Smackdown Thoughts & Review [March 23, 2012]


Daniel Bryan cuts his best promo to date. CM Punk wrestles in the main event. Brodus Clay is back in action. Great Khali is a Broski.

Newark, NJ

Daniel Bryan is introduced. He comes out and gallops his way to the ring. DB stands in the middle of the ring and yells out “YES! YES! YES!” He asks AJ to tell the crowd what it’s like to love the World Heavyweight Champion. AJ goes on to tell the crowd the little sweet details of their caressing. I think I heard that they spoon from time to time. She calls him Danny but he quietly scolds her to call him Daniel. Bryan whispers something in AJ’s ear and she reluctantly tells the crowd that he’s a great lover. She also says that DB is going to tap out Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

~ This was a masterpiece from Bryan. Every week I find myself declaring the latest Daniel Bryan promo to be his best. Daniel is just beginning to reach the depths of his character and it’s going to be a shame if he puts over Sheamus in Miami. I truly feel that Daniel Bryan retaining at Wrestlemania is way more interesting than Sheamus winning the title.

Mark Henry pins R-Truth via World’s Strongest Slam

~ As always, as soon as a wrestler just begins to show potential to be a main event star the WWE cuts the legs out from underneath them. I recall R-Truth getting a better than average response from the crowd last year. H was really going strong with his “Little Jimmy” gimmick and it seemed like the masses were hanging on his every word. What happened? Now R-Truth has been relegated into a mid-card, popular jobber to the main-eventers, also known as Kofi-Land.

They show the Yokozuna Hall of Fame Inductee video, which I think is a great choice.

Zack Ryder begs Teddy Long to join his team. Zack brings in Hornswaggle and the Great Khali as extra incentives for Teddy to bring Zack aboard.

~ It’s hard to take Teddy’s team seriously with two of the WWE’s best comedy wrestlers being on the same team. I’m hoping for a Rey Mysterio return.

A.J. (w/Daniel Bryan) pins Brie Bella via roll up (after a Daniel Bryan distraction)

~ Decent match. AJ did a rough headscissors into an armlock near the end of the match. I hope this leads to AJ getting a run with the Divas title.

Zack Ryder (w/ Hornswoggle) beat Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero) via the Rough Ryder (after Vicky and Hornswaggle distracted Swagger on the ring apron)

~ Good match with some excellent groundwork by Jack Swagger at the start. Watching Swagger do chain wrestling is a beautiful thing and his modified Anaconda rolls were also pretty cool. However, I’m still not excited for GM tag team match at Wrestlemania.

Matt Striker interviews Cody Rhodes in the back. Cody says that he enjoys embarrassing the Big Show every week.

Big Show defeated Kane by DQ due to Cody Rhodes interference

  • After the match Randy Orton snuck in and RKO’d Kane.

~ This was a really good brawl between the two giants. Near the end of the match it looked like Kane and Big Show were going full throttle. Kudos to both men for going hard in a non-PPV match.

Brodus Clay pins Health Slater via Running Splash

~ I can see it now. Brodus Clay dances his way to main event status only to be destroyed by an ill-advised heel turn (see Rikishi). Brodus Clay could be the breakout star in 2012. They need to put him in a serious feud that will involve matches that last more than 5 minutes. The timing of Clay’s spots are ridiculous and

Zack Ryder is speaking with Eve in the back. Eve gives Zack a hard time after a misunderstanding. She cancels dinner plans and plays him again.

They show the Prince Albert Giant Bernard Lord Tensai hype video. I hope this works out for him. I feel like he’s going to look like a Giant version of Hakushi.

Great Khali defeated Dolph Ziggler via countout.

  • Laurinaitis restarts the match.

Ziggler submits Great Khali via Laurinaitis screw job

  • Teddy Long restarts the match as well.

Great Khali defeats Ziggler via countout

  • After the match Kofi and Santino forced Ziggler back into the ring. Khali greeted Ziggler with a huge chop.

~ No comment. Dolph Ziggler should be having a meaningful singles match at Wrestlemania.

The show a superb video package that hypes up the Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk match.

C.M. Punk & Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan & The Miz via a Brogue Kick on the Miz

  • Daniel Bryan ran from Sheamus throughout the match.

~ This was good from the start. Bryan blasted Sheamus again with another running dropkick on the outside. Seeing CM Punk square off against Daniel Bryan reminds me of the times when Shawn Michaels would square off against Razor Ramon. There was that anticipation of seeing two of some of the world’s greatest wrestlers going at it. I hope those two feud sooner than later.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus is the match I’m looking forward to the most. If the WWE allows it the ten-plus minutes that the match deserves, I think it will be a potential Match of the Night.

This was an entertaining show for the most part. Definitely catch Daniel Bryan’s promo at the start.

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