Smackdown Thoughts & Review [May 4, 2012]


Daniel Bryan and Sheamus give the fans another pro wrestling clinic.

Toledo, OH

Sheamus comes out and talks about how he loves fighting all the time. He talks about how Daniel Bryan almost tore his shoulder off at Extreme Rules. Sheamus says that he gets to fight Daniel Bryan in a few minutes. He asks his own rhetorical question and tries to start a YES chant.

Daniel Bryan comes out and looks extremely pissed at this asshole for jacking his chant.

Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan via DQ (Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio interfered and attacked Sheamus)

~ Awesome match despite the early interference and brief match length, I loved the story in this match that involved Daniel mauling Sheamus’ injured left arm and shoulder from the start. These two have loads of chemistry and I look forward to seeing them wrestle each other again in the future. I can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed Sheamus in the ring lately.

I must add that Ricardo’s High Cross Body off the top was textbook perfect.

Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated Hunico & Camacho via R-Truth’s Little Jimmy on Camacho for the pinfall

  • Near the start of the match, Epico & Primo, Rosa Mendes, and Abraham Washington come and watch the match from the stage.

~ This was a well-paced tag team match with a pretty hot finish. Kofi and Truth didn’t do a lot of double team moves but I liked Kofi’s assisted ‘Rana on Hunico.

I hope Hunico gets put in a program that allows him to show off his wrestling talent. Hunico was always the better Sin Cara and his in-ring work is very solid. I was also impressed by Camacho. He didn’t spend a lot of time in the ring but he took advantage of the moments he was given.

Brodus Clay defeats Jack Swagger w/ Dolph Zigger & Vickie Guerrero via countout (Swagger intentionally gets counted out after being thrown by Clay’s T-Bone Suplex)

~ Okay, they need to sell a toy version of Brodus Clay’s fat ass “Funkasaurus” necklace. Nothing to really comment on but I hope Brodus Clay wrestles in a match that’s at least 8 minutes at Over the Limit.

Shit, now they’re calling Brodus Clay fans “Funkateers.” Brodus Clay is going to be booed in Madison Square Garden if they keep making his gimmick any more kid-friendly.

They show Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriquez arguing with Daniel Bryan in the back. Eve Torres tries to keep the peace and tells them to leave.

Damien Sandow comes out for a scheduled match with Derrick Bateman. He gets on the mic and says he doesn’t want to wrestle Derrick Bateman. He called Bateman a miscreant and a simple-minded ignoramus. Burn.

Ryback destroys Derrick Bateman via Running Samoan Drop

~ I think Ryback should come out to those epic Inception foghorn sounds. Dude is intense as fuck and he deserves every bit of those Goldberg chants. He did a brilliant Gorilla Press into a modified chinbreaker/stunner. This was the usual Ryback match with a few new moves, which is a good thing. The look on Bateman’s face before the finish is priceless.

Randy Orton & Big Show defeat Kane & Cody Rhodes via Big Show’s WMD on Cody

~ Good match and the hyped crowd made it even better. Big Show’s spear is something to behold. I feel like he should have doing that move years ago but I guess it’s better late than never. Everybody involved put on their working boots tonight and put forth a pay per worthy match.

Matt Striker finds a bandaged up Sheamus and asks him if he’s okay enough to fight. Sheamus says he came here to fight and that’s what he’s going to do.

~ If anything, I think Sheamus can play a very good Sting roll for the WWE. I don’t mind Sheamus as the champ but I think he’s more likeable when he’s in pursuit of the title with nothing to lose. Sting was always better as a challenger than a champion and I feel Sheamus is in the same boat.

Divas Champion, Layla pins Natalya via Rude Awakening Neck Breaker

~ This was another pay per view worthy match. It wasn’t on the level of Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus or anything but this was pretty damn good for the Divas Division. It was a pleasure seeing two of the better working Divas not named Beth Phoenix show off some of their technical skill. Layla impressed but Natalya did a few things that were pretty exceptional.

They show Eve Torres directing a photo shoot for Aksana and Antonio Cesaro. Eve then tells Teddy Long, sporting the World’s biggest name tag, to rub oil on Cesaro’s body. Damn. Why they gotta do brothers like that? That’s the WWE for you. Teddy better get a huge payoff at Survivor Series or something.

AJ tries to apologize to Kaitlyn for slapping the shit out of her last week. Kaitlyn tells AJ that this bullshit over Daniel Bryan has to stop and AJ slaps her hard again and walks off. Yay friends.

~ Not sure where this is headed but AJ needs a damn Emmy for her acting skills. Maybe AJ helps Daniel Bryan defeat CM Punk to win the WWE Championship. Let’s hope that happens.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez head down to watch the Bryan vs. Sheamus televised main event.

Sheamus pins Daniel Bryan via Brogue Kick while Daniel Bryan was in mid-air attempting a missile dropkick

~ Son of a bitch these two have some amazing chemistry. I placed my laptop down and enjoyed this match like a mark. The way Daniel Bryan grinded on Sheamus’ injured arm was genius. Sheamus played the comeback perfectly near the end and sold the hell out of his injured arm. If Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had to feud for a few months every year I would be fine with that.

This was an awesome night of wrestling. We got two good tag matches, a decent Divas match, a Ryback squash, and Daniel Bryan wrestling TWICE. It rarely gets better than this.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Raw but the writers have taken things up a notch with the blue brand. With an exception of Oil Gate, I would recommend not to skip any matches and enjoy the entire episode.

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