Smackdown Thoughts & Review [May 11, 2012]


Antonio Cesaro impresses and Ryback destroys again. Also Daniel Bryan continues to showcase how good he is on the mic and in the ring.

The tag teams of Sheamus & Randy Orton and Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio wrestle to a no contest when it breaks down into a pull apart brawl

~ This was good while it lasted. I can’t wait to see what these four can do at Over the Limit! I know Jericho has said that he loves being a heel but I think he should have a huge face run with the WWE title before he retires for good. I’m guessing he’s good for another three years if he keeps his part time schedule.

A.J. dominates Kaitlyn via Shining Wizard

~ First off, these are my favorite two divas. It’s hard to find two ladies that are loaded with good looks and personality and these two have both. Kaitlyn didn’t get any offense in while A.J. dominated her with a flying tackle and strikes to the face.

After A.J.’s match Daniel Bryan comes out with a mic. Bryan says he had no idea that A.J. is so ruthless and aggressive. Bryan says that he’s going to move on to Kaitlyn after Over the Limit. Daniel Bryan laughs in A.J.’s face and A.J. just walks to the back.

~ This was gold. The way Daniel Bryan said he was going to be the “New WWE Champion” was perfect. I know a lot of people want to see CM Punk hold on to the title but I wouldn’t mind seeing Punk lose to Bryan at Over the Limit.

Daniel Bryan beat Big Show via tapout (by John Laurinaitis’ screw job)

~ It was going good for the minute or so until bell.

After the match John Laurinaitis confronts Show about making fun of him on Raw. Laurinaitis makes Big Show call him “sir” and then calls him a 7 foot, 441 pound, 40-year-old freak. Laurinaitis goes on to demand a good apology on Raw.

Heath Slater is in the middle of the ring and talks some nonsense.

Ryback destroys Heath Slater via Modified Running Samoan Drop

~ Keep this going, WWE. Don’t mess with this streak until the Royal Rumble. Ryback should dominate all the midcarders for the rest of 2012. At this point I’m sure he’s a better worker than Goldberg at his Prime in WWE. Ryback has spent enough time in WWE’s developmental league to hone his craft and deliver a good match by the time he’s put in a competitive feud.

Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana pins Alex Riley via Cradle Styles Clash

~ This was nice and methodical by Cesaro. Cesaro was grinding his head to the side of Riley’s face during a wear down hold. Excellent. I hope they take care of Cesaro in these first few months and build him properly.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio via DQ

  • Orton RKO’d Ricardo Rodriguez in mid air coming off the top turnbuckle.
  • After the match ADR tortured Orton with his Cross Arm Breaker.

~ I’d rather see Orton feud with Alberto Del Rio more than with Sheamus. These two worked pretty well together and their counters to each other’s moves near the end were well done. This was a nice precursor to their 4-way match at Over the Limit.

R-Truth w/Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger w/Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero via Little Jimmy

~ Nice match and Kofi and Truth managed to get a nice double team move to Ziggler on the outside. I’m not sure where they’re going with Kofi and Truth but I’m enjoying their matches a lot.

Also I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Jack Swagger hasn’t come close to his potential. I always figured the WWE would book him to be as dominant as Kurt Angle and it hasn’t really happened.

Titus O’Neil & Darren Young defeated Zack Ryder & Santino Marella (Team Co-Bro / Team MaRyder) via Ghetto Blaster (Demolition Decapitation)

~ This is what Young and O’Neil should be doing. Kicking ass in the ring and not acting like douchebags. You don’t have to say ignorant shit to get over as a heel. Midnight Express, the Hart Foundation and the Road Warriors have been able to get heat without mocking someone’s race (see Young and O’Neil with Yoshi Tatsu). Crap I wrote the last two sentences before their shucking and jiving “millions of dollars” routine after the match. A tap dance is a tap dance. It’s 2012. A black tag team shouldn’t have to act like minstrels to get over. Period.

Matt Striker interviews Damien Sandow. Sandow belittles Striker and the crowd.

Brodus Clay pins Hunico (w/Camacho) via Running Splash

~ Every time I see the Cameron and Naomi’s booty to booty stance I feel better about our world’s future.

I liked Camacho and Hunico’s attack at the start. Brodus sold their beating nicely before he Funk’d up (didn’t want to use “Hulked Up”). I think Brodus could be huge if they do this right. He’s a well-liked character and I think they way he sold that early beating was a nice sign that he possesses a vulnerability that all main event faces should have. In other words, Brodus Clay should take a serious ass whipping, then come back from it and triumph. I think all the Funkasaurus fans are waiting for a meaningful Brodus Clay feud to happen and I hope it happens soon.

Sheamus defeated Chris Jericho by DQ (Alberto Del Rio interfered)

  • After the match, Alberto Del Rio put Sheamus in the Cross Arm Breaker until Orton showed up. Jericho dropped ADR with a Codebreaker, and then Orton and Sheamus blasted ADR with their finishers to end the show.

~ Good match. They’re definitely putting more emphasis on Orton and Sheamus feuding than the rest of the foursome. Good show tonight and I still want to see Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk at Over the Limit the most.


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