It’s the go-home show where we find out the matches… yeah, on the go home show.

Voice over recap of the AJ/Daniels bowlshit with Dixie. I don’t think you need a narrator to explain what’s going on, we got it man.


Tenay and Taz play unseen footage of Dixie flipping their shit on the producer of the show about playing that footage. That’s a new one.


We then cut to Dixie in the ring, she’s all sad faced and feels sorry for Kaz and Daniels cause they are sad people. She’s about to “come clean” when her accusers come out.


Daniels pushes her verbally and she pushes him physically.


Style finally comes out when Daniels pushed her down.


Look its Dixie’s husband and he straight up punches Styles in the face! Oh shit! Haha


Husband bounces, Dixie and Styles talk all concern-icus on the way out.


I gotta give it to them, at least they got a story and they are sticking to it.


Recap after the break, the announcers are just shocked.

Crimson vs. Austin Aries… oh man.


Aries and Joe have words in the back… well at least this will give Joe SOMETHING to do and it will be dope.


Aries keeps ahead of Crimson thus far.


Oh look, its Joe and he’s on Aries like flies on shit behind the back of the ref.


Crimson rolls Aries up and calls it a day…


I really hope they are saving this undefeated thing for someone like King Mo.


Crimson gloats after the match and says he’s lasted longer then Goldberg… at least THAT dude had something. You ain’t got shit.


He issues an Open Challenge for the ppv… lets see what happens…

Hogan does the walk n talk in the back. Brings up Brooke, blah blah.

Brooke walks into the Knockouts to intro herself… oh no.


She kisses ass and makes a 4 way for tonight. Winner gets a title shot at the ppv.


Velvet gets some music video and Mickie looks on annoyed about all this bullshit. She’s the smart one here folks, get it.

Hogan’s out and in the ring… Hulk that is.  He tells us its been 10 years for TNA.


He rambles about partying and next Thursday we get a World Title match no matter who wins at the ppv. Well that’s cost effective.


“IT Factor” t-shirt is a little much for Roode who comes down to shut Hogan up…


Roode complains about stuff while Hogan cuts him off unsuccessfully.


Roode says he was better than Hogan and tells his ass to bounce.


Sting is out… to get beat up.


Sting basically “Hulks” up to return the beat down.


Roode takes off.

Knockouts stretching in the back… in slow-mo while the sprinklers go off… sorry that really didn’t happen… they weren’t stretching.

Bruce Wayne, Abyss Joseph Parks is cutting a promo about having to wrestle n some junk.

4 way match is next sans the sprinklers. Its Tara, Tessmacher, Mickie and Velvet.


Gail comes out to commentary to yip yap. She wants to call herself the longest running… just like Roode… just like Crimson…


Gail wants to get hash-tagged tonight… that use to mean something else a long time ago…


Tara should not be missing moonsaults at this age… we older.


I sold for her once, funny.


Tessmacher wins with her finisher on Mickie.

Bully Ray’s in the back with a contract. His new shirt looks like the Jack Daniels logo, that’s kinda dope and not just because Jack is my shit.


This contract is the one that lets Joseph Parks get his ass beat.

Oh shit, that new Prometheus commercial spells out “before there was Alien”… BAM BITCHES!

Another recap of the Dixie Drama.


Hogan has Styles on the phone and he does give a shit and wants his ass back at the arena. Hogan then calls him a son of a bitch… that was just unnecessary sir.

Borash in the ring, tables and all to do the contract signing for Bully Ray vs. Parks.


Bully is still the best heel in TNA. The crowd is booing him something nice here.


Glad Parks doesn’t come out with music.


Bully Ray rips up the contract because they aren’t having a standard wrestling match. He’s got his own contract for this match.


Parks isn’t signing shit to he gets spit in the face. This gets it signed.


“Abyss is on the screen”… he’s not happy with either and he’s coming to Slammiversary.


Ray sucker punches Parks from behind before bouncing.


I don’t think this will end well… this will be so bad…

Garrett… oh no… he’s chatting with Devon. He wants them to be buddies… Devon tries to put this kid over n shit. You’re better than this Devon, fuck this kid. Haha

TNA moments video leading to TNA Hall of Fame stuff.

Joey Ryan and Taz stuff is brought up by Tenay. Taz isn’t changing his mind.

Ryan video from last week. Al Snow shuts him down and Ryan is walked off.

TV Title match, Devon vs. Robbie E.


Can we move on from this lack luster feud already?


One of these things is not like the other and I’m not talking about Rob Terry.


Madison is watching this from the stage while putting on lip gloss. Slutty.


Fast paced match.


Crowd loves Devon.


Terry and Garrett get involved doing the reversal of the small package bit for their partners.


Devon retains.


They brawl for a sec before the goodies win this exchange.

Hogan’s out again… this time Mr. Kennedy interrupts him… I’m not ready for this nonsense.


They bicker about the title shot next week before Hogan brings out… RVD…. Now Hardy.


Tuning out…


Hogan voice is getting froggy, triple threat between these goof nuts. Winner gets the title match next week.

Slammiversary rundown. Still not ordering a TNA ppv.

6 man main event… Styles, Angle and Sting vs. Kaz, Daniels and Roode.


Over tonight, I’m forwarding the end.


Sting makes Roode tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock.


Crowd is happy and chant “you tapped out”.


Sting holds Roode’s belt over his head before throwing it to him.

Fuck glad that’s over, I was getting tired.




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