Big Show is a monster, just ask him… Ziggler gets another shot at being #1… Cena still has dumb jokes… Vince is back… as his the man they call VADER!

Not ready for a 3 hour edition…


John Laurinaitis is out to start the show but could barely get his name in before Vince comes out, group loves it!


Vince asks why he shouldn’t fire him right now and Laurinaitis brings up People Power.


Johnny brings up the 100th I mean 1000th show. What a dumb ass.


Crowd gets in a deafening “fire Johnny”.


Vince brings up the Brock mess and how he hired the WRONG one-legged wrestler… he said that was true. Haha


Vince shits on the Big Show… damn, a little too personal.


Laurinaitis brings up Vince getting his face in Show’s ass… oh boy… this isn’t going to end with a Kiss My Ass inductee is it!?


World Champion Sheamus interrupts these shenanigans with how “good” a friend Johnny is…


Vince brings up that “fire johnny” is trending… hearing Vince bring up Twitter is like hearing your grandmother making sex noises. Awkward.


13 minutes in and is dragging.


Vince threatens Laurinaitis that all the matches tonight best be dope or he’s fired.


Finally over.



Vince leaves in the People Power Electric Chair and then runs it off the stage.



Sheamus takes on Tensai to start the night… so far Laurinaitis is fired.


They try to blame Khali for Del Rio’s concussion… haha stupid!


Not long before we get a loud “Albert” chant.


This match seems quite stiff.


Fucking Tensai is welted!


Brogue kick out of nowhere for the Sheamus win.


Strong style match, not too bad.



Vince, Laurinaitis and Teddy in the back. Vince calls this strike one…


Vicki interrupts and promotes her boys for the Del Rio slot.


Teddy has a good idea to determine the #1 contender, Laurinaitis tries to take credit and offers Vince a fist bump…



After the break Tensai dumps his henchman by beating on him.


This goes long… refs finally shows up.



Fools relive their favorite RAW moments like Seth Green.



Striker has R-Truth in the back, he rants on Little Jimmy.


He talks shit about Big Show and gets knocked the fuck out for doing so by the Big Show.


The replay after the break shows actually a bitch ass punch.



Santino & Layla vs. Beth Phoenix & Ricardo Rodriguez is next… comedy match.


Mid match Beth kicks double R out of the ring and tells him to stay.


He comes in anyway and gets a Layla heads scissors.


Santino teases the cobra on the outside which leads to double R to take the ring post.


Glam Slam finishes this one off.


Double R celebrates like he won the title.


Santino rips his shirt and double R is wearing a Justin Bieber shirt… the fuck?


Kiddie jokes.



Otunga in the back with Vince. He don’t wanna see Laurinaitis fired but IF he is… he’s is trying to get the job.


Vince isn’t having it when Kofi comes in, he wants Big Show tonight…


Laurinaitis makes the match… in a steel cage


Vince approves.



Bryan does the walk beard n all.



Funny how the graphic for the ppv match focuses on Bryan and Punk more so than Kane…


Bryan is out to say one of these guys is NOT like the other… himself.


How AJ is a distraction for Kane and Punk but not his ass.


Bryan gets out “once you go Bryan, there is no reason tryin’” haha!!


He chants YES! before Punk interrupts.


Punk says he digs crazy chicks and his WWE Title.


Bryan tells Punk he’s changed and shits on the crowd.


Bryan calls Punk a sellout, bigger than Big Show.


Punk wants to bring up ol’ shit about last summer and his Summer of Punk 2.


Punk stumbles on his words almost sounding like he doesn’t like the fans before turning the tides on Bryan and his change since he broke the glass.


Bryan gets called “goat face” which gets chance.


Kane’s pyro goes off and it looked like it legitimately made Bryan jump. Haha.


Kane brings up old shit he’s done to people… and Shane McMahon’s balls.


AJ is now out to play the cooler head… or for a gang bang. I’m not sure which.


AJ hits on Kane which gets a “crazy chicks” chant, funny.


She tells Bryan that you never get over your first love.


#goat face is trending… fucking Twitter.


She says Punk is the coolest guy ever.


AJ finishes with the best man WILL win this weekend.


Laurinaitis on the tron… he makes Kane & Bryan vs. AJ and Punk… mixed tag night apparently…



Lawler is ordering a pizza on his iPad… mmm pizza.



Four way for the #1 contender spot, TNA’s Christian Cage vs. Khali vs. Swagger vs. Ziggler.


Khali painted as a monster until Vicki’s guys team up on him.


Khali is gone after a frog splash and all three guys covering him. oh well for looking strong.


Good shit thus far by Christian, Swagger and Ziggler.


Killswitch by Christian but Ziggler makes the pin on Swagger.


“lets go Ziggler” chant.


CLOSE roll up pin by Christian.


2 ½ after Christian hits the short spear while he plays up the injured Ankle.


Another 2 ½ count after a Ziggler high leg drop.


Christian off the top but lands on his feet, he favors the ankle right into a zig zag for the Ziggler win!


Ziggler goes to the ppv! Solid match!


Sheamus and Ziggler have a stare down on the stage to get the match over.



Natalya in the back with Vince, she wants to bring all the Hart’s back… Vince looks nervous. Haha


Clay’s ladies dance up on Vince they want Clay back on RAW.


Vince yells out… somebody call my mama before dancing with the girls… its like dancing with pervy uncle Larry at your cousins wedding.


Zack Ryder looks on shocked before Vince give him a WWWYKI… oh boy…



Ryback destroys 2 local dudes who actually get an entrance… with no music.


Ryback did a 3 powebomb spot on one of these kids and runs through the other one at ringside.


He gets a Goldberg chant… over it, fuck you people!


After the match it looks like Ryback wants THREE at a time. Could be a first but I don’t recall at the moment, too much wine.



Hornswoggle in the back with Vince doing fucked up Jim Ross impressions… fuck you guys.


This gets “JR” chant in the arena.


The Green Cock Cobbler aka Cena walks in… he wants Laurinaitis fired.


They banter back and forth about WrestleMania loses…


Blah blah blah.


Cena leaves and Otunga walks in… Vince says Otunga is ass kissing and no one repects anyone who kisses someone’s ass… they pan and William Regal is sitting on the couch. FYI he’s the first Kiss My Ass club member. Wah wahhhh.



Steel Cage match with Kofi and Show is next… so they are going to kill BOTH tag champions tonight!?


Kofi in a steel cage looks weird. That’s how much damage they’ve done to this kid.


Clay gets Otunga on the ppv preshow… come on.


Maybe its time to change Show’s music a little bit?


Show darts Kofi into the cage to start…


Show is beating his ass consistently.


Big Show should go for a Bully Ray type character. Solid heel.


Kofi finally recovers and hits the TIP but Show kicks out fast.


Kofi then goes for the door but Show stops that shit.


Show knocks Kofi the fuck out then stares at the crowd (wasting time) before he finally walks out the cage like no big deal.



Sin Cara beat Curt Hawkins, that’s all I got to say about that.



They try to put over the You Tube show Backstage Fallout. Its very TNA.



Bryan in the back stretching when… Vince walks in… oh boy… Bryan says Vince wouldn’t like a guy like him. Vince shits on him looking like a WWE Superstar.


He says he’s been fired before and proved Vince wrong.


They banter before Vince says he’s never finished anything in 18 seconds… ugh.


Put the kid over you asshole!



Ziggler puts over RAW for its 1000th episode. He loved Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, yeah who didn’t.



Heath Slater vs…. ITS BIG VAN VADER!!!! Motherfucker still looks good!


“Vader” and “lets go Vader” chants.


Vader finally runs though Slater but it took a bit for him to get into it.


“you still got it” chant, I love that chant when properly used. Like here.


“Vader bomb” chant! see fucking fans know their shit when its good!


Vader bomb in the corner for the pin and the win.


Oh man, that’s good to see Vader again and the crowd made this shit!



AJ in the back freaking out when Punk comes up to calm her cute little ass down.


He tries to tell her to not get in the way but she’s all over him like flies on shit even kissing this homo looking dude on the cheek.



Main event “tag team” match, Kane & Bryan vs. Punk & AJ


Nice “YES!” chants for Bryan after the tag.


Good exchange with Punk and Bryan.


Punk goes for the tag before realizing what he was about to do.


AJ gets accidentally tagged in when Punk takes the corner.


She stares at Kane then skips around him HAHA! She then jumps in his arms and kisses him! ENJOY THAT SHIT FUCKER! Yeah bitch, get it. this gets a “YES!” chant. haha!


Kane looks confused before AJ gets off him. Kane tags out and walks off.


Macho Man elbow by Punk on Bryan for the pin and the win.


AJ smiles after the match and sits Indian style in the ring.


Punk and Kane looked confused while Bryan looks concerned, yet conflicted. I’ve said it before, this onion has many layers. Haha



Oh no, last segment… Vince is out and is kissing Hartford’s ass.


Laurinaitis comes out over looking what happened to his scooter, nice visual.


Vince has security guards for some reason… he says they are for Johnny, to walk him out.


Johnny pleads his case and what he’s done and what he will do when this shit goes 3 hours.


Before Vince can fire Laurinaitis, Big Show comes out.


Show brings up his iron clad contract and how Vince can’t fire him without having to STILL pay his ass.


Big Show says he did all this bullshit in the past because of Vince and how he didn’t let him be HIM.


He doesn’t have to be part of the dog and pony show anymore. Good line.


Show goes on about Vince’s “golden goose”, Cena.


Cock cobbler finally shows up to yuck it up. What a character… fuck you man.


There are no words for how fucking annoying John Cena is.


Cena finally gets all serious n shit asking Show what happens if he doesn’t beat Cena at the ppv.


See man, when this kid gets serious he can play the role well but when he comes out making poopy jokes… fuck.


Vince chimes in and says he will be at the ppv to fire Johnny if Show loses.


We get a short pull apart and a PHANTOM PUNCH that lays Vince out accidentally! haha!


Show is sent to the back by Johnny while Cena looks like he shit himself.


The end.



Overall? Better than I thought for sure. Vader was a nice surprise, the #1 contender match picked up steam after the Khali elimination and good to see Vince here and there.


Tune in Sunday for the ppv, unfortunately Great Puma is on solo duties as I will be 10 fathoms under Burma.













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