Smackdown Thoughts & Review [June 1, 2012]


The Greatest Cartwheel ever. The Punk vs. Kane Main Event delivers.  Smackdown continues to act like the “A show” of the WWE.

Sheamus comes out and panders to the crowd and shit.

The Coffee Cup and David Otunga come down. Otunga orders Sheamus to apologize to John Laurinaitis. Sheamus goes all tough guy and they start arguing.

The White Scarf and Alberto Del Rio save this segment and come out of a white Bentley. ADR drops a turd on Sheamus and chums it up with Otunga.

Otunga says that Laurinaitis authorized a match between Sheamus and an opponent of ADR’s choosing.

Brogue Kick to Otunga. End of segment. Racist.

~ Okay segment. I wish Otunga would get a midcard push. I’m not a fan of good guy Sheamus. I think he tends to cheese out for the crowd too much.

Sin Cara pins Heath Slater via Tilt-a-Whirl Facebuster

~ Short match. I’m not a fan of either wrestler so I guess I won’t comment.

Damien Sandow pins Ezekiel Jackson via Criss-Cross/Straightjacket Neckbreaker

  • Sandow declined to wrestle at the start but was thrown in the ring by Ezekial.

~ This guy, along with Ryback, is the key reasons I tune into Smackdown every week. Love Ezekial’s short arm elbows. I’m down with anybody who does a cartwheel after his victory. Fast forward to this match to see how Sandow holds the mic like a wine goblet.

Ricardo Rodriguez is speaking to Alberto Del Rio backstage. ADR tells him to shut his pie hole. Ziggler asks ADR to pick him to face Sheamus. ADR obliges. It’s Ziggler vs. Sheamus for the first hour min event.

Ryback demolishes two workers from Alabama via Double Decker Running Samoan Drop

~ This was just beautiful destruction. Watch this just for Ryback’s clothesline. I think Ryback is finally catching on. His pop was a little bigger this week and I hope it continues to grow. Not sure why a portion of the IWC is whining about the squash matches. I think they’re the perfect way to build Ryback’s character and momentum. I don’t want to see him in a somewhat competitive feud till Summerslam. At that time, I would have him run through every midcarder until he reaches the upper echelon guys near Wrestlemania time.

Sheamus pins Dolph Ziggler via Brogue Kick

~ Sick match. Ziggler hit an incredible Acid Drop off the top rope. It would have been a great finish in most matches. Both men wrestled great and made each other look good. I’m not feeling the whole Edge-style “Brogue” chanting before Sheamus hits it but that’s just nitpicking. This episode of Smackdown has been very entertaining so far.

CM Punk cuts a nice promo on Kane backstage.

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder defeat the Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil) via a rollup by Santino

  • After the match, Big Show comes out and obliterates Santino and Ryder against the steel steps.

~ Big Show is killing it in his new juggernaut role. However, he needs to stay this way for a year or two before turning. Show has turned way too many times to be a believable face again any time soon.

I like the new tag team name for Young and O’Neil. As long as they keep their ignorant shucking and jiving to a minimum I think they can be a significant tag team in WWE’s shallow tag division.

Daniel Bryan tries to manipulate AJ and cockblock CM Punk in the back. AJ tells him to fuck off (that didn’t happen but you get the gist). Bryan gets the last word in before he leaves.

Cody Rhodes pins Tyson Kidd via Cross Rhodes

  • Christian joined the announcing team before the match.

~ It was a good two minute squash match.

What’s it going to take to get Kidd some love from the front office. I all I see is a talented wrestler that puts people over every other week. How can creative not have something for a highly skilled wrestler trained by the Hart Family?

They show a nice Antonio Cesaro video hyping his match next week.

CM Punk and Kane wrestle to a Double DQ due to Daniel Bryan interfering and attacking both wrestlers

~ Great match. I always enjoy Chokeslam counters into a DDT. There were some really nice counter sequences near the end. I still mark out for Kane’s cruiserweight dropkick. Daniel Bryan’s dropkick to both Punk and Kane was sick. I think all three of these guys have loads of chemistry together. I think the Triple Threat match at No Way Out is a fine idea.

This is another great episode of Smackdown. Both hours were entertaining and the main events delivered at the top of the hours.


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  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    this really has become about accessories hasn’t it?!

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