England proves they can hang with Miami in YES chants. Bryan renames the La Bell Lock. Punk goes for a drink… or DOES he and Cena has another rough night.

LIVE taped from across the pond!


No Countout/No DQ

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

-right off the bat we go right into this match.

-why the fuck is this match starting the show??

-Henry was already in the ring, that sucks.

-nice CM PUNK chant before the intros.

-hit and move kicks by Punk.

-Henry catches Punk in the corner with a head butt.

-we might have a good crowd tonight, they are keeping the chants alive.

-nice dive to the outside by Punk onto Henry.

-Henry recovers and sends Punk into the ring post.

-Henry squeezes Punk head into the ringpost, ouchy.

-Punk recovers, runs on the ringside guard into Henry with a bulldog! NICE!

-Punk trying to pick Henry up to bring him into the ring but its not helping.

-Crowd with the YES chants!

-Henry THROWS Punk into the ringside barricade!

-after the break, Henry keeping Punk grounded. Haha

-Punk grabs a chair from ringside for shots to Henry.

-Henry then hits Punk in the back with the chair before setting it up in the corner.

-stiff clothesline out of the corner by Henry.

-YES chants everytime Punk hits Henry.

-short DDT by Punk for a 2.

-Punk caught coming off the top and Henry teases the WSS.

-Punk fights out and hits the high knee in the corner but Henry pushes him off in the bulldog attempt.

-Henry goes for the shoulder block in the corner only to take the set up chair in the head.

-Punk to the top with the chair!… TOP ROPE STEEL CHAIR! 1..2…THREE!

Winner: CM Punk


Man, I gotta say I’ve enjoyed these Punk vs. Henry series of matches!


After the match Jericho shows up on the tron. Jericho claims to be in a bar and makes fun of Punk from last week. Jericho says he’s getting a rematch at the ppv, Chicago Street Fight! Punk threatens Jericho while saying he’s going to beat on his ass in front of his family. Jericho then cuts to a video of Punk walking into a British Pub then later when he walked out. Y2J wants to know if Punk is still drunk. Punk defends himself saying he can eat fish and chips in a pub. This gets a FISH AND CHIPS chant! haha Jericho still tries to get under Punk’s skin before he disappears from the screen.


Interview piece on Brock later done ala UFC style. Nice.


R-Truth dressed as Sherlock Holmes in the back with Teddy Long. The part of Watson will be played by Little Jimmy a job. He tells Teddy he is finding him a job…


United States Champion Santino vs. David Otunga

-Santino plays to the crowd before the match talking off multiple soccer jerseys for different reactions.

-Otunga poses too much.

-Santino gets over powered and slammed for a pin attempt.

-Uranage into a pin but Santino has his foot in the ropes.

-Santino comes back into the flying head butt.


Winner: Santino


I was worried for a sec. I’m not ready to see Otunga with gold, my acid reflect would act up.


Lord Tensai in the back with Josh. His henchmen talks first before Tensai says some shit in English then Spanish… meaningless.


Cole announces WrestleMania as the highest grossing and most watched. Well, damn!


The interview with Brock is played, its plays clips in high school, collage and WWE. Photos of UFC get played as well. He says this isn’t a feel good come back, he’s back for himself. He shit’s on Cena. Nice piece here, straight and to the point.


Lesnar vs. Cena in Chicago is an Extreme Rules match…


Zack Ryder vs. Kane

-oh no…

-this isn’t going to last long.

-Kane beats on Ryder at ringside before the match.

-choke slam in the ring.

Winner: no contest.


After, he smack talks on the Orton’s.


AJ and Kofi in the back when Bryan walks up. Crowd loses it. He isn’t happy with Kofi hitting on his ex. He then changes the name of the La Bell lock to the YES LOCK! YES! YES! YES! He then goes into a YES chant with the crowd joining in. He leads it for a while! Dope.


John Cena out at the top of the hour. Video before he chats of Brock beating on him. Cena wants to point at Laurinaitis for all this shit and how Johnny feels about him. He says Laurinaitis is using Brock to replace him. This gets YES chants. He brings up Johnny wanting to bring legitimacy to the WWE. How Brock stands for himself and not anyone else. That Brock isn’t there to win but to replace Cena. Cena says he is afraid but he will fight. Good promo by Cena until John Laurinaitis interrupts him.


Laurinaitis says its IS the end of an era and how its now the “people power” era… he puts Cena in an extremely rules match tonight. Brock and Cena get a contract signing next week. He’s such a fumbler.


Recap from the Punk situation from earlier.


Just at the graphic of Bryan vs. Kofi the crowd is losing their shit!


Sherlock Truth in the back walks in on Hornswoggle reading… yup.


Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan

-YES chants all around as Bryan comes down to the ring.

-dropkick in the corner by Bryan.

-crowd chants YES everytime he connects with Kofi.

-DANIEL BRYAN chant, this place made up for last week’s crowd.

-high running knee by Bryan for a 2 count.

-Bryan is wrestling Kofi down.

-European uppercut for a YES.

-Kofi almost kills Kofi with a bad hip toss.

-moves to the outside when Kofi hits a springboard from the ropes onto Bryan.

-Kofi in the ropes after the break.

-AJ in the back watching the match.

-kicks in the corner with Bryan yelling YES!

-chin lock on Kofi with the crowd still chanting.

-Kofi powers up and fights out with the crowd chanting NO and he’s attack.

-boom drop.

-Kofi goes for TIP but Bryan avoids.

-SOS for a 2 count.

-Bryan cuts Kofi off at the top but Kofi avoids the superplex.

-Kofi misses the splash.

-YES LOCK! He taps!

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Bryan then leads the crowd in a YES chant before putting the YES Lock back onto Kofi. Sheamus then runs out, Bryan hits the bricks. Good match here.


Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki & Swagger

-Vicki intros Dolph.

-dropkick by Dolph don’t work.

-fall away slam by Clay.

-Swagger gets involved quick and its over…

Winner: Clay by DQ


Vicki gets involved as does Clay’s dancers. This is bad here… Vicki gets pushed down and we go back to dancing. Hmph.


Otunga and Laurinaitis in the back, Johnny kinda shits on David. Haha. Eve comes in about her meeting. All three go behind closed doors.


Lawler and Cole talk about Chief Jay Strongbow before cutting to a video package on him. They credit Strongbow as helping Vince make the WWE what it is today. That’s a hell of a shout out there.


Sherlock Truth has found a job for Teddy Long… GM of Smackdown… stupid.


Great Khali & Intercontinental Champion Big Show vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico w/Rosa

-Khali over powering Epico when Abraham Washington comes out to the stage to watch. They are calling him AW…

-Primo and Epico leave with the titles when Show brings them back into the ring.

-chops to their heads by Khali.

-double chokeslam on each for the pin.

Winner: Big Show & Khali


Show dances after the match with Khali… oh man.


WWE in Europe video package with them going to Russia.


Extreme Rules match

John Cena vs. ???

– Laurinaitis comes out with Otunga, he intros his opponent…. LORD TENSAI!

-wow we’re going to job Tensai already???

-Cole tries to explain Tensai’s tattoo’s… doesn’t help.

-both brawl in the middle of the ring before Tensai takes Cena into the corner.

-dualing chants.

-Cena reverses the suplex attempt but is taken down with a clothesline.

-Albert chants.

-Albert crushes Cena in the corner sending him to the outside.

-Cena sent into the ringsteps.

-this is killing the crowd…

-powerbomb is avoiding by Cena.

-Cena with the steel steps takes it to Tensai’s head.

-Tensai’s henchmen kicks on Cena.

-Otunga throws Cena back in for a double underhook vertical suplex.

-Tensai keeps Cena grounded while Cole quotes Lesnar.

-Cena makes a come back but catches a chop before he can deliver his YCSM fist.

-arm breaker by Tensai

-Cena rolls through and gets the STF on when Ortunga walks in and catches an AA.

-GREEN MIST BY TENSAI into a triangle choke slam for the pin!

Winner: Lord Tensai


Cena asks for water selling that he cant see. Tensai poses and the show is over.


Damn not a bad night but the crowd was definitely the deciding factor. Bryan was almost as over as he was the night after WrestleMania.



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