Smackdown Thoughts & Review [May 25, 2012]


Damien Sandow continues to impress. The crowd is very pro-Daniel Bryan. Ryback dominates two workers, and Christian makes his return to the blue team!



Fine ass Eve Torres comes out. Eve says that she’s in charge because John Laurinaitis is away on an international business trip. Huge pop for his absence. Eve says that Sheamus will apologize for bumping into Laurinaitis on the last Raw.

Alberto Del Rio interrupts her. Alberto spits some game at her before he suggests that he’s the number one contender.

Randy Orton comes out as well. Orton says his usual monotone drivel and gets some pops from the crowd. He makes his case to be number one contender.

Kane makes it a foursome. You know what he wants. He calls Sheamus a pasty Irish ghost. Kane also adds that tonight is the 666th episode of Smackdown.

Eve makes a triple threat match between all of him and that the winner will be the number one contender.

~ Nice opening segment that set the tone of the show.

Intercontinental Champion Christian pins Hunico w/ Camacho via Charismatic Frog Splash

  • After the match Cody Rhodes comes out, name drops some legends, and says he’s going to get the title back.

~ Good match but you can’t really go wrong with two wrestlers of this caliber. I like Christian’s new Frog Splash finisher. I think it’s perfect for this new side of Christian.

Cody’s promo was solid. I look forward to seeing these two wrestle. I wonder when and if the WWE plans to turn Cody face.

Love that Christian is face again. The “One More Match” character was entertaining but I think it ran its course. I think the WWE should give him every opportunity to accomplish what Edge has done in the past six years. He’s great on the mic and one of the top five wrestlers in the WWE.

They show a clip of the Uso’s clowning the Young and O’Neil backstage. The Uso’s said Darren Young’s hair looks like a boom mic. Oh snap! The Uso’s did Young and O’Neil’s gimmick better than them.

Titus O’Neil & Darren Young defeated The Uso’s via Demolition Decapitation

~ Good match and the Uso’s got the crowd behind them. It’s unfortunate that the WWE is putting the Uso’s on the backburner right now. They’ve come a long way since their debut and the tag team division is still paper thin. The Uso’s still looked strong in defeat but I would have booked a double DQ or double countout to build the feud. I find it odd that the WWE already put Young & O’Neil in a title shot only to have them fail. I would have preferred a slow build to a tag title shot to add interest. I still say that Young & O’Neil could get over without all the douchebaggery.

Ryback destroys a local worker and Ricky Reyes (of the Havana Pitbulls! PWG! PWG!) via Running Samoan Drop on BOTH WRESTLERS

~ Just an incredible finish. I’ve never seen that before. God damn this guy is the fucking TRUTH. Ryback is the shit. It’s like Goldberg all over again and I mean that in a good way. The powerbombs in this match were absolutely brutal. Kudos to the workers to make Ryback look like gold. SKIP everything prior to this moment and watch the finish. Color my ass impressed son! #markingout

Santino Marella pins Ricardo Rodriguez via COBRA

~ Really great comedy match, which is a lost art in itself. I was proud to see these two execute the spots with perfect comedic timing. Ricardo is dope and I really think the WWE should do more with him. I really enjoyed the fact that Ricardo wrestled in his TUXEDO! Santino was great as usual. Entertaining match and I would want to see them wrestle again.

Sheamus comes out, doesn’t quite apologize to Laurinaitis and drops a giant turd on Eve and the rest of the Laurinaitis gang. Vicky Guerrero comes out and says Sheamus is facing Jack Swagger next.

Sheamus pins Jack Swagger via Brogue Kick

~ Decent match. I’m just not a fan of Sheamus. I don’t dislike his matches but I usually enjoy them more when he’s facing superior scientific wrestlers like Punk, Del Rio, Jericho, or Bryan.

Damien Sandow pins Yoshi Tatsu via Criss-Cross/Straightjacket Neckbreaker

  • Sandow walks down and shits on the crowd as usual.

~ Heh. Loved the post match cartwheel celebration. I’m impressed with Sandow. Dude can work the mic and looks to be solid in the ring. I’m also a huge mark for his sick neckbreaker variant. I want to see more. This just might be the second coming of Mr. Perfect as far character work is concerned.

Big Show comes out and says some long winded shit about loving wrestling, feeling betrayed by everyone, and doing what he had to do to support his family.

~ I don’t like this angle. Big Show has turned heel way to many times for his heel turn to be shocking. I’m very disappointed with how this played out.

World Heavyweight Title Number One Contender’s Match
Alberto Del Rio defeats Kane and Randy Orton via ADR’s cherry pick pinfall on Kane

  • Before the match started Daniel Bryan obliterates Kane with a chair to tons of YES! chants. Big ups to the crowd for that.
  • Orton hit an RKO on Kane but ADR kicked Orton in the head and pinned Kane instead.

~ Good match and I think they’re saving a Sheamus vs. Randy Orton match for a later pay per view. I don’t mind ADR in the number one contender spot since he’s not really locked into a feud at the moment. I think Orton vs. Sheamus is going through a nice, slow build, which I prefer.

Tonight was a satisfying episode of Smackdown. Nothing was extraordinarily spectacular but I was thoroughly entertained throughout the show. The Christian match, the Ricardo Rodriguez comedy match, and the Ryback moments stood out to me in hindsight.

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