Happy Memorial Day and Happy Birthday to Mr. Vega, you’re as old as you look. Fucker.



Memorial Day video package is played to start RAW. USA! USA! USA!



Another video package… this one recapping Big Show’s Academy Award performance. I’m already bored with this shenanigans.


RAW finally starts and it’s a suited Big Show coming to the ring. It was a business decision to make the fans happy, awww. Not long before a loud (kiddies) CENA chant breaks out. He claims he can do whatever he wants now because of his big ass contract. He shits on football, basketball and UFC not having anyone in his league. Show then bitches that no one came to his aid the night he got fired and how moments after Brodus Clay came out and danced with kiddies. He claims we just “moved on” after he was fired and is now playing the bitter role. We move onto Cena and his STUPID shit from 2 weeks ago calling Laurinaitis a loser. He goes on about what he’s going to do to Cena at the ppv… this is going too long…


Good promo by Big Show but maybe it’s a little too late to take Show as a big scary monster!? I mean that have done some straight up bullshit with him.



Santino getting ready for his match with… Alberto Del Rio in the back. Shocked, surprised and happy they are keeping the title on him.



A scowly Rodriguez in out for intros. Seems like he couldn’t get all of it this time around.


Santino gets a chant while Del Rio gets all aggressive in shit on him.


Cobra is avoided and he gets locked in the arm breaker for the win.


Very short, squash.


After the match Rodriguez announces the winner in Santino’s face.



Whore Eve in the back with Alex Riley sucking her cock. Big Show walks in and is all scared in shit. He should have been as Show ends his ass into the concrete wall. #notnice Apparently Big Show can pick his opponent for tonight.



Tag team title match is next with the champions taking on Vicki’s team of Swagger and Ziggler.


Champions take the advantage to start the match, good tag team work.


After the break the tides turn.


Hot tag to Truth.


Mic check to Swagger for the pin.


Good but extremely short and shit missed with that commercial break.


Oh no… smells like a break up… Ziggler walks off on Swagger and Vicki.



Santino and a trainer walk into Show… Show grabs him by his face until Clay comes in to get in Show’s face. Big words by Clay and Show picks him for his match tonight.



Punk vs. Bryan tonight! I’m telling you, you can do this match every fucking week!



Freecreditscore.com… CREDIT WIPE OUT! CREDIT WIRE OUT!!!!



Laurinaitis and his electric wheelchair is out with Eve and Otunga in tow. Show does get Clay tonight and the Show vs. Cena match at the ppv is in a steel cage… Laurinaitis this uncovers the cover of WWE13… its him. HAHA! He claims it will be bigger than pacman.


CM Punk interrupts and leaves his gum on the wheelchair of Ace. He gets a chant.


We get “jokey” Punk… he reveals the actual cover of the game which him himself. Cool cover me thinks.


He says wrestler a lot.


Punk tells these clowns to bounce and they reluctantly do.


Punk then beats up on Ace’s cover.



Punk vs. Bryan is next!


Sitting back and watching this.


Dudes are hitting HARD!


NICE flying knee off the top rope to Punk’s head.


Oh shit, AJ is out sporting a Punk shirt.


Bryan slowing things down working on Punk’s arm.


Good shit so far! Superplex by Bryan off the top before he loosens the turnbuckle cover. AJ tries to tell the ref but this works in Bryan’s favor.


Punk takes the exposed corner to the head for the Bryan win.


Love these matches!


Kane out of nowhere with a steel chair to take out Bryan! Chokeslam on the chair!


AJ tosses a chair to Punk who then beats the shit out of Kane with it.


This onion has MANY layers.



All of a sudden they are playing up a 22 match streak by Clay… not good.



Intercontinental Champion Christian is taking on The Miz. Cody is on commentary.


Michael Cole tells us Jericho isn’t hear because of an “indecent” and to go to the website for more info… they aren’t taking about this shit at all.


Cody claims to have been 13 when Christian debuted in the WWE…


Ok match so far. Trying to get interested in it but its hard when they’ve almost killed Miz off.


Miz tries to steal one with the distracted Christian but he fights Miz off.


Killswitch into the frog splash for the pin.



Laurinaitis wants to talk to Eve and Otunga… he’s not happy with them. Otunga wants to make it up to him by taking on Sheamus. Teddy Long gets coffee for Eve who complains its cold… ugh.



After the break Miz is STILL in the ring… he’s still bitching about shit like winning shit for Laurinaitis. Randy Orton interrupts… guess he needs something else to do while Jericho is on the shelf. Miz gets an RKO to shut him up. Guess that ends that segment…


Ziggler bickers with Vicki. He wants out of tag team shit and wants to be in Orton’s spot.



Cole and Lawler want to talk about Cena and his patriotism… this also gets a video package.



World Champion Sheamus vs. Otunga is next… great…


David gets a lot of opportunities, enough that you would think he would work on THIS craft… but not so much.


Anyhow Sheamus finally brogue kicks this fool for the win.



Brodus Clay does the walk dance in the back to the ring.



ECW commercial with Paul Heyman voice over! ECW Unreleased Vol. 1 comes out Tuesday. Hope its good shit.



Another recap of what Michael Cole calls “the darkest day in the WWE”… uh… really? Big show turning on Cena is the darkest shit to ever happen?! Even the kiddies don’t believe this shit.


Looks like Show vs. Clay is the main event.


The fuck is on Clay’s arm? Is that tape?! Looks like he didn’t know either. Ha.


Big Show calls Clay a sell-out on his way to the ring. Clay doesn’t like this shit. Show tells him he can be the next Doink but that Doink actually had talent.


SPEAR by Show at ringside to Clay! Fuck!


Clay’s ladies watch in horror from the ring.


Clay tries to fight back but gets sent into the ring post.


Show takes down Clay before clearing off the announce table.


Kofi and Truth come out but Show take them out.


Show destroys the announce table with one click then takes part of the table and hits Clay’s back with it multiple times.


CENA chants all around.


The WWE Tag Team Champions get beat up some more… counterproductive.


Show KILLS Kofi sending him THREW the barricade!


This is turning into a snuff film folks.


Clay gets knocked the fuck out!


Show stares at a fan at ringside with a “Big Show sell-out” sign looks like he’s about to cry when he gets serious faced and walks off.


Laurinaitis meets Show at the top of the stage to raise Show’s hand.



Well I must say the besides enjoying Bryan vs. Punk again, I enjoyed the fact there was NO Cena on this show! YAAAAY!





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