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Solid ppv follow up to WrestleMania…

Youtube.com Pre-show


FYI it does not look like your ppv carrier is not showing this (which would have been dumb) so its all Youtube exclusive.


United States Champion Santino Marella vs. The Miz

-Miz on the mic while he does the walk. He doesn’t sound happy to be on the preshow or with John Laurinaitis for letting him down after HE won for HIM. He’s going to turn this shit into a positive by making this the must seen thing on Youtube. Miz then shits on Chicago before saying he will win the US Title tonight.

-Santino chant off the bat.

-Miz is side stepped to the outside and the the cobra is teased when Miz comes back in.

-running stomp by Miz for a 2.

-high knee for another Miz 2.

-short DDT by Miz for another 2….

-COLT / Chicago sign at ringside.

-Miz with a sit down clothes line in the corner.

-double axe handle by Miz off the top for a 2.

-brief come back by Santino with a rollup for a 1½ count.

-Miz back to the top but Santino with the punch to the gut.

-Santino comeback into the flying head butt

-cobra is out but Miz kicks it away.

-Santino recovers, hits the cobra and pins the Miz!

Winner: Santino


They got a little over 10 minutes. Chicago is definitely awake tonight!


After the match, Michael Cole and Matt Striker go over the ppv card.


We get the stip for the Show/Cody match, it’s a tables match. Cody blames Teddy Long who is standing there with a big ass “hello my name is” name tag.


Falls Count Anywhere Match

Randy Orton vs. Kane

-off the back Kane corners Orton.

-they briefly fight to the outside.

-pipe is brought into play by Orton.

-they fight into the crowd, typical spots here

-Kane gets a 2 count in the crowd a couple of times.

-they fight to the stage once again trading pin fall attempts.

-they fight into the back and into locker rooms.

-Zack Ryder then jumps Kane!

-causes a pin attempt.

-they fight back to the ring and the crowd is officially alive!

-they brawl to the announce table and Orton with the inverted DDT!

-Kane recovers for another 2 count.

-chokeslam in the ring by Kane! 1….2… 2½!

-crowd is digging this!

-tombstone on the chair is teased

-RKO on the chair! 1..2…THREE!

Winner: Orton


Nice opener, crowd definitely got into it after they got back to the ring from the back.


Johnny Ace in the back with Eve when she has Teddy come in. He serves champagne. HHH calls Johnny.


Brodus Clay w/Hornswoggle & the ladies vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Jack Swagger

-well Clay gets a real match finally.

-lets go Ziggler chant!

-Swagger distraction for the Swagger dropkick sending Clay to the outside.

-Swagger shoulder blocks Clay down at ringside.

-dropkick to the knee of Clay in the ring.

-Ziggler chants are crazy!

-sleeper by Ziggler but Clay fights out.

-YES chants finally show up everytime Ziggler lands a hit.

-Ziggler attempts a suplex, unsuccessful.

-HUGE head butt to Ziggler.

-Splash by Clay..1..2..THREE!

Winner: Clay


Recap of the spinning the wheel for the Cody/Show match.


Tables Match

Intercontinental Champion The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

-off the bat we’re on the outside and Show teases the first table shot.

-Cody tries to fight him off but ends up taking a huge chop in the barricade.

-Flash kick off the table in the ring by Cody! NICE!


-to the outside again, Cody favoring his eye.

-Show on the ring apron when Show gets dropkicked off and steps on a table at ringside and it breaks!!!!!

Winner: Cody


Show is pissed and runs over Cody in the ring while the crowd boos him! Show then chokeslams Cody through a table! Crowd turns when Show THROWS Cody out of the ring and onto a table! FUCK! Cody chant while the refs try to help him up. Cody finally stands and the crowd digs that as he holds up the belt.


Striker in the back with Daniel Bryan. He shit’s on Matt being a crappy teacher. He goes down a list of why he’s better than Sheamus, like his beard. Funny shit here. Bryan shits on the crowd, god dammit! This turns the crowd into a NO chant instead. AJ seen watching on in the back ground… creepy.


2 out of 3 Falls Match

World Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

-Bryan comes out and this is DEFINITELY a YES crowd!

-Dueling Daniel Bryan / YES chants!

-fucking Sheamus comes out with a shirt that says “18 seconds” stupid…

-text book to start, collar and elbow.

-shoulder block by Sheamus, crowd shits on it.

-brogue kick is teased but Bryan is in the ropes to avoid.

-Daniel Bryan chant.

-a bit of chain wrestling, both cautious.

-rolling senton by Sheamus for a 2.

-cloverleaf by Sheamus!!!!

-Bryan in the ropes!

-Sheamus attempts it again but gets rolled up for a 2.

-clothesline by Sheamus.

-running clothesline by Bryan

-baseball slide sending Sheamus to the outside.

-Bryan dives on Sheamus from the apron only to take a spine buster into the barricade!!!!

-Sheamus gets cut off at the top!

-dueling 18 seconds/Daniel Bryan chants! Wow!

-arm lock to slow this down by Bryan.

-YES chant.

-Bryan keeping Sheamus grounded.

-both now exchanging punches and elbows.

-rollup by Bryan for a 2 count

-Bryan still keeping Sheamus grounded.

-Sheamus comeback.

-chest punches in the ropes to Bryan to the count of 10.

-fall away slam by Sheamus for a 2.

-another roll up by Bryan for a 2.

-hurricanranna from the top is blocked by Sheamus

-shoulder block by Sheamus from the top for a 2 count!

-Sheamus taken to the outside.

-Sheamus punches Bryan before he can hit the dive.

-irish curse is avoided with a pin attempt!

-Sheamus sent into the ringpost, his wrist gets caught, fuck!

-series of kicks to Sheamus in the ropes and Bryan is DQ’d!

Winner of first fall: Sheamus by DQ

-Sheamus is heavily favoring his left arm.

-dropkick in the corner!


-Sheamus fights… ref calls it!

Winner of the second fall: Daniel Bryan

-Ref calls for the ringside doctor while Bryan and the crowd chants YES…. Some no chants.

-NO chants get equally as loud.

-Sheamus is asked if he wants to continue, he does.

-YES/NO chants get fucking loud!

-BROGUE KICK OUT OF NO WHERE!!!!! Sheamus crawls…..1..2….KICKOUT!!!!

-this match is DOPE!

-Bryan makes it to his feet, kicks by Bryan and punches by Sheamus!

-Bryan kicks Sheamus’ head, goes for the pin 1….TWO!

-Bryan is cut off on the top with forearms.

-superplex attempt by Sheamus is blocked by headbutts.

-Bryan to the top but Sheamus moves before he can hit the flying headbutt.

-Sheamus sidesteps Bryan in the corner.

-double axe handles by Sheamus

-irish curse back breaker.

-Sheamus signals for the brogue…..HE HITS IT…1..2..THREE!

Winner: Sheamus


Fuck that was a ppv stealer of a match right there! Sheamus finally looked like a World Champion here.


Santino and Great Khali in the back are watching this next match.


Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton vs. Ryback

-Relic and Hatton get mic time, continually saying 2 is greater than one.

-Goldberg chant. haha!

-Ryback manhandles Relic into a powerslam.

-forced tag by Ryback.

-stiff clothesline to Hatton.

-Ryback puts these 2 fools over each other and pins them.

Winner: Ryback


Short and to the point. Didn’t let the chants of Goldberg phase him.


Striker in the back with WWE Champion CM Punk. He puts over his match and how he isn’t fazed by Jericho.


Chicago Street Fight

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

-Jericho is out with jeans and knee pads over them, OLD SCHOOL!

-massive pop for Punk!

-Punk rocking the jeans too.

-massive CM PUNK chant before the intros.

-brawl to start.

-stomps in the corner by Punk, taking Jericho outside.

-Punk throws chairs into the ring before throwing Jericho into the ring.

-singapore cane to the back of Y2J!

-ECW chant!

-Punk swings hard but Jericho grabs the ropes and goes to the outside!

-Punk follows but this backfires on Jericho in the ring.

-cane to the back of Jericho.

-Punk locks a chair in the corner.

-Jericho hugs the ref then pokes Punk in the eye! Sneaky!

-cane to the stomach of Punk while he stands on the apron.

-dropkick by Jericho in the corner sending Punk outside.

-to the outside, Punk is sent over the barricade.

-Jericho brings Punk back into the ring and exposes the top turnbuckle.

-chops by Punk to WOOO chants.

-Punk misses the high knee in the corner sending him to the outside. Ouchy!

-both to the outside again.

-Jericho takes the padding off the barricade and sends Punk into the steel in front of Punk’s sister.

-Jericho gets into her face and gets slapped!

-Jericho charges Punk’s sister but Punk recovers and loses his shit!!!!

-Punk slams Jericho into the wooden panel attached to the announce table! damn, new spot!

-Jericho avoids the piledriver and takes a monitor to the back of Punk!

-Jericho takes the part of the table to the back of Punk.

-back in the ring Y2J gets a two count before he puts Punk in a rear chin lock.

-side suplex by Punk

-Jericho hung in the ropes.

-springboard is fucked up by Punk, Jericho recovers the spot with a cane shot to Punk. Fuck!

-Y2J taunts Punk but then gets rolled up for a 2 count.

-kick to the back of the head of Punk for another 2.

-beer is brought into the ring by Jericho, he cracks it open and pours it on Punk.

-Jericho grabs another beer, drinks some then gets kicked in the stomach.

-cane shots by a recovered Punk.

-leg lariat with the cane by Punk.

-neck breaker by Punk.

-high knee in the corner into the bulldog by Punk.

-nut shot with the cane!

-G2S is teased but Jericho teases the Walls, avoided and turned into a rolling powerslam by 2.

-Punk goes for the macho man by Jericho cuts him off.

-Punk fights off Jericho on the top and hits the Macho Man elbow for a 2 count.

-Randy Savage chant.

-G2S is blocked for a Y2J bulldog.

-lionsault is blocked

-G2S blocked again.

-Punk sent into the chair in the corner for a 2 count.

-lets go Punk chant.


-Walls of Jericho!

-Punk fights to the ropes and finally makes it but ropes don’t cause a break here.

-Punk grabs a fire extinguisher while in the Walls and sprays Jericho to get out of the move!

-extinguisher to the stomach of Jericho.

-to the outside

-Jericho on the table and Punk looks to the top rope! Oh fuck!!!!

-Punk almost slides on the top but recovers!


-2 count once both roll into the ring

-anaconda vise!!!!

-Jericho gets to the cane and hits Punk in the head twice, ouch!



-Y2J gets Punk up for the G2S…. Punk fights out, tosses Jericho into the exposed corner post, G2S! 1…2….THREE!

Winner: CM Punk


Damn man, just when I thought Bryan and Sheamus stole the show. Even with Punk’s slip ups this was a solid ass match!


Eve in the back when she walks up on Beth Phoenix and the Bella’s. Eve says Beth isn’t working tonight. Bella’s think they have the night off… they don’t. Nikki’s opponent is a surprise… Eve says its not Kharma… the fuck!? They just killed this here… stupid.


Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella w/Brie vs. ????

-The Bella’s get on the mic talking about how they deserve the title and we need to get use to seeing them as champion…

-her opponent…. LAYLA!

-we want Kharma chant.

-Layla with a series a kicks

-she gets cut off on the 2nd rope by Brie behind the refs back.

-DDT to the leg of Layla.

-roll up by Layla but no count.

-Bire taken to the corner.

-high cross body by Layla.

-twin magic


Winner: Layla


Good surprise but definitely not what the crowd wanted… they wanted a killing here by Kharma. Layla’s been working on her shit, that’s for sure.


Striker stops Laurinaitis in the back and wants to know what the conversation with HHH was, he said you gotta wait until tomorrow.


Extreme Rules Match

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

-before they can announce the first guy, lets go Cena/Cena sucks breaks out.

-Brock out first, UFC style gear.

-Cena rushes Brock but is taken down.

-stiff clothesline by Brock.

-BLOOD on Cena!

-Brock grounds Cena with punches!

-medic is called in to check Cena’s head.

-Brock points to his elbow!

-Cena rushes again but Brock with another take down.

-knees to Cena before he dumped to the outside!

-medics checking on a bloody Cena again.

-Cena goes for the AA but Brock fights out and hits 2 german suplexes.

-shoulder block by Cena and Brock goes into the ref.

-STIFF shoulder block by Brock to Cena.

-Brock spreads Cena’s blood on his chest.

-Cena goes for the chain but Brock stops him.

-arm bar by Brock in the corner!

-arm bar on the outside by Brock throwing Cena into the barricade.

-Brock grabs Cena’s chain and wraps it around his hand!

-Brock then takes it off like he doesn’t need that shit.

-Brock uses the chain to tie Cena’s legs.

-another stiff clothesline by Brock!

-Cena is now tied to the ringpost with his legs on the ringpost! Fuck!

-Brock is beating the shit out of Cena!

-Cena tries to fight back Brock sends his ass into the steel steps!

-Brock picks up the ref by the belt with one hand and brings him back into the ring.

-Cena rolls into the ring with his chain but Brock takes it away and throws it out.

-Cena goes for the AA again but Brock turns it into the F5. Another ref bump.

-another ref…1…2…2 2½

-Brock takes that ref down.

-Brock slides the steel steps into the ring.

-Cena taunts Brock but ends up in another arm lock on top of the steel steps.

-lets go Cena/ Cena sucks chant.

-Cena lifts Brock and slams him on the steps.

-Cena to the top…. Leg drop is missed when Brock moves!

-Brock taunts Cena on the steps then runs into the ropes then bulldozers through Cena onto the outside! WHAT THE FUCK!

-Cena on the outside wraps the chain around his hand.

-Brock takes the chain to the head this time!

-Cena hulks up while BROCK IS BUSTED OPEN!

-AA ON THE STEEL STEPS….1…2….THREE….. what the fuck!?!?

Winner: John Cena


This was brutal and but Cena winning… really??? Yes, this put over Brock huge but ultimately it exposes him as beatable… especially when Cena beating him.


Cena poses on top of the steel steps still in the ring while he’s getting cheered here by Chicago. He’s got stupid comments for his mom into the camera.


Cena then gets on the mic while sitting on the steel steps, said he’s going to be sent home for this but Chicago is a wrestling town. He said he cant feel his arm and he is tasting his blood. He said even if he has to go away for a while, so be it and thanks the crowd. The crowd totally cheers Cena on this last bit here… what’s going on with this? He walks off and says he can’t move his left arm much… interesting.

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