk holds her back.

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) & Daniel Bryan defeat WWE Champion C.M. Punk & World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus via Ziggler’s rollup on Sheamus (due to Vicky Guerrero interfering)

~ This was one of the best Smackdown curtain jerk matches I’ve seen a long time. This match was very entertaining in so many ways. The heel tag team psychology that Ziggler and Bryan used would have made the Midnight Express proud. From illegal chokes to distractions on the outside, Ziggler and Bryan did it all.

After the match AJ gets some alone time with Vicky in the ring. AJ gets her licks in but Vicky manages to kick AJ’s back into the corner of the ring apron. AJ is hurt and Kane comes out to carry her to the back. Great reaction from the crowd. Punk attacks Kane on the stage but Kane battles Punk back to the ring. Bryan gets in the mix and Kane ends up chokeslamming both men. AJ sits atop the ramp and starts laughing hysterically as Kane looks on.

Brodus Clay comes out and talks about Cena beating Big Show at No Way Out.

Brodus Clay pins Heath Slater via running splash

~ Quick squash for Brodus. I don’t know about you but I think Funkasaurus has run its course. I’ll be rooting for Otunga at No Way Out.

After the match David Otunga clips Clay’s knee and goes to work on his left leg.

~ I LOVED this and it was good to see Otunga get a decent amount of offense in on an upper-midcard wrestler. However, I have a feeling they’re going to have Clay go over Otunga with an injured leg at No Way Out. I’d push Otunga as far as the crowd would allow it. I think Otunga is getting solid heel heat that doesn’t scream ‘get this guy out of the company.’ Otunga can rock a mic and he knows just what to say to get the crowd hating on him.

Beth Phoenix pins Alicia Fox via Glam Slam

  • Layla joined the commentary team.

~ This was solid and it’s nice to see the Divas improve over time. Alicia looked solid and the match was better than expected for a squash.

John Laurinaitis introduces Big Show to the ring. Big Show says he’s proud that he didn’t go the happy guy John Cena route. Big Show drops some jewels about being held back in WCW and in the WWE. He namedrops Sting, Flair and Hogan to boot.

Michael Cole gets on the mic and warns Show and Laurinaitis that John Cena is on his way to the arena.

~ This was Big Show’s greatest moment on the mic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have the Big Show go over John Cena at No Way Out. I would hate to spend money for a pay per view where John Cena goes over yet again.

Intercontinental Champion Christian pin Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero) via Frog Splash

~ This was surprisingly quick and I think HHH must be hating on Swagger for having the hottest wife of all the dudes on the current roster. Christian proves that he’s one of the top five wrestlers week after week. Christian’s Frog Splash is quickly becoming one of my favorite finishers in the company.

I still wonder where the WWE went wrong in promoting Swagger. He should have accomplished most of the titles that Kurt Angle has won this far into this career.

Ryback murders two local workers via double decker running Samoan Drop

~ This shit right here? This shit is dope son. Ryback is the truth and they need to bring him along slowly. He should work on his game, get a submission move, and improve his mic skills. I don’t think he should talk much but he should be prepared if the opportunity comes. Ryback could become what Goldberg and Vader was supposed to be in the WWE. Props to Ryback, the workers involved, and the agents for coming up with new ways to make Ryback’s devastation different and entertaining every week.

Damien Sandow pins Tyson Kidd via Criss-Cross/Straightjacket Neckbreaker

~ I love watching Sandow do his thing. It’s a throwback gimmick that is so refreshing in this current WWE landscape.

Dr. Jean Shorts comes out and talks his hot garbage about being easy to find.

Laurinaitis comes out and says that he sent Big Show home. He insinuates that Dr. Jean Shorts will be fired if he touches him. Dr. Jean Shorts then sucker punches Laurinaitis and knocks him out.

~ Great show tonight despite the wack ending with Dr. Jean Shorts. It’s a good thing that the must see match is at the beginning. Feel free to stop watching after Sandow’s match. We’ve all seen Dr. Jean Shorts do this foolishness before.

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