The go-home show is here! So pumped to be going to WrestleMania this year!

For the record I believe this will be my 6th one! 7, 12, 16, 19 and 21. Not braggin’, just sayin’ 🙂


I watched the Rock/Cena special before RAW and earlier in the day on youtube. I thought they did a good job but its funny that the main point they should have focused on came from the other talent interviewed… basically Cena is wrestling to beat the best and Rock is wrestling to prove he still has it. That right there should have been point #1 from the get go! Well its too late for that now.


Alright on to RAW! And we start off with…. Randy Orton… what? Really??


Cole is playing it straight so far, he intros Booker T who’s on commentary as well.


FYI, I’m really don’t give a shit about this match on this card…


Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ & Kane

-Bryan with a kiss to AJ before the match started.

-Bryan and Orton would make a good feud now for the title.

-decent clothesline by Orton on Bryan.

-have they done Sheamus and Kane yet? I don’t remember?

-after the break Bryan and Sheamus in the ring… teaser.

-hot tag to Orton on Bryan.

-powerslam by Orton into the 2nd rope DDT.

-Kane pulls out Bryan before he can hit the RKO.

-Kane and Orton fight on the outside with an assist by Bryan.

-Orton cornered.

-nice dropkick by Orton on Kane.

-Booker T with the “testify” line… Devon?

-hot tag to Sheamus.

-Orton and Bryan work over Kane, sending him over the rope.

-RKO on the outside is teased but Orton gets sent to the right post.

-Sheamus sets up the brogue kick but AJ is in to get between he and Bryan.

-Ref pulls her out which sets up for the Kane chokeslam on Sheamus for the Bryan pin.

Winner: Daniel Bryan & Kane


Does this mean Bryan is losing on Sunday? Still not sure man, they’ve been paying more attention to Bryan and his relationship to AJ than this Rumble win and winning the title by Sheamus.


Rock and Cena get a recap from the beginning of their interactions.


Edge movie trailer… oh man… maybe one day he will be dope but this is not the movie that will do it for Edge… DVD and Bluray only at Walmart if you’re interested.


After the break Cole is in the ring putting on a Team Johnny t-shirt… well there goes playing it straight. He’s the official commentator for RAW’s GM. He intros Laurinaitis… I hate spelling his name out every week… true be told I just do a Control- C every week because I just don’t want to spell this shit out every week. Anyhow he comes out and intros his flag bearer, Vicki. Laurinaitis then intros Otunga before they come down to the ring. Booker climbs on the announce desk and says he is the official commentator for Smackdown before introducing Teddy Long. He comes out and intros United States Champion Santino who comes out with Long’s flag bearer, Hornswoggle.


United States Champion Santino vs. David Otunga

-captain vs. captain

-Santino chant while Otunga over powers him.

-Santino wrestles Otunga down.

-clothesline to the back of Santino in the corner.

-Otunga gloats and waves Johnny’s flag.

-Hornswoggle goes in and foes the same.

-Hornswoggle causes the distraction for the cobra and the pin.

Winner: Santino


After the match both GM’s are in and Johnny gets pushed over a kneeling Santino. Santino goes for the cobra but Miz comes in and hits the SCF. Laurinaitis then welcomes him onto the team, he’s going to WrestleMania… um… so much they could have done with the Miz instead of this for Mania… No Alberto Del Rio at Mania?? Robbery.


Punk vs. Christian tonight, nice! Please give this some time!


More Rock vs. Cena recap, this time it’s the challenge for the match. I cant believe that was almost a year ago!


Now we go into a video package on Taker vs. Triple H with HBK as the ref. This video goes all the way back with Taker… holy shit we’re old Puma! The video then recaps HHH… seems forced. Recap cuts back and forth between both before slowing down to their match last year. Video then goes into the shenanigans for the last couple of weeks. Hope this is good but man its got competition with Punk and Jericho this year.


Eve w/Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

-hoeski chant led by Kelly.

-Eve doesn’t take this shit lightly and beats on Kelly.

-sloppy head sciccors come back by Kelly.

-Kelly fights her off and goes for the moonsault but it totally off.

-Kelly comes up, rolls Eve up and wins…

Winner: Kelly


Well that doesn’t make sense…


Recap of Rock & Cena tag teaming at the Survivor Series.


WWE Champion CM Punk in the back doing the walk.


Christian is intro’d as Captain Charisma. He comes out wearing his Team Johnny shirt. Dude needs a haircut.


WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Christian

-before the match Jericho is on the Titantron. He’s going to beat Punk and become champion while he exposes Punk as a fraud bringing up his sister and dad. He’s got more info… this time about his mom… he says she is a kind decent woman and his an embarrassment like the rest of the family. Jericho then says that their wedding anniversary happened after Punk’s birth making him a bastard… well shit.

-Christian jumps Punk shortly after this.

-Punk makes a comeback on the outside sending Christian’s head into the announce table multiple times before hitting a kick to his head then landing elbow after elbow to his face.

-Punk then hits the GTS on Christian onto the steel steps!

-Punk with the anaconda vice at ringside while the ref is trying to pull Punk off of Christian.

-Punk as lost his shit and it takes 4 refs to pull him off Christian.

-Punk then goes back to Christian and locks in the anaconda vice yet again.

Winner: no contest.


Punk looks over Christian while the refs keep him off. Well at least he is showing some anger now which he hast done at all in this feud. Punk holds the title over his head in the ring while looking as series as he can here.


Cole and Lawler say Christian was carted off after the break. They are playing the Christian injury for some reason…


Brodus Clay is back!


Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins

-Hey look Hawkins on RAW!

-Cole is giving us dinosaur facts…

-Hawkins clips Clay’s leg.

-bulldog by Clay.

-head butt by Clay.

-high knee into the t bone by Clay.

-splash by Clay for the win.

Winner: Clay


I miss the running cross body as his finisher. Shit, use the t bone as your finisher, why not? Clay and the girls dance after the match.


Cena vs. Rock covered again… this time its their “war of words”… just focuses on Cena.


Hall of Fame special is next week before RAW, so mark that shit in your calendar.


The Big Show vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Primo w/Epico & Rosa

-Christian has been taken out of the Mania match… well that’s some shit!

-Show makes short work of Primo with a chokeslam.

Winner: Show


Epico tries to jump Show after the match only to get his own chokeslam. This brings out Cody Rhodes to the stage. He shits on Show trying to catch him. Cody reminds us how Show has failed at Mania. He verbs Show’s name… and how people hope they don’t “big show” their tests or how people take a “big show”. He calls Show the biggest fool of all on April 1st.


Another Lord Tensai video, definitely see that it is Prince Albert.


The Bella’s bicker about the GM teams. Ryder shits on the RAW Bella only to realize he shit on the Team Smackdown one… Eve comes in after the Bella’s leave. She wants Zack to stay in with her at Mania. She teases a kiss before she pulls away.


Josh asks Punk about what Jericho said. Punk says to go ask Christian how he feels. He says his family is off limits. He says his family is in a better place and how Jericho lied about his sister and mother. He says he isn’t a bastard but he is the best wrestler in the world.


Oh no… Khali and Henry do the walk in a split screen…


Mark Henry w/John Laurinaitis vs. Great Khali w/Teddy Long

-During the intro Cole announces that Laurinaitis has replaced the injured Christian with Drew McIntyre.

-Teddy causes the distraction for Khali in the corner.

-Khali goes for the triangle choke but Henry turns it into the WSS for the pin.

Winner: Henry


After the match Henry yells at Long. Laurinaitis throws Teddy into the ring right in front of Henry. Laurinaitis then calls for his team…. Drew comes out with them. They block the entrance while Team Teddy comes out. They all brawl at ringside while Henry keeps Teddy in the corner. Kofi comes into the ring but gets a WSS for his troubles. Teddy begs for Henry but he’s about to get his own WSS before Booker T comes in and beats on Mark Henry! Scissors kick by Booker and the crowd is cheering! The rest of Team Teddy roll into the ring all beat up… not a good sight. Teddy gets on the mic and wants Booker to join Team Teddy… he digs that… sucka.


Oh well for Rey Mysterio or Mick Foley…


Cole alls this Booker and the Oddities. Haha.


Recap of Mark Henry’s match with John Cena and Rock’s rock bottom after the match to Henry.


The Rock is out to finish the show… he pats a John Cena kiddy fan on his way to the ring. Cole announces Rock & Cena taking over the main page of YouTube on Friday… well shit, that’s kinda huge. Rocky chants are mixed here. This is on some Cena reaction shit here. Boot to Asses chants breaks through the indifference. He brings up WrestleMania 20 and how people thought this was his last match but how people kept asking him when he was coming back. He makes jokes about asking when he is coming back while getting a physical. He didn’t know he was coming back until last year when he went down to Georgia. After his rock bottom last year is when he knew he would come back. Stronger boots to asses chant. He brings up how his Mania match was set last year in this arena. He said in 6 days he comes back to electrify before going into his “finally” line. This gets a strong Rocky chant. He says there is only one man the millions wanted to see Rock face and that was John Cena this gets solid boos for Cena. Rock puts over Cena and what he’s become but he is never faced anyone like the Rock…


This brings ouf Cena, smile and all… mixed reaction for him. Cena points out his reaction here. He says this is what’s going to happen at WrestleMania and its not new to him. Cena says Rock wont see anything like HIM because he’s listened to the best trash talker but here he is every single night with a smile on his face. “you can’t wrestle” chant. Cena says there was a 10 year gap for Rock and in that time they threw everyone at him. He says everyone has talked shit about Cena in that time, nothing new. Various chants including the battling Cena chant. He says just like the electricity he brings he cant deny the reaction he gets and starts his own battling chant.


Cena says he does what the shirt says, he rises above and he wins… no matter what people say. He says he IS going to win at WrestleMania. He knows the people hate it but he is going to win. Cena claims to be with the WWE longer than Rock and how he was here during the bad times. He loves doing this after 10 years and how people knows he means it. How he has to win on Sunday and how the Rock is going on to GI Joe but Cena’s office doesn’t change and this is still his life after Sunday. Cena says he will be god damn if Rock is coming in as a visitor and he takes what’s his. He then goes on about how people don’t remember #2 and he has to win this match more than anything he’s done in his life.


Rock says he knows how important this match is. Rock says the he helped build Cena’s house. And how the people know Cena’s never had an opponent he couldn’t overcome until now. And how he has come back to beat Cena. That is what drives him just like he beat Hogan, Austin and now Cena. He needs to beat Cena to be the greatest of all time and on a personal level he just doesn’t like Cena. Rock says he is giving Cena the ass kicking of a lifetime.


He says he knows it, Cena does and the fans do too. Another Rocky chant. Cena gives Rock a “doesn’t matter what he thinks”. They go back and forth before they stare at each other and the show ends… what the?! No pull-apart!? Come on!


Great promo to give one last push to this match but I would have loved to have seen a pull apart. Finally fools got serious and got down to the nitty gritty, that they BOTH just want to go out there and win. Solid.


So pumped for WrestleMania! I hope for Puma and I to post as much as possible during this weekends festivities!











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