Smackdown Thoughts & Review [April 27, 2012]


Ryback destroys another one and Claudio Castagnoli/Antonio Cesaro makes his in-ring debut! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Grand Rapids, MI

The show starts with a Daniel Bryan promo. He says he finally cut the umbilical cord and got rid of AJ. DB goes on to say that his loss to Sheamus at Mania should go on AJ’s record and not his, which is hilarious. He recaps his biased referee job on Raw and says it he called it “right down the middle.” DB does his “Yes or No” rhetorical question gimmick and says he’s going to regain his championship.

Alberto Del Rio drives in a silver Bentley. Ricardo Rodriguez does his usual hype job as ADR heads down the ramp. ADR does his own “YES or NO” questions and Ricardo answers them with “Si!”

Big Show joins the conversation. He asks the crowd if it’s “yes” or “si?” Huge Big Show chant starts. Show then grabs Ricardo and chokeslams him.

~ Great opening segment that put the spotlight on three of the brand’s top contenders.

Big Show’s actions were a little unnecessary but I guess it was the writers way of telling us that Big Show is still in the main event mix. This has me thinking that perhaps they need to treat Big Show as a limited attraction. Maybe not so much like the Undertaker but someone who isn’t on TV every single week. I honestly think that Big Show is over enough to do so.

Mark crowd tonight. Just a small fraction of YES chants in a sea of boos. Oh well. Bryan does a great job here and successfully made the crowd to boo the hell out of him.

Alberto Del Rio and Big Show wrestle to a no-contest via Cody Rhodes interference

  • After the bell Cody attacks show with a Kendo stick and then used a chair with no success. Big Show then whipped Cody’s back with a belt.

~ The only reason I didn’t like this match is because I wasn’t treated to seeing Alberto wrestle.

They cut to Eve Torres and John Laurinaitis talking in the back. John tells Teddy Long needs to report to Eve from now on.

Damien Sandow cuts a promo on the Age of Enlightenment and the upcoming Age of Illumination.

~ I don’t really know what to think about this. As I say every week, I just hope he can wrestle.

Divas’ Championship Match

Nikki Bella pins Alicia Fox via Twin Magic/Acid Drop

~ I suppose this is why Pro Wrestling doesn’t institute video replay. Decent match. Fox did some nice dropkicks and both girls worked well within their limited time frame.

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil tease Yoshi Tatsu backstage. Ezekial Jackson interrupts and lets them know that he’s Yoshi’s partner.

~ This was borderline racist and very ignorant. This is that moment where I really wonder why I bother watching pro wrestling any more. Carny is carny I guess.

They show Teddy in a white maid’s uniform with a GIANT name tag on his chest. Laurinaitis pops in to inform Teddy Long that Antonio Cesaro is wrestling tonight. Eve also tells Teddy that is going to help with announcing duties. Laurinaitis then gives Teddy a People Power t-shirt and tells him that he’s going to be feeding him lines from the back.

Darren Young & Titus O’Neil beat Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson modified Doomsday Device

~ The finisher looked week. It looked like Darren Young barely clotheslined Yoshi with his hand instead of a sick flying lariat like Hawk used to execute. If you going to have a finisher you probably should do it well. I hate this team and its sorry ass gimmick. What’s with the WWE and their lack of ability to create interesting Black characters? They still have some atoning to do for Cryme Time and this tag team does not improve the situation. Why do they have to act like ignorant punk asses?

TOOL interviews Randy Orton. They talk about Orton’s upcoming match with Kane at Extreme Rules. Jinder Mahal steps inside the ring and talks some shit. Orton blows Jinder off and then RKOs him.

~ I liked Orton vs. Kane at Wrestlemania but no matter how many promos they cut on each other I really don’t care to see another match between them.

Aksana announces Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd for their match.

Antonio Cesaro pins Tyson Kidd via Cradle Piledriver into a Styles Clash

  • After the match Laurinaitis was forced to raise Cesaro’s hand. Aksana made out with Cesaro right in front of Teddy.

~ Good squash match. Nice to see Claudio Castagnoli/Cesaro’s sick European Uppercut debut on WWE television. The finisher is extremely dope I look forward to watching that every Friday night. However, I say it all the time, but I really hate seeing such a talented wrestler like Tyson Kidd get jobbed every week.

Great Khali pins Cody Rhodes via Punjabi Plunge

~ Cody must be in the doghouse. I have no idea why they’re pushing Khali again.

Backstage, Abraham Washington tries to convince Rosa Mendes, Primo, and Epico to sign with him. Ryback stops by, stares at them, and then leaves.

Ryback destroys local wrestler, Jacob Kaye, via Modified Running Samoan Drop

~ Dopeness. This is Goldberg all over again and that’s a good thing. I love that they had the Usos watching the match from the back. It’s as if they’re promoting Ryback as a wrestlers’ wrestler, a guy that even the boys in the back are excited about.

Matt Stryker tries to interview AJ. Kaitlyn tells him that she’s in a very bad place. She tries to tell AJ that he was a jerk and she SLAPS the shit out of her.

~ AJ is killing it right now. If there’s anybody that should be starring in all these WWE produced movies it’s AJ.

Non-Title Match

Sheamus pins Mark Henry via Brogue Kick

  • After the match Daniel Bryan comes out and busts a slow clap for Sheamus. Sheamus does his own rhetorical question to end the show.

~ Very good match. Mark Henry pretty much whupped his ass until the end. I don’t recall the WWE allowing Mark Henry to beat Sheamus clean during his title reign but I could be wrong. I look forward to see what Daniel Bryan are going to do for their 2 out of 3 falls match at Extreme Rules. My co-writer, Mascara de Fuego, thinks AJ is going to get involved to get the title back around Daniel Bryan’s waist. I hope he’s right.

This show did more to get me excited about Extreme Rules than Raw did. Every match was set up nicely and I also look forward to seeing how all the new wrestlers are used in the future.

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One Response to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [April 27, 2012]”

  1. Brad Jeske Says:

    I cannot disagree with more your stance on Young and Titus. They are standing out WAY more than any tag team with their look, poses, actual “tag team” based maneuvers, pure heel mentality and fire they bring to the ring and in the ring every week. They actually make the fans want to see them every week, because they are always coming up with something new every week. They’re like the male versions of LayCool. Just face it; you’re WAY off here with your stance on them and I’m not even 2 percent sure why you dislike this team. Why else would they be on the main roster? C’mon.

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