2 weeks!

WWE Champion CM Punk comes out to the ring to start the show. Recap video of Y2J’s accusations from last week. Punk tells us that Jericho isn’t there tonight. He starts to go into what Jericho said last week. He’s having a hard time before he just gets it out that his dad is an alcoholic. That this isn’t Jericho’s business and how he said this in front of the entire world. How Jericho wants to play head games but he isn’t having it. How his dad has overcame his drinking problem and he is proud of his father. Punk doesn’t let Jericho get to him and at Mania he will prove he is the best in the world.


Jericho shows up on the Titantron to say last week he was out of line. He plays the somber role and apologizes. The crowd boos this. He says he wont talk about his dad anymore then goes into Punk’s sister having a drug problem. He claims Punk will end up drinking, how he will not over come Jericho beating him at Mania.


Punk is pissed and gets beeps a couple of times, all we get is “I’m going to beat it out of you”… just stop with the beeps, kids are going to hear this shit at some point in their life. It might as well be at the hands of something cool.


Good segment I thought, I’m still hoping this steals the show.


Kane vs. The Big Show

-this must be their 500th match against each other right?

-Cody Comes out after Show’s entrance, he’s out for commentary.

-Another video package on Show’s Mania fuck ups.

-After after the video we go right into the match.

-Kane recovers and goes for the chokeslam.

-Show blocks tries for his own before getting the spear.

-Show claims the ropes for the Cody distraction.

-Kane chokeslam off the ropes for the pin.



After the match Cody jumps Show, gives him the disaster kick them cuffs Show to the ropes. Cody then puts on punching gloves and Cody’s boxing on Show. Show finally goes down as the refs try to pull Cody off. Well looks like they are stepping their game up with this match. Show looks all pissed and tells Cody to run, which he does. Show is finally cut out of the cuffs. He’s sluggish.


Don’t let this match turn into a boxing match… haha


Long Island Medium… did anyone else get this commercial for a physic (and tacky) Jersey woman… is that real??


David Otunga w/John Laurinaitis vs. United States Champion Santino w/Teddy Long

-good reaction for Santino here.

-Santino has air brushed abs! haha

-they pose for the crowd to get reactions. Funny.

-Otunga gets pissed at this and jumps Santino.

-Santino come back.
-cobra is out when Laurinaitis’ phone ends up in the ring.

-Santino stomps on it.

-.. before walking into the uranage for the pin.

Winner: Otunga


Laurinaitis clowns Santino making fun of his trumpet walk. Laurinaitis gets slapped by Teddy who the runs the fuck away while the crowd chants for him.


Japanese writing is shown over and over, it looks pained on someone’s head… it then says “Lord Tensai”… do we know who this is?


Rock outside Philly in front of the Rocky statue. He pumps up Philly and its ass-kickers like Rocky Balboa. He even has a picture of himself in front of the statue as a kid. He makes fun of what he looked like then, funny. He brings up seeing watching Mania and brings up Hogan, Ultimate Warrior. How he main evented Mania in Philly against Stone Cold. He then says he’s beat the best and now there is one more… John Cena. He says he is going to come to the arena tonight and he’s going to send a message to Cena tonight. Then goes into the Rock here talking about sticking Philly Cheese up Cena’s ass… wait what? He shout out Randy Savage. He puts over WrestleMania and beating Cena.


Definitely “the Rock” here but man, there is just something bugging me still… like Rock isn’t feeling this or something. It’s a little off still for me. Ok, I’m a dork. Nevermind…


World Champion Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Zack Ryder

-recap of Friday’s match between Jericho and Sheamus with Bryan shenanigans.

-Ryder recap shown from earlier in the day, he wants to get on one of the GM teams. He starts his own “we want Ryder” chant.

-Bryan kisses AJ before the match. naughty.

-Bryan stops Ryder from having the advantage with a series of kicks.

-Bryan uses the ropes to choke Ryder.

-Ryder comes back with a kick to the head and the boot in the corner!

-Ryder goes for the high leg drop but Bryan catches him mid air and puts on the labell  lock for the tap out! NICE!

Winner: Bryan


Cole brings up TMZ covering John Cena’s accident this morning but he’s still taking on Mark Henry tonight… okey dokie.


The Rock gets Flo Rida to do his entrance at Mania… they just ruined that.


Oh shit SummerSlam is back in LA… tickets on sale… Saturday… well shit that’s probably not happening seeing at we’re TWO WEEKS away from Mania… dicks.


John Cena vs. Mark Henry

-Henry over powers Cena before Cena tries for the headlock.

-Henry fights him off and sends Cena to the outside.

-Cena just gets shoved down like a plush toy.

-battling Cena chants.

-Henry keeps Cena down continually beating on him before he throws him outside the ring.

-clubbing fist to Cena’s chest.

-Henry keeps Cena on the outside and throws this fool into the barricade! DAMN!

-after the commercial break, both are back in the ring and Cena fights off a test of strength.

-Henry just took Cena down with a stiff clothesline.

-splash by Henry..1…TWOO!

-Henry keeps Cena in the corner then sends him to the other corner for the splash.

-side slam by Cena for the YCSM fist.

-a lot of boos here.

-Cena goes for the AA but cant the first time.

-Henry with the WSS, nope Cena slides out.

-AA by Cena for the pin.

Winner: Cena


Right after the match the Rock’s music hits and he’s out. ROCK BOTTOM TO MARK HENRY! Rock eye fucks Cena for a second before bouncing. Rock gets Henry up, nice. Cena points at the WrestleMania sign to end this.


Twitter brawl between Maria from Extra and Beth Phoenix is brought up with footage of Eve and Phoenix interrupting… and yup… it’s a match Maria & Kelly vs. Phoenix & Eve… well shit.


The Miz in the ring, he brings up King Kong Bundy and how he main-evented a WrestleMania only to go a midget match the next year. He said this was the biggest drop even until this year cause to this point he isn’t on the card. He calls out anyone and for Laurinaitis to watch… he gets Sheamus…


The Miz vs. Sheamus

-Sheamus keeps Miz grounded.

-Miz tries his short DDT only to get put in a version of the Irish Curse?

-neckbreaker by Miz.

-head lock by Miz for the wear down spot.

-Sheamus fights out getting a 2 count pin attempt.

-brogue kick missed the first time but not the second…

Winner: The Miz


Footage of HBK telling Taker he might still beat his streak. They are officially calling this match “the end of an era” match.


Josh intros Randy Orton to the stage. Kind of old school move here doing the interview from the staging area. Josh brings up Kane and asks how he is going to beat him. Orton turns the tide on this question and brings up beating Kane’s ass last year. He doesn’t care about Kane’s identity crisis because he is still the same dude, Randy Orton… add a little to this throw away WrestleMania match.


Bully program stuff… hey look its Stephanie McMahon.


Vicki interrupts Jerry Lawler while he’s trying to talk about bullying to intro the 2 new members of Team Laurinaitis, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.


Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vicki vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston w/Aksana

-after the break and before the match starts, Vicki and Aksana are being held back from getting at each other.

-Kofi out strong betting a high cross body from the top for a 2 count.

-Ziggler helps Swagger recover.

-Swagger keeps Kofi cornered.

-Kofi with a backslide on Swagger for a 2

-Ziggler dropkick for a 2.

-Swagger pushups on Kofi.

-tornado DDT by Kofi on Swagger.

-hot tag to Ziggler and Truth.

-fast paced.

-michinoku driver by Truth

-Kofi and Swagger spills to the outside.

-Ziggler with the high leg drop for the win.

-Truth has his foot on the ropes but the ref didn’t see it.

Winner: Swagger & Ziggler


Aksana gets into it with Vicki and we get the cat fight with the guys trying to pull these two apart.


Exclusive footage of Triple H tombstoning Ziggler last night at MSG during their match.


HBK is out next, he gets right to business.. that is, after his long intro dance. Haha He covers the HIAC match and how he holds the end of an era in his hands. He goes on until we hear The Undertakers gong. Taker cuts off HBK before he can say anything else, telling him to shut up and listen. He brings up his “pure” shit on this match which brings out Triple H, no suit! Even spits water, hmph.


HHH says Taker needs to stop worrying about HBK and worry about this match. HHH brings up how many HIAC matches they’ve done and how its defined them. Good stuff for what it is.


Taker cuts him off asking if HHH really knows what it takes to finish him and put it ALL on the line. HHH says he does and he will… they eye fuck each other before Taker looks to leave. Taker stops and comes back. He then brings up HBK being better than HHH and bounces. HBK and HHH now eye fuck each other with Shawn looking confused… wait that’s his regular face.


Show ends.


Good talking bits but they are definitely saying the match for the ppv.















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