Smackdown Thoughts & Review [June 8, 2012]


“WWE Superstar Sheamus will always have a 30 to 1 ratio of dominating wins to clean losses.” (WWE Front Office Memo to WWE Agents)

Alberto Del Rio comes out and asks for Sheamus to come out. Roberto Rodriguez comes out in full Super Saiyan Sheamus mode along with a toy replica of the World Heavyweight Championship. Hilarious. Ricardo flops around when he tries to Brogue Kick ADR. The real Sheamus comes out and Ricardo and ADR jump on him. Because this is the WWE, Sheamus valiantly fights them off and kicks their asses up the entrance ramp. Ricardo and ADR eventually get the best of Sheamus and then the refs pull them off.

Teddy Long enters the scene and states that John Laurinaitis is not there. Long says that he’s in charge. He makes a match between Kane and Sheamus. Long then says that ADR is now facing the Great Khali.

~ Ricardo Rodriguez is money and that’s all I have to say about this opening segment.

Alberto Del Rio submits The Great Khali via Cross Arm Breaker

~ This was a surprisingly good match. ADR bumped like crazy for Khali who did his best to look formidable. I like the finish a lot with ADR flowing into the Cross Arm Breaker from full mount. Pretty cool stuff.

Teddy Long speaks with Brodus Clay and the Funkadactyls in the back. Long say that Brodus can’t be on Raw anymore so he is protected from the Big Show.

~ I hope they build Brodus Clay up to the point where he can win a revenge match against the Big Show. If they don’t, I feel that all of this will be for nothing.

Brodus Clay pinned Derrick Bateman via Jumping Splash

~ Okay. Brodus seems a little meaner and more aggressive. I like him but I like Ryback and Sandow more.

Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre via modified Tilt-a-Whirl DDT

~ Decent competitive match. Drew got more offense in than he has in the past half year. I’m not buying the finish. They made it seem that Drew countered the Tilt-a-Whirl but it looked more like a mild botch.

Ryback demolished Kevin & Tony, two local workers, via Double Decker Modified Samoan Drop

~ I love watching this motherfucker. That is all.

The crew is setting up the Peep Show and Cody Rhodes comes out to the set early. Cody tosses the sign down and throws down a stool. Cody starts bitching and moaning but is interrupted by Christian.

Cody asks Christian why he’s pandering to the crowd now. Christian says that ever since he inducted Edge that he wanted to be something more than the “one more match” guy. Christian goes on to say that he wants to be a future Hall of Famer like his buddy, Edge.

Dolph Ziggler comes out to join the segment. Ziggler says that he’s here to show off and beat Christian.

Christian pins Dolph Ziggler via Frog Splash

~ These two should be the next feud after Cody and Christian. They had tons of chemistry and the final minutes of the match were of pay per view quality. Watch this match first if you plan on watching later. The counter to Ziggler’s famouser was nice. Ziggler’s dropkick on Christian’s face during a spear attempt was also very dope. This is a pretty good episode of Smackdown so far.

They replay Cena’s ass whupping on Michael Cole, which is the only time I’ve ever rooted for Cena.

They cut to Hornswoggle in the ring dressed like a mini-JR. He makes fun of Michael Cole until he’s interrupted by Damien Sandow.

Sandow calls Hornswaggle a “mystery.” LOL. He says that he doesn’t want to allow this bullshit to go on any further. Sandow says he wants to teach Horny a lesson.

Sandow approaches Horny but Tyson Kidd puts on his Captain Save-a-Ho pants. Sandow retreats but eventually comes back when Kidd’s back is turned. Sandow drops Kidd with his Criss-Cross/Straightjacket Neckbreaker along with the greatest pin I’ve ever seen. All of this was followed by the best cartwheel in combat sports of course.

~ I can’t wait till they put Sandown in a ten-plus minute match. I really want to see how Sandow wrestles in the spotlight.

Matt Striker asks Kane about him and AJ on last Monday’s Raw. Kane shoots him a look and Striker backs off. They pan to AJ and she glares at Kane’s back.

Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) defeated Jimmy Uso via Cradle Styles Clash

  • Teddy Long introduced Antonio Cesaro and his lover, Aksana.

~ This was better than I thought it would be. Jimmy Uso has improved a lot and I wouldn’t mind seeing more singles matches from him. Out of all the WWE rookies, Cesaro seems to have the least amount of buzz from the casual fans. It’s unfortunately because he’s arguably the best in-ring performer among all of the first year workers on the roster.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Kane via DQ (Alberto Del Rio interference)

  • Kane was going to chokeslam Shemaus after the match but AJ distracted Kane. Sheamus got back up and Brogue Kicked Kane and Ricardo Rodriguez.

~ Good and competitive match. Both wrestlers looked good and I wouldn’t mind seeing these two go at it again.

It’s almost as if the WWE cannot stand to see Sheamus lose clean. If Sheamus isn’t being DQ’d, he’s being counted out. Sheamus RARELY loses cleanly in a singles match. He only got pinned once this year and he continues to dominate in the rest of his matches. I think Sheamus is good but I don’t think he’s that guy the WWE is looking for. His fan base seems to mirror Cena’s and not much more. WWE should be pushing guys that could possibly be followed by a wide margin of people from old and savvy pro wrestling fans to the casual fan. Sheamus isn’t that guy in my opinion.

Overall, this was a good episode of Smackdown. It wasn’t as good as last week’s but I found myself entertained.

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