05-20-11 WWE Over The Limit


LIVE coverage tonight! Ok, fuckers its me Mascara De Fuego taking the reigns for tonight solo as Great Puma works on his iron claw of doom for the Wu Tang Invitational.

I didn’t to watch the youtube preshow because my laptop decided to be an asshole, so I’m watching the ppv preshow. Swagger and Ziggler cut a promo that didn’t sound scripted. Swagger fumbled a little bit but other than that it was fine.

uh… ok so the ppv gets NO intro it goes right from the legal bullshit into a People Power Battle Royal…wierd!

Christian is back for this battle royal that is hard to get into because it just kind of started with no entrance. That shit’s thrown me off apparently.

So apparently the winner of this match gets a match later with either Cody or Santino for their title.

Both Champions are watching this match from ringside.

Oh shit, William Regal’s in the match!

It’s 7 mins in and I still out of it. haha.

Last four are Miz, Christian, Otunga and… Tyson Kidd! Nice.

Nice show my Kidd but he gets eliminated. well shit.

Christian gets the good guy role as Miz and Otunga double team his ass.

This has been a long 10mins.

It’s Miz and Christian…

Both going a good job of eliminating each other and Christian finally eliminates Miz!!

Winner: Christian

Looks like Christian has picked Santino!

Cole tells us that Cena vs. Laurinaitis the main event… well shit.

We get a People Power commercial…. well at least I’m not waiting for this stupid shit… oh wait! ugh. Shit turns into a promo on this… feud?

Oh hey, its the intro to the fucking ppv finally! haha

Vicki’s out for intro duties. She says in the event  Laurinaitis gets booted tonight she’s on the short list for his replacement… I don’t have that… no really… do that.

Tag Team Title match is next.

Vicki is bangin’ tonight.

Spanish announce team is at ringside. Man, and I thought I spoke spanish fact… fuck.

Of to a nice technical start with Kofi and Swagger.

Truth and Kofi working on tag team double maneuvers. Why bother, they’ll break you guys up soon enough.

Crowds a little hot and cold.

Swagger and Ziggler working the ref from behind… they didn’t come out right.

Starting to not understand what the fuck Booker T is saying.

At this point, I would turn to Puma and the conversation would veer away from this ppv for a moment.

Cole and Lawler want to argue about haircuts and handstands…

So far this has been a decent old school style tag team match.

Ziggler and Kofi each get the hot tag this is waking the crowd up.

CLOSE pin fall by Ziggler after the high leg drop.

OH SHIT Ziggler catches a Trouble in Paradise mid air! 1…2…THREE! the champs retain!

Good shit right here.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in the back with Eve. They are on confiscating sign duty tonight… oh god.

Diva’s title match is next.

Beth is back in pants and her booty is poppin’!

Speaking of poppin’ booty’s, fuckin’ Layla!

Good thing Puma isn’t here cause I might not be wearing pants tonight. huh?

Loud “We Want Kharma” chant mid match.

These two chickadee’s are hitting hard tonight.

Beth is working over this recovered leg of Layla.

Craving pizza. Carrots and hummus does not feed that craving.

This crowd is weird man, the really go quiet before the go into anther chant. Its like they are narcoleptic.

Maybe they aren’t use to two Diva’s actually trying to have a real match… could be.

Press slam turned into a tornado DDT by Layla!

Layla tries for the Diamond Dust in the corner but Beth turned that shit into the Glam Slam! Layla rolls into a pin attempt that is reversed by Phoenix.

Neck breaker by Layla for the pin and the win!

Damn I kind of enjoyed that shit right there. See what happens when you actually try to do a good match with people who are actually trying to WORK!

Striker’s got Orton in the back… again, that doesn’t sound like its suppose to.

Orton yip yaps until Jericho walks in to yip yap as well.

blah blah blah.

Fatal Four Way is up.

Are we getting a “SI” chant at Alberto Del Rio’s entrance!? Funny!

Proper introductions by Lillian Garcia. She actually gives us where Alberto is billed from, some place in Mexico I ain’t even heard of.

Sheamus and Orton pair off keeping ADR and Y2J away.

More “SI” chants for Del Rio who with Jericho work over Orton in the ring.

Ol’ school double suplex to Orton.

Sheamus then gets jumped by both heels and worked over at ringside. Oh no the main announce table is taking damage! Wrong table dummies!

Shit finally break down between the Canadian and the Mexican.

Orton, Del Rio and Jericho doing most of the work in this with Sheamus being kept out of the ring.

Cole tells us Monday Right Raw is going 3 hours on the 1,000th episode… ugh. Not happy about that shit.

Oh yeah, looks who’s back in the match its Sheamus.

Nice flash kick from ADR to Sheamus for a 1 1/2 count…. ?! Really you couldn’t sell that shit for a 2 count at least…!?

Cole says the Viper is coming from behind… ok so its just not me saying stupid shit tonight.

Arm breaker is on Orton but Jericho makes the save.

Nice exchange by Sheamus and Orton teasing their finishers.

Double 2 rope DDT to by Orton onto Del Rio and Rodriguez.

Arm breaker on Jericho but he escapes and turns that shit into the Walls!!!

Brogue is avoided by Jericho but he hits the code breaker on the Champion for a 2 count.

Walls on Sheamus!

Orton out of nowhere with the RKO on Jericho, then Del Rio.

Brogue to Orton!

Kryptonite Crunch by Sheamus on Jericho for the win! They called this shit white noise, yeah that’s not happening.

Winner: Sheamus

Good match that got a decent amount of time so far so good on this ppv I think.

WrestleMania 28 plug, I miss that trip. sigh.

Cody and Eve in the back talking about how inspiring  Laurinaitis is…?!

He thinks Christian is going after the US Title. Christian walks in and he’s changes his mind and wants to take on Cody! Nice.

Tired of the Over the Limit “theme” already…

Miz is out again… on double duty apparently… Ziggler, he is NOT.

He’s talking shit on Clay… oh boy.

Miz dances doing Michael Jackson moves to his own music… christ.

Clay and his ladies come out and do their thing.

Clay looks to be doing a PN News tribute with question marks on the back of his tights.

oh shit t bone suplex from the top!!! Need to keep that shit! Use THAT shit as your finisher.

Miz gets splashed after that for the win!

Winner: Clay

Clay and his ladies dance with random kids after the match. No rhythm here. Stupid Kids.

Hawkins and Reks are in the crowd taking signs away… if only this wasn’t a real practice.

Intercontinental Title match is next!

Cody shits on the Carolina’s on his way out to the ring. WELL!

Glad Christian is a face again, it only makes sense.

Cody keeping Christian grounded thus far which again as knocked this crowd on their asses… dick heads.

Nice superplex by Cody.

Cole and Lawler go into stupid comedy bits bring up if Dracula is watching from Romania… Lawler corrects him with Transylvania… holy fuck.

Decent match so far… this crowd sucks.

moonsault from the top by Cody for a 2 count.


Winner and NEW champion Christian!!!!

Decent match leading to the title change here.

thank god we have FOUR weeks before No Way Out.

Hey look Josh is back, he’s got CM Punk.

Punk puts over Bryan and himself doing this for 10 years and how now they are doing that shit now for the WWE Title.

AJ interrupts this to wish Punk luck.

Hot little bitch.

WWE Title match is next!

YES! has made it onto Bryan’s ring jacket and boot covers.

Fuck this best be dope!

Beard vs. Beard!

Nice YES! chant for Bryan in his offcial intro.

Bryan blocking Punk’s kick to start.

CM PUNK chant.


Nice technical exchange to start.

Lawler and Cole got jokes instead of paying attention!

GTS is teased but Bryan fights out.

Bryan favoring the left thigh.

STIFF forearms by Bryan.

Dualing chants again!

Punk goes for the Super Dragon head stomp move! PWG! PWG!

Match goes to the outside with Bryan hitting a dropkick on Punk who’s hung up on the barricade.

Dropkick off the top by Bryan for a 2.

YES! chant!

Figure four is avoided by Bryan with a rollup.

Kicks to the back of Punk for a pin attempt.

NICE surf board by Bryan!!!!


Stiff right forearms to Bryan.

Stiff flying knees by Bryan!

He misses the 3rd one for a Perfectplex by Punk for a pin attempt.

Dualing chants are back! oh fuck!

Snap suplex by Bryan.

Bryan to the top…


Double cross body in the middle of the ring.

Punk into a rolling neck breaker.

Rolling powerslam by Punk for a 2 count.

Bryan sent to the outside.


Punk goes for the springboard clothesline but Bryan dropkicked his ass for a 2 count! NICE!

Stiff kicks to Punk but he blocks the last one and locks on a figure four!!!

Both continue to slap each other while STIFF in the move!

Bryan makes the ropes.

Dualing chant again.

Near fall combos by each!

Stiff kick to the head of Punk!!! 1…2… 2 1/2!!!!!


Bryan exposing his own knee to place it in Punk’s mid section.

Bryan hung up on the ropes only to get spring board clotheslined by Punk!

Another THIS IS AWESOME chant!

YES/NO punches by both.

GTS is teased into a pin attempt by Bryan.

YES LOCK is teases by Punk fights out.

Skin the cat by Bryan into a kick to the head! 1…2… FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Slam by Punk and he’s going to the top.


Punk plays up the injured ribs.


Bryan targets the ribs to YES chants!

Bryan misses the dropkick in the corner but puts Punk in the YES LOCK!!!!

Punk fights while Bryan cranks the move!

Punk rolls back into a pin attempt while tapping out!!!!!?!?!

Winner: Punk!?

Ref gives the match to Punk even though Punk was tapping out during the reversal!

Restart this please!

Bryan argues with the ref while Punk bounces.

SOLID match! Please give us more!

In the replay Punk DID tap but only after the pin.

Oh man, please give us a rematch at No Way Out.

Eve and Otunga walk up on Teddy Long who’s smiling his balls off. He’s hoping Johnny loses tonight… yeah we figure.

Hunico is on ppv…?

Hunico needs to not cut promos before his match…

He’s got Ryback… oh wait its actually Camacho.

Goldberg chants.

Hunico gets involved with a kick to the back of Ryback’s head which takes him down for a sec.

Uranage by Ryback into the powerbomb.

Ryback makes short work of Camacho with the Samoan Drop style move.

It was what it needed to be.

Best of the Clash of Champion, DOPE I need to get this shit! So many awesome matches happened on the Clash!

Main event time!

Johnny’s out first… he’s out in a track suit. #peoplepower

Cole reminds us its been TWELVE YEARS since  Laurinaitis has had a match…

Good time to fill up my Jack n’ Coke while assclown Cena makes his entrance.

Cole brings up Johnny’s All Japan title reigns plus being part of the Dynamic Dudes… haha!

Body armor shirt by Johnny… time has not been kind to you sire.

Bell rings and Johnny tries to escape through the crowd.

Cena stops his ass and brings him back into the ring for a clothesline.

Chop in the corner to Johnny’s bare chest then back.

Cena teases the AA but then goes for a LONG airplane spin instead that sends him to the outside.

Cena grabs the ring bell and hits it right close to Johnny’s ears. not cool man, hearing is important sire.

Laurinaitis sent multiple times into the announce table, head first.

Cena puts  Laurinaitis and himself on Spanish announcing. haha stupid ass.

He says he’s going to be Cole and Johnny, Booker T.

Johnny tries to say 5 time on commentary, hilarious!

Laurinaitis tries to shake hands but gets slapped instead.

Cena grabs a mic, oh no… he tells Johnny that he is about to be put in the STP and reminds him that if he taps he will get fired. He tells him if he lasts 10 seconds he will let him out. He lasts…

Cena does this again… Johnny lasts again so he lets loose.

Cena goes for a water break… sigh… ok we get it.

Yup, water gets poured on  Laurinaitis.

Even his wiener gets a water break… this is awkward… and long.

Fire extinguisher is teased while Johnny begs… he finally gets sprayed…

Can’t believe this is the main event.

Cena dumps trash on John.

Johnny tries to escape but Cena catches him.

Laurinaitis then makes a recovery focusing on Cena’s injured arm.

Steel chair shots by Laurinaitis for a 2 count

Cena does his YCSM drop with the chair.

Crotch shot by  Laurinaitis.

Johnny then goes to leave through the crowd again and makes it out while Cena watches in the ring…

BIG SHOW FINDS  Laurinaitis and brings him back by the throat!

Show brings him back into the ring.

Johnny is surrounded.

I smell a Russo heal turn….


Big Show knocks out John Cena…


Laurinaitis crawls… 1…2….3.

Winner: John Laurinaitis

After the match Big Show helps  Laurinaitis up and raises his hand.

Show walks off to the back leaving a beat up  Laurinaitis as the winner.

Oh man… good ppv except for that main event… no bueno…

Thanks for hanging in there fuckers. See you tomorrow for RAW.

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One Response to “05-20-11 WWE Over The Limit”

  1. zankarne Says:

    I’m currently watching the PPV and only want to say that the Divas and Intercontinental matches alone are worth the price of admission.

    Layla/Beth felt like a small throwback to TLC 2010, one of my all time favourite Diva matches in recent history

    And with Christian… once you are a peep, you never go back 🙂

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