Can the WWE keep the momentum up?



All back to normal… fuck I miss Miami. Hoping the crowd is as hot as it was last week on RAW, they were NUTS!


Oh no… 3 Stooges is hosting tonight… this is going to be real bad.


Rematch between Punk and Henry tonight.


Firework show opens RAW instead of the opener. RAW & Smackdown GM, John Laurinaitis and David Otunga come down to the ring. Johnny’s music is very grandiose. He talks about the champion of champions and how he is here to dominate the WWE… he then cuts to the video from last week where Cena was trying to call the Rock out to tell him he was the better man when Brock Lesnar comes out and F5’s his ass out of his hat. Johnny says Cena vs. Lesnar is happening at Extreme Rules. He then claims Brock will bring legitimacy back to the WWE before Lesnar comes out. Cole puts him over bringing up his past including in the UFC.


Lesnar gets the mic and thanks Laurinaitis for wanting to bring legitimacy to the WWE. Right before he can say another word John Cena is out. Cena looks cautious while the crowd is mixed, mostly boos. Cena smacks Lesnar and that starts a brawl between the town. The locker room is emptying out to separate these two. So this is why we never got anything like this for Rock vs. Cena, just for this.


Cena’s mouth is BLOODY! DOPE!


Cena breaks through being helps back and jumps on Lesnar. Everyone is basically out here for this, even Alberto Del Rio.


Lesnar then does his turn getting away from the guys holding him back. Lesnar is finally dragged out of the ring by all these guys.


Cena goofs about his bloody mouth… stupid as usual.


Brock finally smiles this up and walks off.


I thought this made this short-notice feud huge! I don’t think its smart to put Lesnar on a B level ppv but oh well. I think Lesnar needs to come out like a super monster and just destroy Cena at the ppv. How nuts would Lesnar seem if he just KILLS Cena in minutes! Hope they are at least thinking about it…


Oh shit the slow-mo after the break shows a stiff right-hand by Lesnar to Cena.


Laurinaitis yells at Teddy Long over this shit and sends him off while he goes on a rant on Otunga… before Eve comes in and wants to talk about WrestleMania… useless end.


Brodus Clay & United States Champion Santino vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler  

-Santino comes in mid way through Clay’s intro to dance his was down to the ring.

-Vicki intros her team as usually, she calls Ziggler the “showoff”, guess its sticking.

-Ziggler and Santino start this off.

-nice arm drag by Santino.

-each tags their partner.

-punch blocks by Clay

-high knee by Clay

-t bone is blocked by Swagger before he takes out Clay’s knees.

-shoulder block by Swagger for a 1½ count.

-after the break Ziggler is making a cover on Santino for a 2.

-Santino kept cornered.

-Brodus chant.

-hot tag to Clay. Nice reaction by the crowd.

-t bone to Ziggler and a splash for the pin, damn like that on Ziggler??

Winner: Brodus Clay & Santino


Clay and Santino dance after the match.


Miz and Laurinaitis in the back, Johnny’s got plans for him but for them to talk next week… Laurinaitis yells at Teddy again when Cena walks in. Cena’s mouth is still bloody. Cena shits on Rock again about getting hit in his pretty face. He then goes off on Laurinaitis and how he wants this. Cena wants to compete tonight… Laurinaitis then puts Cena in a match with… Otunga… he texts after. Decent short promo by Cena here.


Santino asks Tyler Reks and Kurt Hurkins about the 3 stooges and how they are popular in Italy…. Instead he walks into Kane. Santino does a three stooges impersonation before speed walking the fuck out of there. Weird spot for Kane at the moment, no?


R-Truth vs. Cody Rhodes

-by the book start by these two.

-Cody takes the upper cut drop his brother use to do.

-Alabama Slam by Cody before Show comes out and runs the clip from last week that was running a clip from WrestleMania…

-Truth gets mic checked… or what Michael Cole called the little Jimmy for the pin.

Winner: R-Truth


Santino finds a box that says its “fragile”. He thinks its for him… he opens it and out spill the “3 stooges”… they do their classic bit before Santino asks what they are doing here. Santino gets the triple slap in. Larry wants to get with the diva’s. Santino shows Moe how to do the cobra. This is a timely bit… for 1950 that is. Some things just shouldn’t be remade… take that back MOST things shouldn’t be made.


Lord Tensai vs. Yoshi Tatsu

-looks like Yoshi got his wish. Cole mentions the twitter comments.

-Lawler puts over that Tensai isn’t saying he is Japanese.

-Yoshi looks serious… oh well this wont pay off.

-chops to the neck of Yoshi.

-leg drop to the arm of Yoshi.

-Tensai keeps him grounded while the crowd chants Albert… haha

-baldo bomb.

-ref pulls Tensai off Yoshi and he calls it.

Winner: Tensai


After the match Tensai puts the claw on him and does a claw dope.


Punk getting a bottle broken up side his head is recapped. Cole playing up this messing with Punk’s emotions.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

-no celebrating by Punk, he just walks out pissed and takes the mic. He squats down before comes up and says he’s breaking his silence. He heard it for years, its just “one drink” or “one smoke”. He isn’t straightedge to be trendy, he’s been like this and how it wasn’t cool and he would get beat up. He didn’t want people to be sorry for him because of his past and why he was straightedge. How he just wanted to focus on him being the best. This gets a Punk chant. He then brings up how Jericho tried it all to get under Punk’s skin bringing up even his family. How none of this got under his skin and he made Jericho tap out at WrestleMania. That Jericho took it one step too far last week with his actions pouring whiskey and breaking a bottle over his head. How the one thought he had after that blow wasn’t the hit but how he smells like his father. He spots and goes to the ropes. CM PUNK chant that seems forced. Jericho then comes on the titantron.

-Jericho asks if he is still hung over and shaken, asking if he is still tipsy. Jericho says Punk needs to start with step one of a 12 step. Jericho calls him pathetic and a loser. Punk stares pissed. Jericho then calls him “CM Drunk”. Punk looks at the WWE Title before saying he isn’t broken and how Jericho took him to a dark place. Punk says he’s taking out the anger he felt as a kid on kicking Jericho’s ass.

-right after that comment, Mark Henry is out.

-Punk starts off strong on Henry with kicks and knees.

-Henry finally takes Punk down with a clothesline.

-Punk then hits Henry with the television monitor.

Winner: Mark Henry by the DQ


Cole claims Punk did this to save his title. Punk is going to jump off the apron with the monitor but Jericho’s music hits. Henry jumps Punk while Jericho is making his way to the ring. World strongest slam by Henry in the ring. Jericho’s got road sodas. Another WSS by Henry before leaving Jericho alone with Punk.


Jericho cracks one open and is about to pour it on Punk when Punk recovers and beats on Jericho. This doesn’t last long as Jericho hits a code breaker. Jericho then pours beer on Punk while he yells for him to drink it up. Hey Jericho save some for later man, fuck! Jesus that’s a lot of beer. The refs finally come out to pull Jericho away. Punk pulls himself up before walking into another code breaker. Jericho then takes the WWE Title and poses with it.


Now this feud has balls, fuck!


So far the heats been turned up in WWE-land tonight.


Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio

-recap of Friday night Smackdown and Sheamus getting DQ’d when ADR pulls one out of the book of Eddie Guerrero and makes it seem like Sheamus hit him with the chair. Ref gets a brogue kick and the refs want Sheamus fired…

-ADR keeps Ryder grounded before hitting a short dropkick.

-Ryder recovers and hits the running kick in the corner.

-Del Rio recovers and locks on the arm breaker for the tap out victory.

Winner: Del Rio


Well at least Ryder got in the running kick in the corner… After the match Alberto wipes his nose with a Ryder arm band.


It was bound to happen… the 3 stooges go to the ring next… Larry and Moe come into the ring and they are getting shit on… Curly, I mean Will Sasso then comes out as Hulk Hogan… to do slap stick. Sasso is spray tanned for this while putting over this crappy movie as Hogan. Kane is out to stop this shit. Larry and Moe take off leaving Sasso Hogan in the ring to hulk up and get choke slammed for his trouble. Good on Sasso for taking a choke slam.


Mark Henry in the back with Josh when he is asked about his actions on Punk setting up for Jericho’s beerfest. Henry says he gets Punk next week no DQ/no count out for the title.


Text MANIA29 to 59907… fuck why not?


Cole and Lawler recap what happened earlier with Cena and Lesnar.


Lesnar in the back with Josh, he asks if he is proud to be back in the WWE. Brock says he took the WWE to heights and did the same for the UFC. He is proud that Laurinaitis brought him back and put him at the top not like Cena who thinks he’s on top. How he knocked his head off and Cena cant hold his jock strap. He then shits on the “suits” and the fans to finish this up. This was ok but I think they could have kept Brock silent for a while.


Video package on the Hell in the Cell match from WrestleMania with superstar reactions of the match. They make it feel like this match happened years ago, not last week. They put this over at the greatest moment at WrestleMania, it’s a good one but the greatest it is not.


David Otunga w/RAW GM John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena

-not like Punk, Cena is out and back into his goofy self. Smiling shit off.

-Cena’s lip is fat, they keep replaying the right by Brock.

-strong dueling chant to start.

-they pussy foot until Otunga corners Cena with kicks.

-Cena recover for a moment before Otunga takes over keeping Cena grounded.

-weird clothesline by Otunga.

-shoulder block by Otunga for a 2 count.

-fruity pebbles chant.

-Otunga poses during the match… the fuck?

-Cena recovers into the 5 moves of death.

-AA by Cena into the STF.

Winner: John Cena


Brock out of nowhere and kicks Cena balls in the first row! F5! Brock poses over Cena while HE smiles. The crowd asks for one more but Brock waves his finger like they ain’t getting that shit. Laurinaitis watching on from ringside smiling.


Well, overall I thought that was another solid night keeping things moving from last week at that same level. This is making Extreme Rules at least feel like a big deal. Hopefully it catches on.










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