Laurinaitis gets sensitive about his voice, Cena goes “live” via satellite, Clay goes longer than needed, Heyman returns… but only to tell us Brock quit.

Recap of the Laurinaitis/Cena shenanigans from last week before super GM comes out to start the show. He cuts a nice promo about Cena putting him on blast last week and how he isn’t going to put up with that shit from no one. He claims that the board isn’t doing shit to him because he is tough and fair before claiming Cena isn’t here tonight as he is forcing Cena to do rehab on his arm. He then proclaims anyone who makes fun of his voice is going to pay and how Dr. Death Steve Williams was the cause of this. He then goes into picture footage of his career in Japan claiming he was Austin and Rock rolled into one. This fool says this match will be bigger than Cena’s last two matches. HA! Good promo for once.


This then brings out WWE Champion CM Punk, he comes out and wants to help Laurinaitis because he has no idea what the people want which is NOT to see Johnny. Punk claims this all has to do with Brock not being able to beat Cena… the banter back and forth with Punk playing up to “people power” while running down Laurinaitis. Ace makes a match between Tensai and Punk but Punk isn’t phased and is still going to watch Cena make Laurinaitis tap out.


This opening segment was fine, no issues here.


Laurinaitis texting in the back when he accidentally walks into The Big Show, Show gets yelled at before Ace walks off and Show makes fun of him. Eve is disappointed by Show… awww.


The Big Show beat Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes by count out in a rematch. Show spent the whole match beating on Cody before he got tired of this shit and walked out with his title. After the match Show taunts Cody to come back out but he gets Eve instead… She tries to get Show to apologize for making fun of Laurinaitis’ voice. She’s not getting what she wants so she runs down Show making it sound like he is going to get fired if he doesn’t apologize. Show reluctantly gives her what she wants before he leaves.


Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Jack Swagger beat WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston with R-Truth when Vicki distracts the ref and Swagger pulled Kofi’s legs setting up for the zigzag for the pin. Ok match they didn’t get a lot of time. They spent more time cutting to Abraham Washington with his new crew Primo and Epico with Rosa watched the match in the back. Mason Ryan walked in on them with Michael Cole playing up that he’s trying to get a deal with “AW” as well.


This Droid Razr commercial with the crying mom and daughter is fucking annoying.


Michael Cole is up next to conduct a John Cena interview… he’s “live via satellite”. He’s been told to not compete for the next few months and how he has to get fluid drained a couple of times a day. Cena claims the board didn’t do shit to Laurinaitis because HE asked them not to. Cena gets heated when talking about kicking Laurinaitis’ ass… the end.


Diva’s Champion Layla and Kelly Kelly beat Natalya & Maxine when Layla hit Maxine with a neckbreaker. Nat got no ring time just knocked off the apron by Kelly. Beth Phoenix was on commentary, she’s getting a rematch at the next ppv. She eye fucks Layla after the match.


They show up clips of Santino’s youtube show… well why go now, they just showed it to you…


Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho beat World Champion Sheamus & Randy Orton when Sheamus accidentally brogue kicks Orton before he walks into the codebreaker for the pin by Jericho. Good exchanges by both teams. Mid match, ADR and Jericho focused on Sheamus’ injured shoulder before the hot tag to Orton. Good shit overall here. After the match Orton RKO’s Sheamus as payback.


Laurinaitis and Eve in the back, he didn’t believe Big Show’s apologies… Jericho, Orton and Del Rio argue about getting a World Title shot before shit breaks down. Sheamus joins the brawl only to argue with Orton after they clean house. Laurinaitis changes the ppv match to a fatal four way… wah wahhhh.


Brodus Clay beats The Miz after a splash for the win. Match went a bit long. Should have been short and sweet. Miz played up being annoyed about taking on Clay before the match.


Recap of the Brock and Triple H situation from last week. They even show a clip of HHH conducting a meeting in some crazy arm brace. Haha! Heard he didn’t have that shit at the fight last night.


Instead of Brock tonight we get his “legal representative”… ITS PAUL FUCKING HEYMAN!!!!!!!! YES! Its like people were in shock… or don’t know Heyman… stupid if that’s the case! We did get SOME ECW chants. He goes off on how the WWE isn’t what it was 10 years ago. He puts over Lesnar and how his demands should be met. Paul then reads a letter from Brock clowning Triple H and how he couldn’t hang with him. The letter then says Brock is never coming back because he quits… oh no… Paul then walks off with a pissed off look on his face.


Man, I hope this isn’t legit… BUT if it is at least it was Heyman out to do the duties… oh well lets see how this all pans out. I think this calls for Lesnar to jump HHH in public, maybe at something that has nothing to do with the WWE… #justsaying


Big Show in the back with 2 actor dudes from some USA show… they got jokes and Laurinaitis impressions… that is until Eve shows up. They cut it off there thankfully.


Before the main even Laurinaitis changes the match to a handicap match with Tensai teaming with Daniel Bryan!


Lord Tensai and Daniel Bryan beat WWE Champion CM Punk when Tensai puts on the claw then slams Punk for the pin. Bryan caused the distraction for Tensai to his the triangle slam… which he botched. After the match Bryan puts Punk in the YES lock while yelling at him. Ref gets him off but he locks it on again. Only thing good about this was Punk and Bryan… Tensai is just sinking as the weeks go by.


Probably the most disappointing RAW since WrestleMania. Too bad. If those rumors are true that the show was finalized hours before the show, then it showed. Sucks.









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  1. visco raymond Says:

    watch at 8:30 watch the ratings drop. cena deserves better. by by

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