Punk gets a new #1 Contender setting up what will be a DOPE ppv match, Brock turns to the direction of HHH, the Bella’s go bye-bye and we get the 2012 version of Vince McMahon vs. Steve Austin…. oh and the tag titles change hands…

Recap of the CENA/BROCK match to start with blood… also we get the promo at the end.


Justin Roberts welcomes us to WWE RAW Supershow starring Brock Lesnar! Haha I guess I better change my TIVO. He intros John Laurinaitis.


He claims to have revolutionized everything in ONE night and brags about Brock Lesnar and what he did last night… he then intros Brock.


Brock gloats about last night before he and Johnny get interrupted by…. Triple H… oh no…


HHH comes out to shake hands before Johnny says he is out to congratulate Brock, the new face of the WWE… HHH shoots that shit down and says Brocks days of holding the WWE up is over and so are all of his demands from last week… especially the name of the show… Johnny and HHH argue about Brock’s new contract before HHH rips it up… well shit. HHH doesn’t need to explain this to Brock, I’m sure he got it the first time… HHH wants to set up a rematch with Cena and face guys like Punk, Orton and Sheamus but only under his OG contract. HHH then gives Brock the option to go home with his loss to Cena. Brock keeps eye fucking Laurinaitis while HHH is trying to deal with this one on one. HHH finally tells Laurinaitis to shut up while he talks to Lensar, he wants to know if they have a deal. HHH turns his back on Brock which was a HUGE mistake as Brock jumps his ass and the brawl has begun! KIMORA to HHH! Sheamus, Show, Kofi and Truth run out to make the save. Brock heads to the outside and starts throwing shit around. HHH is overheard saying his arm is broken. Brocks walks off to the back while the talent tend to Triple H… including Sheamus… oh how WWE expects us to forget history and how these two fucked each other up. HHH chant while he gets helped to the back. Show asks him what he was thinking. Haha


Recap after the break of what just happened. They cut to HHH and the trainers in the back looking over his arm.


Eve is now out, we’re getting a new #1 contender in a Beat the Clock match tonight.


Beat the Clock Challenge Match

The Miz vs. United States Champion Santino

-Rematch from last night.

-Santino with a series of pin attempts to start.

-both get a series of pin attempts.

-stiff kick the head of Santino for another 2.

-Miz sidestepped in the corner a rollup for a 2.

-running clothesline in the corner by Miz.

-Miz to the top with a double axe handle, 2 count.

-belly to back by Santino to break the head lock.

-slingshot in the ropes by Santino.

-splits, hiptoss and head butt by Santino.

-Cobra is out!

-another set of pin attempts until Miz hits the SCF at 4:18.

Winner: The Miz


Recap after the break of the Kharma Layla return.


Triple Threat Match

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella vs. Diva’s Champion Layla

-Bella’s argue.

-Layla with a drop kick from behind sending one to the outside and getting the other rolled up for the pin.

Winner: Layla


Short and to the point…


Beat the Clock Challenge Match

Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show

-Show starts off with shots and chops in the corner.

-big slam for a 2 count by Show.

-Y2J finally dropkicks Show’s knee to take him down.

-Jericho off the top gets chopped in mid air!!!

-Jericho moves out of the way of a 2nd rope splash by Show.

-lionsault for a 2 count.

-Jericho goes for the Wall but Show rolls him up for a 2 count with a small package.

-short DDT by Jericho for a 2 count.

-SPEAR by Show!…1….2… 2½!

-under a minute on the clock.

-Jericho avoids the right.

-Show avoids the codebreaker.

-Y2J takes Show to the outside.

-Jericho sidesteps Show who goes over the barricade.

-Jericho wins by countout and the ref says Y2J beat the clock by a second when he didn’t…

Winner: Jericho  


After the break The Miz STILL has the time to beat, sorry Jericho…


Brodus Clay vs. JTG (in jeans again)

-no Hornswoggle!

-JTG manhandled.

-Clay is back to yelling shit out like “my bad”.

-rhino headbutt… as Cole called it.

-t bone suplex.

-splash for the pin.

Winner: Clay


Kids dance with Clay and the ladies after the match. Cute.


Laurinaitis in the back with Eve, she kicks out Teddy from his office. Eve claims Brock is gone…? She pumps him up telling him to be a leader. She asks who Cena’s next match is going to be… he said he knows and Cena isn’t going to like it… uh… thought he was gone for a while??


Beat the Clock Challenge Match

Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger w/Vicki

-Orton with the first pin attempt with a rollup for a count.

-Swagger sidestepped again for another 2 count.

-Swagger bomb in the corner for his own 2 count.

-gut wrench avoided for an Orton back breaker for another count.

-Swagger clips Orton’s leg HARD!

-RKO chant.

-arm lock into a pin attempt by Swagger.

-Swagger goes for another Swagger bomb but gets kicked in the gut instead.

-Orton come back which ends up with a rolling powerslam into the inverted rope DDT.

-seconds to go…

-RKO… NO! ankle lock!

-RKO! 1..2…THREE! WITH 2 seconds to spare!

Winner: Orton


Miz watches in the back, he isn’t happy. Wah Wahhhhhh.


According to WWE.com the Bella’s have been “fired”… yeah not so much.


WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico w/Rosa vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

-big take down by Truth to Primo.

-Primo sent to the outside.

-Truth gets huge WHAT’S UP chants from the crowd.

-back from break and Truth is corner.

-nice double team by the champs irish whipping Truth into a dropkick.

-hot tag to Kofi.

-boom boom leg drop to Epico.

-Epico hung in the ropes by Truth into the Trouble in Paradise by Kofi for the pin!

Winner: Kofi & Truth new champs!


How many times can Kofi win these titles??


After the break Abraham Washington runs into the FORMER tag champs. He said they wouldn’t have lost the titles with him… he gets cut off by Khali music…


Beat the Clock Challenge Match

The Great Khali vs. Kane

-this is going to be bowling shoe ugly…

-chops by Khali

-Kane teases the chokeslam but Khali fights off.

-Khali gets his legs dropkicked from under him.

-short DDT by Kane for the first pin attempt.

-clothesline from the top by Kane for short count.

-dropkick to a sitting Khali.

-Khali tries a come back and takes Kane down with a clothesline.

-big chop to Kane’s head but he slips to the outside.

-both end up outside briefly

-chokeslams are teased and the clock is out.

Winner: no contest


Kane “choke slams” Khali after the match…


Daniel Bryan does the walk…


Beat the Clock Challenge Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

-what the!? this better be a set up to get Bryan in the title match!

-YES chant!

-Lawler is cornered then sent to the other corner for a dropkick by Bryan.

-crowd chanting YES for Lawler and NO to Lawler.

-couple of pin attempts by Bryan.

-dropkick by Lawler.

-Bryan misses another dropkick in the corner.

-Lawler to the 2nd rope for the fist drop for a 2½!

-Bryan fights out of the piledriver.


Winner and #1 contender: Daniel Bryan!


CM Punk comes out after Bryan’s victory to clap for Bryan and smile. Bryan smiles back while Punk raises the title. Bryan then goes into a YES chant!


Cole claims Brock should be fired and the HHH’s arm is broken….


John Cena is out to end the show, his left arm is in a sling and he ain’t running to the ring. Mixed bag as usual for this fool. He puts in over what happened to him last night and how he was lucky he didn’t end up like HHH. Its just a sprain in his entire arm. He keeps mentioning how he is HERE… Rock dig again? He keeps putting himself being “here” before Laurinaitis comes out.


Cena has jokes about Zeus being his next opponent. Laurinaitis claims he was trying to motivate Cena by feeding him to Brock. Johnny takes credit for getting the best Cena possibly last night and how he should be thankful. Cena has jokes on Laurinaitis… typical kiddy jokes. Sigh.


They banter back and forth before Laurinaitis finally gets to the ppv match in three weeks. His opponent is…. Yeah… its… Lord Tensai…. Oh well for caring….


Tensai causiously comes into the ring as does his henchmen when all of a sudden Laurinaitis hits Cena in the back in the head with the mic an announces… HIMSELF as Cena’s opponent! All three then beat the shit out of Cena! Laurinaitis comes alive like he hasn’t in years and beats on Cena’s fucked up arm. Tensai then takes the arm over the steel steps so that Johnny can kick it. Ace then picks up a chair while the arm is still being held in place and smashes it on Cena’s arm!


Cena rolls into the ring where Laurinaitis stands over him doing the “you can’t see me” hand wave at him as we go off the air.


Well that was an interesting ending… not sure if I REALLY care to see this match but at least they have laid the ground work for HHH vs. Brock possibly at SummerSlam and we get Punk vs. Bryan on ppv!!! YES! YES! YES!



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