5 Moments We Don’t Want to See at Wrestlemania 28


photo from wwe.com

1. Miz interferes in the Rock vs. Cena match

Great Puma: The last thing we need in this feud is a dirty finish. A Miz run-in would allude to a Rock vs. Cena rematch at Survivor Series or at Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey, which is something I really don’t want to see. Rock needs to pin Cena clean in his hometown. End of story. I don’t buy the whole notion that the Rock needs to put Cena over. Cena may have been the man in the WWE for the past 7 years or so but he doesn’t come close to the Rock when it comes to worldwide cross over appeal. To be the man in the attitude era was a lot harder than being the top guy in the last decade. I just say “Stone Cold Steve Austin” to counter any post-attitude era arguments.

Mascara De Fuego: No, no, NO! I know this has been rumored but Miz needs to keep up out of this match. I want this to go without a hitch and with Rock going over. The Miz getting involved isn’t going to do anything for anyone. If he does get involved what’s that going to lead to? Another Rock vs. Cena match? No thanks, I want this to be the FIRST and the LAST. A Rock vs. Miz match? Why? Who would give a crap about that!? Miz just needs to stick with NOT being at Mania and using that to climb back up the card instead of interjecting himself or bitching about that fact.

2. A Shawn Michaels superkick determines the eventual loser of the HHH vs. Undertaker match.

Great Puma: Like I stated for the Rock match, the HHH vs. the Undertaker finish also needs to be clean. Hell, all Wrestlemania matches need to have a decisive yet creative finish. An Undertaker victory due to Shawn Michaels superkicking HHH or vice versa would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Mascara De Fuego: Shawn just needs to call this match down the middle. Once Triple H loses again he can start his shoving match with HBK right AFTER the match ends but this HAS to end clean or as Taker keeps calling this match, pure.

3. Daniel Bryan being dominated by Sheamus in less than 5 minutes.

Great Puma: I want Daniel Bryan to win, but if he loses, I would like to see he and Sheamus give a strong match that’s at least ten minutes long. Both men are super talented and have way too much to offer in the ring to just wrestle a cheap squash match to put Sheamus over. The casual fans as well as the hardcore wrestling fans are invested in this match and a cheap squash would be a huge disappointment.

Masacara De Fuego: Bryan has been on a role lately and they’ve been doing a good job with his heel character. Honestly I think they’ve been doing better work with him than they have with putting over Sheamus as they should be doing on his road to WrestleMania… The way they have been handling both lately doesn’t scream to me a Sheamus victory although I’m sure that is what they are going to do. I can only hope they do give these guys the time they need to tell a good in-ring story. They can cut the diva’s match short or even this fucking GM vs. GM match.

4. Big Show losing to Cody Rhodes

Great Puma: Perhaps this is the pro wrestling mark in me talking but I really want to see Big Show go over at Wrestlemania. I don’t think the WWE should start promoting a losing streak for the Big Show like they do for the Undertaker’s winning streak. Big Show has been an excellent and a very consistent performer on the Smackdown brand this past year. I think a Wrestlemania victory would be a nice reward for all of Big Show’s hard work.

Mascara De Fuego: I don’t know, I would actually like to see Cody walk out of this one retaining the Intercontinental Title. Show doesn’t need to lose another Mania match but he doesn’t need the I-C Title either. I think it could be interesting to see a Big Show losing streak because unlike Taker’s streak, Show’s can be broken to the proper person down the road.

5. Chris Jericho and CM Punk’s match ending with one of their finishers.

Great Puma: I’ve always loved the fact that some of the greatest championship matches in history were won with victory rolls, roll ups, and high cross bodies. In today’s wrestling climate, a lot of finishes are seen with sensational finishing maneuvers or with trademark submissions. I feel that entertaining the crowd with pinning holds and pin counters is a dying art. If there was a good chance for excellent chain wrestling and scientific wrestling to be showcased at Wrestlemania, it’s in this match. CM Punk and Chris Jericho should definitely put on a clinic at Wrestlemania. OK. We’re nitpicking for this one. I’m sure we’ll love any finish that CM Punk and Chris Jericho decide to give us. The previous four items are legitimate concerns but I needed one more possibility to make five.

Masacara De Fuego: As long as whatever happens with the outcome of this match isn’t too lame for instance with a lame cheap shot or brass knuckles I think I will be ok with a finisher ending the match. I do believe this match will lead to another couple of matches so it won’t surprise me if we get shenanigans at the end of this one. Lame.

Thanks for reading. What are some things that you don’t want to see at Wrestlemania?

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